Sig SP2022 vs P226 (2023 UPDATED) Complete Comparison

sig sp2022 vs p226
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Among the popular handguns that law enforcement officers and civilians use, we’ll look at two Sig Sauer pistols: Sig SP2022 vs P226. But if you could find more similarities than differences such as the caliber, trigger, and capacities, how could you decide which one to get? Let’s find out.

The difference between Sig P226 and Sig SP2022 is that despite their many similar features, SP2022 is significantly cheaper than P226. Additionally, Sig Sauer P226 has an alloy frame material, while Sig SP2022 uses a polymer frame. This makes the SP2022 feel more lightweight, although Sig P226’s dimensions could make it more advantageous for recoil management.

Specification Chart

Sig P226

  • Brand: Sig Sauer
  • Height: 5.5 inches
  • Weight: 34 oz
  • Length: 7.7 inches
  • Trigger: Double Action/Single Action
  • Barrel: 4.4 inches Carbon Steel
  • Calibers: 9mm Luger, .357 SIG, or .40 S&W
  • Capacities: 10 and 15 (9mm Luger), 10 and 12 (.40 S&W)

Sig SP2022

  • Brand: Sig Sauer
  • Height: 5.7 inches
  • Weight: 29 oz
  • Length: 7.4 inches
  • Trigger: Double Action/Single Action
  • Barrel: 3.9 inches Carbon Steel
  • Calibers: 9mm Luger, .357 SIG, or .40 S&W
  • Capacities: 10 and 15 (9mm Luger), 10 and 12 (.40 S&W)

In-Depth Comparison

Sig P226 & SP2022 Pricing

For our team, if you’re looking for a competitive gun for your money, you won’t go wrong with either. Yet, SP2022 is perfect for those on a tight budget since a Sig Sauer P226 is 2 to 3 times more expensive. With almost half the price of the classic handgun series Sig offers, SP2022 still ensures high standards build.

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Size & Weight

When Sig SP2022 vs P226 is faced side by side, it will be easier to notice the .3 inches difference between their lengths. The longer overall and barrel length of P226 allows you to experience a possibly better recoil control and faster follow-up shots.

However, if you’re planning to use the guns as a concealed or everyday carry, the lighter material of Sig Sauer SP2022 could come in handy.

p226 size and weight

Ammunition - Sig Sauer SP2022 & P226

After firing several rounds using various types of ammo, we never encountered any issues on both pistols, even with loading the cheaper ones. Either gun eats all ammunition thrown on them. It doesn’t translate, though, to entirely accurate shots.

For instance, we hit a few inches high upon shooting a heavy 147-grain load on Sig SP2022. But we think it could be manageable, especially after more practice shooting with guns.

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Both trigger systems use a double-action/single-action with a standard curved trigger type. You’ll feel the heavier 10 lbs double-action trigger pull on your first shot. At the same time, the following shots will give you a 4.4 lbs of a single-action trigger.

Many Sig Sauer SP2022 and Sig P226 users find the trigger to be smooth and crisp with a little take-up. Although, others report a slight false reset with SP2022 in some cases.

Sig P226 & Sig SP2022 Sights

Regardless of the Sig P226 or SP2022 models, the two handguns incorporate a steel 3-dot contrast sights and the standard SIGLITE night sights. Because of the glow in the dark sights, we found it easier to navigate and acquire our targets even in low visibility situations.

If you’re not comfortable with the sights, you could always customize it. But many SP2022 users experience trouble finding aftermarket support, so that might be another point of consideration for you.

sig sauer p226 sights


Our research results are consistent with our accuracy test, indicating that both guns yield outstanding ballistic performance and accuracy, regardless of their caliber type. Some of those who own both describe Sig Sauer SP2022 as a gun that brings the same precision as a P226, just lighter.

But we give this one to Sig Sauer P226 on the account that it has a longer sight radius of 6.3 inches compared to SP2022 at 5.9 inches.

Sig Sauer SP2022 Pros & Cons



Sig Sauer P226 Pros & Cons



Sig Sauer P226 or Sig Sauer SP2022 - Our Verdict

Our verdict for Sig SP2022 vs P226 declares Sig Sauer P226 as the overall winner. Although you might find it pricey, its ergonomics and ballistic performance could justify its value.

Besides, the build and features of Sig Sauer P226 make it ahead in terms of recoil and accuracy than SP2022. Still, Sig SP2022 is a well-priced gun that’s also great for open carry or home defense.

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sig sauer p226

Our #1 Recommendation

Sig Sauer P226

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  1. The Sig SP2022 9mm was my first introduction to Sig Sauer pistol ownership several years ago. Since then I have purchased several other Sig pistols, including the P226. My next Sig pistol may well be the P226 MK25 Navy, but I need to sell one of the afore mentioned pistols. Which one should go? Yep, the P226 is on the chopping block. That’s how much I enjoy my SP2022. It does everything my P226 does, but I shoot it more accurately, carry it more comfortably, and am able to buy more ammo consistently.

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