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Night ops mortar mission
Robert Lewis

Most people have had at least fleeting thoughts or questions in their lives about what they will do when faced with fight or flight, and life or death situations. 

We men like to believe that we will play the hero protagonist of the story, standing up to bravely defend ourselves, our families, or helpless civilian bystanders caught in the crossfire or violence that they had no part in bringing on. I can’t speak for the thought process of women, but I can say that I’ve been madly in love with more than one who was hands down far tougher and more protective than I’ve ever been on my best day!

Unfortunately, however, many of those thoughts are nothing more than daydreams until and unless God forbid, you actually find yourself in one of those scenarios. 

Thoughts about what you want to do are nothing more than hopes & dreams without a plan, as a plan is required in many situations to accomplish a positive end result.

Be as Prepared as Possible Should Chaos Ever Come Knocking at Your Door

Introduction and Current Assessment

One could say, morbidly perhaps, that I’m fortunate in that I’ve found myself in many of those types of scenarios over my life. I’ve performed as I would have hoped more often than not, but I’ll be the first to say that I haven’t won every fight that I’ve found myself (or put myself) in the middle of. 

A guiding factor in my life has been standing up to bullies, and protecting those who can’t protect themselves. It’s ingrained into my DNA, and I lack the ability to drop my eyes or walk by when I see someone under unjust attack, whether physically or socially.

Because of my history of “running toward the sound of gunfire,” I may have a unique perspective on what the innermost sanctums of the maelstroms of chaos can look like, the signs that it is coming, and most importantly, how to survive it. Looking around at the state of our world today, I fear that many who are the “I just want to be left alone” types are going to be pulled into greater levels of chaos, no matter how much they try to avoid it, or where they live.

People think that the Green Berets of US Army Special Forces are some of the world’s top-tier fighters because of fancy equipment, high-end training, or some sort of Jedi magic that makes us the “masters of chaos” that my former unit has come to be called from time to time. As a guy who’s walked in those boots, I can tell you that nothing could be further from the truth.

Lewis getting worked on by fellow Army medics after being shot
Fellow medics administer first aid in the field after the author suffered a gunshot. Photo courtesy Robert Patrick Lewis. All rights reserved.

The men in that profession are selected because of a high aptitude for certain things, an ability to think “outside of the box,” persevere and operate under extreme stress, and a proclivity to do things that others wouldn’t be able to. And yes, you do get some pretty cool big-boy toys to play with when you’re assigned to a Special Forces Operational Detachment-Alpha (SFODA). But it’s not the toughness or toys that make Green Berets so effective; it’s our relentless training, planning, and attention to detail.

Green Berets are “masters of the basics,” men who work to keep themselves in the best physical shape possible, read profusely to keep their minds sharp, and train scenarios, potential outliers, and multi-order effects constantly to ensure that nothing ever hits us with a unique situation that we can’t figure out how to dominate when needed.

Photo courtesy Robert Patrick Lewis. All rights reserved.

Some consider it a negative outlook to think about how things can go wrong in advance, but it’s actually a key aspect of successful military, business, and personal decisions. If you want to know all of the potentialities that you may have to respond to, you have to purposely punch holes in your own plan to see where something could go wrong. 

To aid people in the ability to consider, and potentially survive, chaotic and difficult events that may or may not ever cross their paths, I will be writing a series of articles here for Lunde Studios to help people consider – and respond to – the “worst case scenario” situations, should they ever find themselves in the middle of one.

Thinking about these types of situations is not negative or macabre – it’s planning and preparing in advance, and praying that these thought exercises are never needed.

Why Am I the Guy to Write This?

Whenever I see a self-described survival expert, self-defense expert, or any other type of guru trying to give me his expertise, my first thought is, “Who the heck is this guy, and why should I listen to him?” 

I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks like that.

In all honesty, you don’t have to listen to me, but I’ve had an interesting life that’s given me some quite unusual skill sets, experiences, and knowledge that most don’t have.

My Experiences Have Given Me Unusual Skill Sets, Experiences, and Knowledge

I’ve always been that guy who stepped into the breach when I felt it was needed. Even as a child, I would stick up for other kids if they were being attacked by multiple people. During my time in military school, I fought an entire gang because they were picking on smaller teens. I’m descended from one of the six who signed both the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence, so you could say that it’s in my blood to stand up to tyranny or bullies.

That part of my personality led me into a recruiter’s office shortly after 9/11, knowing that I was the type of person who was willing to do what others weren’t when it was needed. I made my way into US Army Special Forces, finding myself in a unit within a unit that was on the move more than even other SF units.

Robert Lewis operating tank
Photo courtesy Robert Patrick Lewis. All rights reserved.

This unit had a particularly unconventional and high-speed mission set, and I was tasked to a Special Reconnaissance team. These types of teams serve many different purposes, but one of our jobs was to be able to target, identify, and prosecute targets without being seen. I was trained by some extremely proficient and well-traveled senior NCOs in this craft, and more than a few of those skills can come in handy in self-preservation situations.

Trained as an 18D (Special Forces medic), I not only learned the typical skills that one attributes to a Green Beret but also trained to the medical equivalent just below a Physician’s Assistant (PA). 18Ds are given the authority by the Army to provide any medical intervention that is necessary because, by our job description, we often find ourselves dealing with injuries and/or illness in places where there is no higher level of medical care.

Litzum snipers
Photo courtesy Robert Patrick Lewis. All rights reserved.

During my time in the Army, I deployed to Iraq twice, North Africa once, Afghanistan once as a soldier, and again as a military contractor. After my time in the service was complete I went into pre-med, but my son was born halfway in and I chose to raise my family instead of the long hours away from them that school and residency rotations would have brought. 

Have Ace 2006 - Green Berets
Photo courtesy Robert Patrick Lewis. All rights reserved.
CWT 2007 095 On Skis
Photo courtesy Robert Patrick Lewis. All rights reserved.

In 2020 when things around the country began to get really crazy, I saw people being attacked for expressing their 1st Amendment-protected right to free speech, and it made me worried for the future of our nation. We are one of the few nations in the world that actually has the right to free speech enshrined in our Constitution, and seeing black-clad ANTIFA goons attacking people around the country was something that I couldn’t abide by.

It’s in my blood to stand up to tyranny or bullies

The same personality trait that found me alone fighting gangs and later entering Special Forces led me to assemble a group of military, intelligence community, and law enforcement veterans to travel the country and provide pro-bono security and intelligence for grassroots groups that had reason to fear they would be attacked for hosting religious or First Amendment events.

We were very effective and did a lot of good work gathering intelligence regarding many of the both foreign and domestic threats that our nation is currently facing. If you search my name online, you can see how effective we were through the result of the entirety of the media and political establishment doing everything they could to attack and destroy me.

As a Guy Who’s Made His Life One of Surviving Chaos, I’m Quite Difficult to Destroy.

As a guy who’s made his life one of surviving chaos, however, I’m quite difficult to destroy. They certainly landed some punches, but I’m still here. 

Why Does That Matter to You?

The point of the section above is not to toot my own horn or peacock that I’m some sort of tough guy. I’m one of the nicest guys you’d ever meet, but my experiences have given me some unique skill sets, education, and a high-level understanding of what is going on around the country and world at the moment. If you don’t pay attention to the news much, it’s getting ugly out there.

We have district attorneys letting violent criminals right back out onto the streets immediately after being arrested, but prosecuting those who defend themselves or their loved ones to the fullest extent of the law. We had large, well-funded groups of radicals that were allowed to burn down many major cities during the “summer of love” in 2020 virtually unimpeded by law enforcement, with those same groups allowed to bring in billions of dollars through both corporate and small-donor fundraising.

Neither these comments nor this series is meant to be in any way political, but there are political actors who are allowing chaos to thrive all around us. The reasons for that don’t need to be expressed or theorized here, but it is our current reality, whether you want to believe it or not.

Knowing how to React Could Save You Or Your Loved One’s Lives

As such, I would like to put my lifelong passion to protect the innocent and unique knowledge & experience to work helping people understand how to prepare for, or at the very least consider the correct way to react to the “worst case scenarios.”

What will this series cover?

Without diving into politics or the 5Ws (Who, What, Where, When, Why) of how we got here, this series will help you consider scenarios that none of us ever want to face, but some of us certainly may at one or more points in our lives.

You are on the Lunde Studios website, so you likely have at the very least an understanding of or an appreciation for firearms. Do you know the best way to react if your friend or family member is injured while hunting far away from civilization? What about a major injury while at the range, when the nearest ambulance is 15 minutes away?

Armed home invasion, urban confrontation by multiple assailants, a downed power grid, suspicion that you’re being followed by would-be attackers, or a major injury while on a road trip in an area with no reception and nobody to help.

These are all situations in which we each hope to never find ourselves, but knowing how to react could save you or your loved one’s lives.

I’ll suggest tactics that can be helpful in certain situations, ways to orient your life to make yourself a “hard target” that people don’t want to attack, and multi-use gear that can be beneficial in terrible situations, when applicable. 

Most of all, my hope is that if you find yourself in a “worst-case scenario,” you know how to react in an efficient manner without fear so that you may persevere against the odds. Chaos comes at you fast, which is why the muscle memory gained through training and thinking through the steps of a scenario can help you react quickly rather than freezing up or making mistakes.

My Hope is that If You Find Yourself In A “Worst-Case” Scenario, You May Persevere Against the Odds

Each installment of this series will cover a different potential scenario and will be published here on the Lunde Studios website. Bookmark this page or site on your browser or phone, and hopefully, we can do what we can to help you be as prepared as possible should chaos ever come knocking at your door. 

De Oppresso Liber,


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