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What Happened to FPSRussia (2022) You Won’t Believe

What Happened to FPSRussia

If you find watching videos of guns and explosives interesting, I bet you run across FPSRussia’s YouTube videos and even watched one. Do you also wonder why there are no new video uploads from FPSRussia’s YouTube channel? 

So, what really happened to YouTuber FPSRussia?

FPSRussia is a firearms expert that produces YouTube videos about gun control and related topics. He shows off a variety of guns and compares the firearms used in video games and movies with real-life counterparts. He is a famous YouTuber and also a controversial one. New content from this firearms expert channel suddenly stopped after six years of producing videos about guns and explosives.

No official announcement regarding FPSRussia’s hiatus was released to the press, but the controversies gave people a lot of speculation.

History of the Channel

Kyle Myers established FPSRussia on YouTube last April 19, 2010. He played Dmitri Potaff, a Russian gun enthusiast who explores new firearms by telling fun stories and reviewing them. He frequently shoots his content on their family farm in Lavonia, Georgia. What made him stand out among millions of YouTubers is his flaky yet remarkable Russian accent.

The channel reached the first million subscribers mark last June 2011, just almost a year after it began. This popular channel talks about firearms and explosives and remains popular even though the channel stopped uploading in April 2016.

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Death of Keith Ratliff

FPSRussia’s downfall, unfortunately, began on the 13th of January, 2013. Keith Ratliff, a member of the FPS production and one of Kyle’s close friends, died. He supplied the firearms and other equipment needed for the FPSRussia channel. 

Ratliff was found dead by an FPS employee in his own gun store  [1]. There is no trace of forced entry seen on the crime scene, which leads to conspiracy theories that there had been foul play. Eight years had passed, but justice was never served. 

Keith Ratliff’s death became so controversial that it started a hiatus in this platform. Myers’ new content on YouTube was never the same anymore since Keith died, and most viewers agree with this.

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Kyle Myers' Home Raid & Arrest

Just more than two months after Ratliff was found shot dead, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives raided Myer’s home and his family’s farm. The extensive use of Tannerite in his YouTube video called the attention of the law enforcers. He then became a suspect for manufacturing explosives without a federal license. A search warrant was issued, but no gun seizing and arrest happened. 

Last 2016, the production team stopped creating content for FPSRussia, and people easily assumed that Myers was lying low, avoiding any legal trouble. Sad to say, during the second ATF raid, Myers was arrested in mid-2017.


Authorities found illegal drugs such as butane honey oil in his post office box. The Georgia Bureau also found illegal drugs and various paraphernalia in his home. 

Following federal law, illegal drug users are not allowed to possess guns, so the channel has stopped uploading new content videos since then.

What's FPSRussia's Kyle Myers Doing Now?

After he pleaded guilty, he was sentenced to 2 years probation and 2 months in prison, then released from custody shortly. Millions of subscribers of FPSRussia may wonder what Kyle Myers is up to now that he is no longer allowed to own firearms.

Luckily, he is now in the gaming podcast twitch stream, wherein he is known as Painkiller Already. He is not new to this since before he did content altogether with the FPSRussia’s production staff, he was a seasoned pro in game streaming way back in 2007. 

You can find his play-style videos on iTunes, Podbean, and YouTube under WoodysGamertag.

What the Future Looks Like For FPSRussia?

After ATF raided Kyle’s home and was sentenced to prison, he no longer shared any plans to fully revive the YouTube channel. This year, although they no longer produce new content about gun reviews, the YouTube channel still manages to gather 6.97 Million subscribers. 

As of May 2021, the net worth of Myer’s channel is now $213,000 as content is still available on the platform. Somebody may take over and continue the legacy, but Myers being the star of the show, can hardly be replaceable.



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