What Happened to Slickguns? 2023 Update

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Alfred Mendoza

The shooting world was shocked when slickguns.com, an extremely popular website that highlighted the best gun-related deals available online, disappeared seemingly overnight in 2017. It left an entire community of gun lovers asking the same question—“What happened to Slickguns?”

The answer surprised many, because the company never actually went out of business. In fact, it’s still around today. Only now it operates under a different name.

Slickguns rebranded itself as gun.deals. This included a new name, new logo and new website. And the fact that the company named itself after its URL address is nothing short of marketing alchemy. Know one and you know the other.

That was six years ago. So why are over 13,000 people a month still using Google to find Slickguns in 2023?

Because a lot of people remember Slickguns, they’re still looking for a good gun deal and never got the memo the company changed its name.

Slickguns was one of the most popular websites for gun enthusiasts online. Why? Because it was a fast and simple way to research thousands of discounts and deals the gun industry regularly offered customers. The company scoured the web looking for the best deals available for purchase online or in retail stores, and listed those offers on their site.

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What made Slickguns even more unique and loved was that they encouraged users to post any deal they discovered, too. Think of them as owning one of the world’s largest bulletin boards focused exclusively on current gun deals. That’s why so many gun lovers were worried it disappeared and still search for it even in 2023.

Those who remember Slickguns will find a similar experience when they visit gun.deals. The new layout and logo will feel very familiar and they’ll still have access to the best deals available online. From pistol-caliber carbines and carry handguns to hunting shotguns and large-caliber rifles, there’s something available for everyone.

Website Features:

  • The most comprehensive number of firearm-related deals and discounts
  • Categories include everything from handguns, rifles and shotguns to parts, ammo and sights
  • Updated regularly (by both the company and users)
  • Includes URL links leading directly to the selling website’s discounts
  • Coupons on top of the listed gun deals are also often offered

What Do They Sell?

Just about everything but nothing at all.

Contrary to what many believe, Slickguns never sold anything. Instead, it was an online forum where the gun community could exchange information about current gun deals available either online or in retail stores.

Users were allowed to post the best deal they could find for others to access. Thankfully, the new gun.deals site functions the exact same way. They still house the best deals for shooting, hunting, personal protection and home defense.

What makes the new site even more relevant is that you can instantly find out if any listed deal is still valid; a quick click on the included URL leads you directly to the discount. If the link is broken or the page is missing, the deal is no longer available.

How Does Slickguns Work?

Slickguns (and now gun.deals) is a user-supported forum. After registering for a free account, anyone having information on a deal can post it to the website: discounts on firearms, ammo, parts, even knives are welcome. In fact, the site covers 13 different categories where bargains can be listed.

The company makes it very clear the website is not a place to buy or sell firearms. Again, it’s more of a virtual bulletin board highlighting available deals elsewhere on the internet. Simply clicking on the “Go To Store” button on the product page will take the user directly to the seller’s website where the purchase can be made. It’s that easy and free with no hidden charges.

The site isn’t a place for advertisers or manufacturers, either. However, if an individual offer is truly the best deal available, sellers are allowed to make one post every three months. 

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They Even Offer The Occasional Giveaway.

Two years ago, gun.deals gave one lucky gunowner almost $4,000 in free guns and gear. Over 25,000 people entered to win a hand gun, AR-15 rifle, tactical shotgun, ammunition, magazines, flashlights, red dot scope and body armor.

While there’s no current giveaway being held (in February, 2023), we recommend visiting the site on a regular basis. You never know when they’ll give away another full kit of 2nd Amendment love. 

So What Real Changes Were Implemented?

Honestly, not a lot other than rebranding Slickguns into gun.deals. The new logo looks very familiar to the old one and the new site navigation is similar to the old site as well. While the changes are visible, no one will get lost with the simplicity of the experience.

Final Thoughts

Firearms, in general, aren’t cheap. For many of us, purchasing a new one represents a sizable financial investment. That’s why it pays (literally) to shop around for the best discount or deal you can find. Thankfully, gun.deals (formally known as Slickguns) is here to help us all.

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