10mm vs 460 Rowland – What’s The Difference?

460 rowland vs 10mm
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When looking at the 460 Rowland vs 10mm Woods Defense, we are looking at two cartridges that have been tested by time and considered as heavy hitters for personal defense against home invaders and attackers. Although it is tough to choose between the two, this in-depth comparison will help you weigh your options better.
The difference between 460 Rowland and 10mm Woods Defense is apparent. The 10mm has a higher capacity when loaded in a Glock 20, 29, or 40, while the 460 Rowland is more powerful when loaded in 1911 Models, Glock 19, Glock 21, Glock 30, Springfield XD, Springfield XDm.

Specification Chart

460 Rowland

  • Brand: Buffalo Bore
  • Model: 460 Rowland
  • Bullet Size: .451 inches
  • Bullet Diameter: .451 inches
  • Shell Case Length: .957 inches
  • Bullet Weight Grain: 185 gr
  • Energy (per 200 yards): 483 ft-lbs
  • Velocity (per 200 yards): 972.6 ft/s
  • Muzzle Energy: 954 ft-lbs
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1,524 ft/s


  • Brand: Hornady XTP
  • Model: 10mm Woods Defense
  • Bullet Size: .401 inches
  • Bullet Diameter: .4005 inches
  • Shell Case Length: .992 inches
  • Bullet Weight Grain: 155 gr
  • Energy (per 200 yards): 300 ft-lbs
  • Velocity (per 200 yards): 934 ft/s
  • Muzzle Energy: 684 ft-lbs
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1,410 ft/s

Detailed Comparison


When it comes to cost, we decided to lean on the Woods Defense 10mm because it isn’t only cheaper than the 460 Rowland, but also one foot ahead when it comes to product availability in ammunition and components for reloading. Although the Rowland does offer good ballistics, spending more money for ammo and its components and more time finding it at local ammunition stores, make it more convincing to choose the 10mm over the 460 Rowland.

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Rowland 460 & 10mm Trajectory

Since the 10mm Woods Defense has a better sectional density, this round shows a flatter trajectory with an average bullet drop of 1.12 inches at a mark of 50 yards and 4.06 inches at 100 yards over the 460 Rowland.

The 460 Rowland is also heavier and longer than the 10mm ammo, which leads to a faster bullet drop, creating an arch when shot. With this, the 10mm takes another win.

10mm trajectory

Long Distance Shooting

While these cartridges could be used for hunting, both are initially chambered for pistols and handguns that work better at the short-range shooting. Since the Woods Defense 10mm has better sectional density and flatter trajectory, it beats the 460 Rowland at the longer-range shooting. It’s also worthy to note that the 460 Rowland requires a compensator, which could affect your hearing when it is used without such. With this, the 10mm ammo strikes another win against the 460 Rowland.

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10mm & 460 Loading Type

The Rowland 460 offers cartridges that range from 80 gr to 260 gr, while the 10mm cartridges range from 175 gr to 230 gr. Ballistics and performance-wise, the 460 Rowland is more potent as it has more velocity and more bullet energy than the 10mm. And if you reload, the 460 Rowland becomes a reasonable consideration, too. With this, the 460 Rowland takes its first win against the 10mm Woods Defense.

Bullet Weights

In the 460 Rowland vs 10mm bullet weights, the 460 Rowland takes another win. The 460 Rowland offers a lot of options for bullet weights ranging from 85 gr to 230 gr, although you are more likely to find rounds in the 155 gr – 180 gr weight range. It offers heavier and fatter bullet than the 10mm, which could be taken as an advantage if you are looking for powerful ammo, especially if you’re shooting large four-legged animals. It also offers better penetration and more energy.
10mm bullet weight

Woods Defense 10 mm & 460 Recoil

The Woods Defense 10mm recoils less than a 460 Rowland, so it should be easier to shoot. Although the 460 Rowland deals good recoil, we wouldn’t suggest shooting it without using a compensator. The 460 Rowland’s compensator lessens its recoil, while the 10mm doesn’t need any tool to achieve less recoil. Due to this, we decided to give this point to the 10mm.

460 Rowland Pros & Cons



10mm Woods Defense Pros & Cons



10mm Woods Defense or 460 Rowland - Our Choice is...

In this in-depth comparison of 460 Rowland vs 10mm Woods Defense, our choice is the 10mm Woods Defense because it is more cost-effective, easier to find at local ammo stores, has a flatter trajectory, and lesser recoil than the 460 Rowland. Although the 460 Rowland has more power, the 10mm Woods Defense has better features.

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10mm wood defense

Our #1 Recommendation

Woods Defense 10mm

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  1. Seriously? the the 460 has almost rifles like energy. Trajectory has little to do with anything. You wouldn’t even know the difference with out someone telling you. I shoot steel with friends and knock over ram at 200 while the 10mm bounces to the ground. In short the 10mm is lacking.

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