How to Conceal Carry – First-Timer’s Guide

How To Conceal Carry
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You may feel safe and secure if you have your gun for personal protection. However, law enforcement officers require civilians to carry permits in most states.

Our team gathered seven of the most effective concealed carry methods as your guide for responsible gun carrying. Let’s learn how to conceal carry right now. 

1. Inside Waistband Holster

The Inside Waistband or IWB is one of the most popular concealed carry methods. With proper training, it allows the user to draw the gun quickly. The holsters are safely clipped over the waistband. 

If you will be using IWB as a conceal method, it is highly suggested to use pants with a waist an inch wider of about an inch to give space to the holder. Authorities like military personnel also use an extra tab or a flange for safety and keep the holder in place. 

A law enforcement officer typically uses this kind of method if working with narrow and medium-size guns. 

2. Outside Waistband Holster

The Outside Waistband or OWB is another method that many gun owners widely use. The only difference between OWB and the IWB is that OWB keeps the handgun resting outside the waistband. 

A concealed handgun must be covered by long garments, especially if bending over or extending arms. If carrying concealed handguns using OWB, the carrier must be mindful of their clothing according to the law. We’ll show you how to wear a paddle holster.

It also allows the user to carry concealed a larger handgun in safety while having the same accessibility that drawing can learn over the training. Learn how to draw a pistol from your holster here

3. Pouch Carry

Pouch carry is another method to bring a handgun in a concealed way. The pouch is strapped to the side of the gun carrier. With this, you can stick more items aside from the handgun, such as the permits for CCW and ammunition. 

However, since the handgun is inside the pouch, accessibility can be an issue. It will take time to open the pouch before the gun owner can draw their weapon and protect their life. Another downside of the pouch carry is it can draw unnecessary attention. 

Even if the handgun is not visible, people will be aware of the pouch attached to the side of the pants that may contain a gun.

Pouch Carry

4. Pocket Carry

If you bring a gun for safety and self-defense, you can opt to pocket carry using a pocket holder as long as you have a permit to carry. You can keep your compact pistols safe and secure while inside your pocket. 

One of the advantages of this method is the convenience of hiding your carry firearms. Since the guns are hidden inside your pocket, it can be an under-looked option. 

It may not need any concealing garment. However, it is only limited to compact guns. In addition to this, accessibility may be an issue because it is critical to draw the firearm when seated. 

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5. Belly Band Holster

Another excellent option to bring a concealed handgun is using a belly band. This type of holder allows the user to have maximum coverage, making your firearm invisible. Most belly bands come with additional pockets to store extra magazines and a CCW permit for safety. 

Even though it gives excellent concealment, it is not accessible compared to other concealed carry methods. It will also be an issue if the user is a sweaty person.

It would be critical to draw a pistol covered with sweat. In that case, make sure that you purchase a high-quality waterproof belly band.

Belly Band Holster

6. Ankle Carry

A good and comfortable way to carry a backup handgun is by ankle carry. Strap an ankle holder to carry concealed guns for self-defense against bad guys. Make sure that you are wearing wide pants that are not critical to roll up for your safety. 

In addition to this, our team highly suggests using this type of method for a backup handgun only. It is because of its accessibility and unnatural way of drawing a gun. 

It is a good option for firearms training to practice training using ankle carry. Wide pants will help you access your firearm if the situation requires it.

7. Shoulder Harness

Another effective concealed carry method is the shoulder harness that can be used in firearms training. It comes with a traditional holster that you commonly see in James Bond films and old cowboy movies. 

Our team likes the shoulder harness as the built-in pouch on the other side of the harness for extra magazine storage. However, it would be best to reconsider a shoulder harness as your concealed gun method to bring large handguns. Find out if it’s legal to shoulder an AR pistol here

In this method, the holder is visibly worn over the shoulder and is suspended underneath your arm. It will be challenging to draw your weapons because it requires reaching over the opposite side of the body.

Shoulder Harness


Carrying a concealed handgun for personal protection during summer is uncomfortable given the heat. It is highly recommended to try smaller guns to hide your handgun for public safety easily. 

You can try the inside-the-waistband method since it is accessible and unnoticeable even without wearing too much clothing—just a soft reminder to carry permits along with you every time you bring a handgun.

You can carry concealed a handgun with a tucked-in shirt using a waistband clip widely used by police officers. Ensure to get a solid and sturdy belt for the pants since the weapons will be clipped to the waistband. 

For public safety, the band’s texture will also help the holder and handgun keep from moving.

Research shows that the best way for a woman to carry a concealed firearm is by using body belted options. Since women have natural curves, they can use them to hide the guns. Here’s how to choose a handgun for a woman

It would be best to try the inside waistband, outside the waistband, or the appendix inside waistband options.

So, How Do You Conceal Carry Guns?

More states enact laws to support constitutional carry, allowing the civilian to bring a gun without a permit. But it is then clarified based on laws that carrying guns in public is not a constitutional right [1]. 

It is legal to obtain a gun and use lethal force in self-defense based on state laws. However, the vast majority require civilians to secure a concealed carry permit before bringing a gun with them or in their car.

It is highly encouraged to do live-fire shooting exercises in training for the correct gun utilization for public safety. We also recommend keeping your weapons in a fireproof gun safe. Always use the gun with the proper mindset, especially in CCW. 


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