2024 Best Gifts for Gun Lovers (Complete guide)

Gifts for Gun Lovers
Laura Gangler

I have 25+ years of experience choosing the best gifts for gun lovers. From hunting gifts for my dad (who has everything) to tactical gifts for my husband (who also has everything), I spent many Christmases, birthdays, and Father’s Days puzzling over gift ideas until I finally created some easy strategies to find the perfect gifts.

Even if you don’t know a rifle from a revolver, these gift ideas for gun lovers will take the guesswork out of gift-giving, so you can be confident choosing the best gift for the gun lover in your life.

1. Ammo

Hands down, the best gift for a gun lover is ammo. Ask my husband what he wants for Christmas or his birthday and you will always hear the same answer: “Ammo”.

Buying ammunition can feel a little daunting if you’re unsure of what type he uses, but there are a few easy ways to find out. The easiest thing for me is to go to the cabinet where he stores his ammo and look through what he already has. For some reason, gun guys often keep empty ammunition boxes for a while. Check out what’s empty or almost empty (meaning he uses it often). If none seem empty or open, see which boxes don’t have dust on them, and those are the ones he uses and replaces most often (unless you’re much better at dusting than I am).

The easiest place to buy ammo online is OpticsPlanet. Their site is easy to search, their prices are always on the lower end, and shipping is usually free and fast. If you can’t find what you’re looking for there, try Brownell’s or Palmetto State Armory.

2. Ammo Storage

An overlooked gift option is Ammo Storage. This is something that you can purchase confidently, even if you aren’t sure what type of ammo they use. The options may say they are for a certain caliber, but that is just a confusing way to tell you the size of the box. In reality, they can be  used pretty universally.

Ammo Crate

This gift will help organize and safely store multiple sizes / types of ammo, with room to store other accessories. Each box seals tightly to keep ammunition free from degrading moisture. 

Tactical Metal Ammo Can

These classic ammo cans are universal useful and will make a cool container if you are putting together a tactical gift basket.

3. Gun Storage / Security

While we’re talking storage, a great gift for gun owners is a quick access safe. This keeps a gun close at hand for an emergency situation, but also securely stored away.

Biometric Fingerprint Gun Safe

A quick access handgun safe can be discreetly placed in a strategic area to keep a defense weapon close at hand, but also secure.

Quick Access Handgun Safe

This upright safe gives even more options for discreet and stategic placement.

Hidden Gun Storage

Secure, hidden storage like this makes a great gift and doubles as décor or furniture.

4. High Quality and Useful Gear Every Gun Owner Should Have

These are things that every gun owner should have. Most shooters will enjoy getting one of these useful gifts. Bonus: many of these are easy to buy even if you’re unsure what types of guns he owns.

Elite Shooting Performance System

This app enabled training system gives real-time feedback to help him improve his shooting skills every time he uses it.

Suppressor Cover

This customizable gift idea is ideal if you know they shoot suppressed. Suppressors heat up quickly, especially during sustained fire. These keep the suppressor cooler and protects hands and surfaces if they come in contact with the suppressor after firing. There is a good chance he doesn’t have one yet. This is an especially nice gift if they have ordered a suppressor but are still waiting for it since that process can take up to a year!

Shooting Glasses

Protect his eyes while he’s shooting and also reduce glare from bright conditions to help him improve his shooting experience.

Hearing Protection

Earmuffs like these protect his eardrums from damaging sound of gunfire while amplifying safe levels of noise (like talking) allowing him to shoot the breeze with buddies while shooting targets or hunting.

MagLula Pistol Magazine Loader

This is an awesome gift for the guy who goes to the range often. It helps speed up loading ammo into magazines and (more importantly) is a bit less painful for fingers. This option is universal for all handgun ammunition so don’t worry if you’re not sure what he uses.

Gun Vise

This is a great gift for any gun lover, but if you are specifically looking for gifts for gun builders, consider a vise. This will help him keep his builds steady while working on them, and is even handy when doing routine cleaning and maintenance.

Gun Cleaning Kit

A gun cleaning kit in a novel bullet shape is a fun and unique gift that’s practical too.

Universal Gun Cleaning Mat with Parts Tray

This is another practical gift for the gun enthusiast who has everything and is likely a nice upgrade to the mat he’s been using (and could probably use a replacement for). This large, non-slip mat has a built-in parts tray to keep everything organized.

Zombie Target Set

These are a fun gift that he can use for target practice at the range. Bonus: he’ll be better prepared to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Blast Bottles for Target Practice

Another fun gift that can be used over and over for target practice. Those bottles never stood a chance.

5. Concealed Carry Gear

His primary reason for carrying is likely to protect his life and the lives of his loved ones. A gift that makes that easier and more comfortable will be greatly appreciated.

Nexbelt Supreme EDC Belt

My husband wears this belt to work almost every day and it stands up to his very physical job. It doesn’t roll over while he’s wearing it, his gear doesn’t shift, and it keeps his firearm from “printing” so others aren’t even aware he’s carrying. The best part about giving this belt as a gift, is that you don’t have to know his size.

Liberty & Arms Battle Belt

If you are buying for a guy that shoots competitively, trains often at the range, or carries a lot of gear with him everyday, this belt will be a luxury. My husband wears this belt at the range and says its rigid enough to keep everything in place without shifting but comfortable enough to wear while on the move. This belt was impeccably designed by guys who have been in the firearm accessories biz for a long time. It is fully handmade in the USA using top quality materials. Plus, it has a lifetime warranty.

Liberty & Arms Concealed Carry Shirts

These comfortable and breathable 100% cotton shirts are made in the USA specifically for concealed carry. They are designed to be longer than normal shirts to keep concealed weapons less detectable. Designs range from tastefully patriotic to funny and edgy. They come in sizes from XS to 3X. Plus they are really affordable.

6. Deck out the Man Cave or Bar

Cool gun gifts that can be displayed in the man cave, office, garage, game room, or bar:

Miniature Model Firearm Kits

These 1:3 scale die-cast metal build kits that take about 10-15 minutes to snap together. Choose from dozens of designs from AK47 rifles to pistols. Many are even customizable. The AR-15 model, for example, includes a removable magazine with 3 dummy rounds, interchangeable hand-guards, operating charging handle, functioning dust cover, rotating selector switch, removable muzzle, and stock with 3 position settings. He can even customize his model with spray paint or gaffer tape. Each model also includes a display stand to show off his build.

Personalized Print

Unique stylized photo prints of ammo and firearms are placed together to spell out a name and then block-mounted or framed. These are made in the USA and can be shipped within 24 hours.

Pistol Whiskey Decanter Set

This pistol-shaped glass decanter set includes two shot glasses embedded with bullets and comes with a wooden display stand. The set comes packaged ready for gift-giving.

Whiskey Glasses and Whiskey Stones in Ammo Box

While this would make a cool gift for any whiskey and gun enthusiast, it would make really cool tactical groomsmen gifts. Each set comes with 2 classic lowball whiskey glasses, 6 bullet-shaped whiskey stones housed in a 6-cylinder holder, slate coasters, and stainless steel ice tongs. The whole set is housed in a military green ammo box.

6. For the Coffee Drinking Gun Enthusiast

Blackout Coffee

Most gun enthusiasts who love coffee will be thrilled to receive a caffeine boost from Blackout Coffee. Known for supporting second amendment rights, our US military, and first-responders, this small company prides themselves on sourcing premium specialty-grade coffee beans for a smooth, quality sip every time. My personal favorite is Brewtal Awakening, but there are many to flavors and roasts to choose from.

7. A Subscription Box for a Gift That Keeps on Giving


BattlBox delivers a curated selection of high-quality, usable outdoor survival, camping, and EDC gear sourced from reputable and well-known brands every month. Subscribers get access to exclusive products and limited edition items that are not available to the general public, making it a unique and exciting experience for outdoor and survival enthusiasts.

Timber Edge Outdoors Box

This is another solid gift for outdoorsmen. This monthly box includes 4-6 outdoor items specific to the month and season including hunting, fishing, hiking, and camping items throughout the year.

Steel To Reel Club

Expect to receive top survival and outdoor gear for multiple outdoor activities in this practical box, curated by expert outdoorsmen. They focus on top quality and premium products so each box contains known and trusted brands. The items are great for survival situations but also practical for enjoying the outdoors while hiking, camping, or hunting. Past boxes have included emergency water filtration, fire starters, essential med gear, and solar chargers.

8. For the Gun Enthusiast Who Loves to Read

Fiction: The Pact Trilogy Book 1  and Book 2

Captivating fictional story written by a former green beret about survival in unexpected circumstances

Non-Fiction: Complete Book of Rifles and Shotguns by Jack O’Connor

A great throwback anthology from one of the greatest outdoor writers of all time. If the person you are buying for grew up reading Outdoor Life Magazine, he will appreciate. 

Guide: Hornady Reloading Manual

This is basically the bible for reloading ammunition. Chances are, they don’t own this newer edition.

Audible Gift Subscription

If the person you are buying for loves reading but doesn’t get a lot of time to sit down and ready a physical book, get him an audible gift subscription so he can choose his own titles and listen to books while commuting or hiking.

Still not sure?

I hope by this point you have found the perfect gift for the gun enthusiast in your life, but I completely understand if you are still feeling unsure. If that’s the case, he will enjoy getting exactly what he wants with a gift card:

  • Amazon (Accessories, Optics, Parts, Gunsmithing Tools, etc.)
  • Brownell’s (Firearms, Optics, Gunsmithing Tools, Muzzle Devices, Optics, Ammo)              
  • Cabela’s (Clothing, Outdoors Gear, Firearms, Accessories)
  • Visit his favorite shooting range and get a gift card for a class or range time

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