Sig P365 vs Shield (2024 UPDATE) The Only Comparison You Need

Sig P365 vs Shield
Alfred Mendoza

When the Sig P365 gun was first introduced a few years ago, it quickly became a favorite of many veteran shooters. Holding its own next to some of the most established micro-compact pistols like the Shield was quite a feat. 

While both easy to conceal pistols offer professional-grade features and reliable performance, only one can end up in the winner’s circle. In this Shield vs Sig P365 comparison, let’s see which gun will make it to the top.

Both are striker-fired guns that are 9mm chambered, compact, and easy to carry. The M&P Shield M2.0 is a single-stack sub-compact poly-striker pistol, while the Smith Wesson Shield is a striker-fired, something in-between a single and double stack, concealed carry focused 9mm gun. The Sig 365 is 0.3 inches longer and more than two pounds heavier than the S&W.

The P365 offers more case capacity of 15 rounds than the S&W 9mm’s eight-round capacity. When it comes to pricing, at the time of publishing, the S&W 9mm is a bit less expensive than the new P365 Sig in the CCW market.

Specification Chart

Sig P365

  • Brand: Sig Sauer
  • Model: P365 XL
  • Height: 4.3 inches
  • Weight: 17.8 ounces
  • Length: 5.8 inches
  • Trigger: Striker
  • Barrel: 3.1
  • Calibers: 9 mm
  • Capacities: 10+1, 12 +1, 15 +1 (9mm Luger)

S&W Shield 9mm

  • Brand: Smith & Wesson
  • Model: M&P 9 SHIELD M2.0
  • Height: 4.6 inches
  • Weight: 20.8 ounces
  • Length: 6.1 inches
  • Trigger: Striker
  • Barrel: 3.1
  • Calibers: 9 mm
  • Capacities: 7+1, 8+1 (9mm Luger)

In-Depth Comparison

Design & Ergonomics

The P365 comes with good front and rear cocking serrations for a better shoot, while the S&W 9mm just has the rear. It also features an accessory rail that enables us to accommodate the lights and lasers coming shortly before firing, which the S&W doesn’t have.

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S&W Shield vs P365 Ammunition

These two guns are chambered in 9mm calibers like most popular CCW pistols on the market. And fortunately, neither carry guns had any issues cycling ammunition during our test shooting.

Although both use the same ammo size, our team decided to give this point to 365 because it offers a distinctive 365 ammunition designed for tiny guns, such as the 365 or the Ruger LC9 Glock 43, or any other carry pistol 9mm.

sig p365 ammo


A one-pound trigger pull difference may not seem that much, but our team decided to test their trigger pull weight by conducting pull tests in the shooting range to see if it does. With a predictable break and crisp reset, the 365 is smoother and easier to shoot than the Shield. But according to many pistol owners, there is a massive complaint against the 365 trigger and striker pin failures for years. Because of this, the Shield wins in this category.

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Safety - Sig P365 or Shield?

A huge advantage for the 365 is its usable manual and thumb safety feature that can be used either by the left or right hand, which is great. The Shield pistol does not have this feature, but it does have a safety trigger feature that the 365 doesn’t have. Because of these facts, the team decided to give this category a draw.


sig p365 sights

Well, if we were to talk about their sights disregarding its price, the 365 is the definite winner. Our team was impressed with 365’s XRAY3 Day/Night sights because its front sight dot shows up well, day or night, as advertised.

Although the Shield Sights are decent, we didn’t think it could be on par with the 365’s. The Sig.P365 sights ensure precise target acquisition even while firing quickly was efficient and simple.

S&W Shield vs P365 Rounds

The Sig may be small, but it has more case capacities, for it can take up to 15 rounds, dissimilar to the S&W Shield that can only accommodate up to eight. Having more case capacities, the 365 is the definite winner this time for having the advantage of capacity and speed for concealed carry.


Since both 9mm pistols have the same ammo size, we had to use different ammo brands for this one particular test to get their accuracy. We did the test at least three times, having three ammo brands for each.

Both may have a similar sight radius, sight picture, and feel on the hand, so it’s no wonder that the accuracy-test resulted in marginal difference. For the second time, the result is a draw.

sig p365 accuracy

S&W Shield Pros & Cons



Sig Sauer P365 Pros & Cons



Sig Sauer P365 or S&W Shield? Our Verdict is...

Between the Sig P365 and S&W Shield, our verdict is the P365 because of its ergonomic serrations and accessory rails. It also has more ammo options for better selection. We were impressed with its sight accessory options during the test that provided us with better precision while shooting on the range.

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Our #1 Recommendation

Sig P365

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