Ruger Mark IV Hunter vs Competition – Can’t Miss Comparison Guide

Ruger Mark IV Competition vs Hunter
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From the Ruger Mark IV pistol line come these two stainless steel competition pistols: Ruger Mark IV Competition vs Hunter. If you’re looking for a quality .22 LR, both guns could satisfy your shooting and small-game hunting needs. But since many argue about which got the best shot, let’s dig in to find out.

The difference between Ruger Mark IV Hunter and Ruger Competition is in their sights and grip ergonomics. Although both guns feature a checkered laminate grip for excellent ergonomics, only the Competition comes with a thumb rest.

As for the sights, you can notice that the Ruger Competition uses a square notch blade while the Ruger Hunter uses a V-notch blade. Consequently, your overall performance and accuracy could depend on which sight you’re most comfortable using.

But in both cases, these Ruger Mark IV pistols improved the simplicity and speed of disassembling and assembling their parts using the new takedown system.

Specification Chart

Mark IV Hunter

  • Brand: Ruger
  • Height: 5.50 inches
  • Weight: 44 oz
  • Length: 11.12 inches
  • Trigger: Single Action Only (SAO)
  • Barrel: 6.88 inches Fluted Bull
  • Calibers: .22 LR
  • Capacities: 10+1 rounds

Mark IV Competition

  • Brand: Ruger
  • Height: 5.50 inches
  • Weight: 45.8 oz
  • Length: 11.12 inches
  • Trigger: Single Action Only (SAO)
  • Barrel: 6.88 inches Slab-Sided Bull
  • Calibers: .22 LR
  • Capacities: 10+1 rounds

Detailed Comparison

Ruger Competition & Hunter Pricing

For many pistol owners, combat handguns chambered for the .22 LR cartridge are among the most popular firearms with less expensive ammunition. However, concerning the gun itself, the price of the Ruger Competition and Hunter falls to the mid to high price range.

With the features and ballistic performance of the two guns, they’re not cheap. So, if you want to save a few bucks, get the Ruger Mark IV Competition.

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Design & Ergonomics

Although the two had the same barrel length, the Ruger Competition utilized the Slab-Sided bull barrel, whereas Ruger Hunter used the fluted bull barrel.

Many Ruger Mark IV pistol owners believe that Competition’s barrel type is more of aesthetic value; for us, though, it’s probably to reduce the barrel weight.

The Ruger Competition’s target grips that include a thumb rest also give it a little advantage for a fuller and more comfortable grip.

ruger competition

Size & Weight

With a thin margin, we’ll give this one to Ruger Mark IV Hunter. A 1.8 oz difference makes the 44 oz Hunter a little lighter than the 45.8 oz Competition. But when shot together, you would probably find the weight difference to be negligible.

They’re not lightweight, provided the stainless steel construction of the two guns. Yet, the fluted and slab-sided bull barrel contributed to keeping the weight balance.

Trigger - Mark IV Hunter or Competition?

It’s a tie for the two Ruger Mark IV pistols as they use the same Single Action Only trigger. We experienced a very smooth trigger that broke crisply at 5 lbs trigger pull. However, depending on your style and preference, we suggest that you perform a trigger job for either guns to increase competitiveness.

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ruger competition sights

Choosing between Ruger Mark IV Competition vs Hunter Ruger sights is a tough decision.

Both have adjustable rear sights, but the Ruger Competition uses a square notch blade, while the Ruger Hunter uses a wide V-shaped notch.

Thus, if you’re after precision, take the Ruger Competition with you. Its fixed front sights and permanent sight-to-barrel alignment contributes to the accuracy as well.

Otherwise, if you prefer a fast and highly visible sight picture, then go with Ruger Hunter. It also features fiber optic front sights with several color choices.

Ruger Hunter & Competition Accuracy

Ruger Mark IV Competition gets the easy win on this one, considering its sights and the results of our accuracy tests. The Competition’s internal cylindrical bolt that ensures permanent sight-to-barrel alignment increases the gun’s accuracy potential compared to moving slide designs. Still, you can trust either gun for accurate and suitable hunting and shooting games.

Ruger Mark IV Competition Pros & Cons



Ruger Hunter Pros & Cons



Ruger Mark IV Competition or Ruger Hunter? The Winner is…

The winner between Ruger Mark IV Competition vs Hunter is Ruger Competition as it offers an advantage in accuracy, pricing, and grip ergonomics. Although its trigger might need some customization like Hunter, you can find more reasons to get your hands on it.

But Ruger Hunter also features advantages, especially regarding sight picture speed and accuracy. You might want to consider its more lightweight design as well.

Whatever your decision is, make sure to check these links for a better glimpse of both Ruger guns.

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Our #1 Recommendation

Ruger Mark IV Competition

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  1. Does a fiber optic sight exists for the Ruger mk4 competition pistol?
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