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Slickguns in 2022 – Latest News & Guide

slickguns header

The news is accurate; is no longer functional and out of business. This is the saddest news to all people who are looking for the best deals on guns. 

Luckily, this is not a total closure. Slickguns is now 

It has a different name but still the home for best deals on guns, ammunition, and accessories.

Let us find out more about them as we introduce you to the new site with its new logo.

Slickguns is probably the most trusted website that has the most listed deals online.

The gun deals are the reason why most gun owners feared the disappearance of Slickguns on the internet.

The moment they see the familiar logo, they are well aware that they will find the best prices and the best gun deals available online. Starting from long-range shooting to hunting(1) rifles, any gun enthusiast can find what they are looking for.

Transitioning to did not change them at all. The logo slightly changed, though, but any user at the site will find the familiar comment page to exchange information about any good deals they know.


Website Features:

  • The most comprehensive number of guns and ammo deals
  • Updates regularly on gun and ammo deals
  • Has about ten categorized contents 
  • Ready links to the URL of the selling websites 
  • They offer coupons on top of the gun deals offered

What Do They Sell?

Contrary to the first impression of the website name, they are not selling anything. Instead, Slickguns is a place where most enthusiasts exchange information containing gun deals.

Everyone is allowed to post the best deal they can find online for other users to check, which can be the deal other users look for. 

The new website, is very similar to how Slickguns functioned before. They still house the best deals on firearms for home defense and other purposes.

One would know right away if the guns and ammo are still available as these are linked directly to sellers.  

Every searcher needs to seek the famous logo and start looking for the item they are looking for and get the best deals right away.

How Does Slickguns Work?

how does it work

Community is a give-and-take community. Users who have information on any firearm deal, whether concealed carry, bullets or ammo, can place it on the website.

Apart from going to the store or searching online for information about the item they need, other alternatives are here. 

The logo is the sign that every gun lover is welcome to exchange information about any gun deals at the website. 


The makers of this website made it clear that it’s not a place to sell products. 

The best part is that they still welcome sellers though they are limited to post one deal every three days, including the price and deals.

They simply click on the “Post a Deal” button and provide the required information. It’s that easy, free, and no hidden charges at all.

The website features brand new and used gear and guns too. The next user can own your pistol or hunting gun. 

It will be a fast and accurate experience between the seller and the buyer.

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Regular Contest

Another added attraction to this site, apart from the deals and coupons attached to each gun or gear featured, is the sweepstakes, where everyone can join.

They do not have to pay any amount of money or fill in any form to participate in the contest since everyone is welcome with their comments for life. 

Most would require users to subscribe to newsletters, or it can be something else regarding the deals, indicating what the prizes are and the terms and conditions.

Recently Implemented Changes

Changes are not much, we could say, after the relaunching of the website. Apart from the minor tweak on the website’s logo, the navigation is almost the same. 

Appearance-wise, the changes are visible, but no one will get lost with the simplicity of it. 

What happened to the new website is merely an enhancement, but it still gives the best gun deals everyone can save from.

The biggest deals on the internet are here even if you search and compare.

Slickguns Update

You no longer have to worry as we already assured you that Slickguns is still operational but with a new name. 

The new website is still the same place for the hottest deals where you can save money from.

This has been a great place to search for gun deals and ammo and gear with the lowest price and have kept that reputation. 

So if you are looking for a gun sale or searching for information for free, this is the best place to start.



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