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How to Buy a Gun in Texas (2022 UPDATED) Complete Guide

How To Buy A Gun In Texas

Texas is a great place to live because it appreciates personal freedom lawfully and sensibly. Like most states, Texas follows the Federal Laws but implements specific gun laws and restrictions in buying a gun. 

If you are wondering how to purchase a gun in Texas, continue reading this ultimate guide.

7 Steps in Buying A Gun in Texas

1. Find A Dealer With A Federal Firearms License (FFL)

When buying a gun in Texas, you must search for a dealer with FFL. FFL allows dealers to manufacture and sell ammunition or handgun in a legal way [1]. The dealer has a wide variety of handgun options and will give you personal advice for cleaning and maintaining the gun. 

In addition, the dealer will ensure that you are legally allowed to buy a firearm under all the State Laws, Local Laws, and Federal Gun Laws before releasing the purchased gun. 

2. Meet The Age Requirement

It is important to meet the age requirement when buying a weapon in Texas. The age requirement for general firearm purchases is 21 years old and above. However, the age requirement for active service people who want to purchase long arms or a long gun is 18.   

The Texas gun law requires a minimum age for purchase to regulate the sales of firearms for underage individuals. With the age requirement, gun violence and unintentional shootings are expected to be reduced.

3. Show Identification

When buying a gun, you must present a valid state-issued identification card to identify yourself to the dealer.

The document presented must contain a photograph, residence address, and date of birth. It should also be valid and issued by the Texas government to identify individuals. 

One of the most acceptable identification documents that you can present to any FFL dealer is an updated driver’s license. The identification card will undergo verification and will be used for background checking.

For Your Purchase

4. Get A Concealed Handgun License (Optional)

In the new Texas Gun Law, obtaining a license to carry and concealed carry permit is now optional. Starting September 1, 2021, Texans are allowed to open carry handguns in public offices without training and securing a permit. However, if you still prefer getting a concealed carry permit, you must undergo LTC proficiency testing.

Over the years, the Texas Gun License to Carry training requirements have changed. You can attend training in a traditional in-person class with firearms education pros. You can also take an online class, like the Online Texas LTC, a top provider of online classes in Texas, along with firearms education professionals from LTC Austin. 

In addition, you must undergo a shooting qualification to check your ability and pass the written exam.

5. Complete All The Required Paper Works

If you plan to buy a handgun in the Lone Star State, you are required to complete the Federal Firearms Transaction Record, also known as Form 4473.

The six-page form required by the ATF should be accomplished by the buyer who wants to purchase a firearm from an FFL dealer. 

Form 4473 contains the handgun buyer’s personal information, photograph, NICS background check transaction number, and an affidavit of eligibility to purchase the handgun.

Complete All The Required Paper Works

6. Pass The Background Check

Passing the background check is required for all handgun purchases regardless of whether the gun sale is made at gun shows or a gun store. Background checks are usually done on the spot with the help of the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).

Your eligibility to buy a handgun in the Lone Star State is determined by undergoing and passing the background check. If there are no findings or criminal records, you’ll be able to complete your purchase. 

However, background checks are not necessary for a person with a license to carry private gun sales in Texas. A Texas resident can sell a handgun to another Texas resident. The handgun owner will be responsible for ensuring that the buyer is a non-convicted felon and a Texas resident.

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7. Pay For Your Purchase

Once you are proved eligible to purchase the firearm, you can now pay for the handgun and the application fees.

It would be beneficial to check your dealer first with their preferred mode of payment since some do not accept cards. 

Unlike other states, there is no waiting period in completing the purchase in Texas. Once the authorized dealer ensures that the background check is done and the client is eligible to purchase the gun, they can pay and take home the gun and open-carry it.

Pay For Your Purchase

Who Are Prohibited From Owning A Gun

Who Are Prohibited From Owning A Gun
  • Applicants under 21 years old and had any dishonorable dismissal from the Military
  • Applicants convicted of criminal and serious offenses against Federal Law
  • Applicants who unlawfully use drugs or are addicted to any controlled substance
  • Applicants that are not US citizens, without an alien registration card, or immigrants without a visa
  • An applicant with a pistol license suspended or revoked
  • Applicants who lack the mental capacity to manage their affairs


Yes, you can purchase a gun online in Texas. When purchasing online, you must fill out a Federal background check and give your identification information. Once done with the background check, you can now purchase the firearm and contact the licensed gun dealer to pick it up.

No, you don’t have to take a firearm safety course to buy a gun in Texas. Based on legal advice, you are only required to undergo the background check, meet the age requirement and complete all the required paperwork.

No, you don’t need to secure a permit to buy a handgun in Texas. However, there are restrictions you must follow when purchasing a firearm. You must meet the age requirement and complete the background checks.

Purchasing a Gun in Texas

Buying a gun in Texas is straightforward, even for so-called “assault weapons.” You can buy guns from a licensed dealer through online or private sales. However, you must fill out the required paperwork and be eligible to purchase the firearm through background checks. 

Once you meet all the requirements, you don’t have to wait for days, and you can go home with your newly purchased gun. A handgun purchase must be done by yourself and not by a representative. May it is for self-defense, hunting in your private property, or collection, our team would like to remind you to practice firearm safety and get the highest quality training.



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