Magpul AFG vs AFG2 (2023 UPDATED) Don’t Miss Out

Magpul AFG vs AFG2
Alfred Mendoza

After using vertical grips for my AR’s for years, another gun brother introduced me to angled foregrips. My team and I have been looking at these Magpul AFGs, and both look great, but I can’t decide what to choose between Magpul AFG vs AFG2. So we went out and tested both. Which is better, the slimmer and shorter grip, or the bulkier and more tough-looking?

Magpul has released two versions of angled foregrips to choose from; Gen1 and Gen2. The main difference between the two versions is their sizes. The Magpul AFG or AFG1 version is slightly longer at 5.5 inches than the Magpul AFG2 at 4.7 inches, so it may take a little more time getting used to.

Unlike conventional vertical fore grips, the Magpul AFG2 helps mitigate recoil and control the weapon to facilitate faster, more accurate follow-up shots. Simultaneously, the Magpul AFG provides a hand stop at the end of the grip.

Both versions have a removable finger groove panel. The Magpul AFG1 is bulkier and wraps around the sides of the handguard. The Magpul AFG2 is slimmer and covers the rail.

Specification Chart

Magpul AFG

  • Model: AFG
  • Length: 5.55 inches
  • Width: 1.77 in
  • Handguard Compatibility: M1913 Picatinny-rail

Magpul AFG2

  • Model: AFG2
  • Length: 4.70 inches
  • Width: 1.37 in.
  • Handguard Compatibility: M1913 Picatinny-rail

In-Depth Comparison

AFG & AFG2 Pricing

The Magpul AFG and AFG 2 are fundamentally the same, even when it comes to pricing. Since their differences are too marginal to notice, it’s not too surprising to learn that both versions offer almost the same price. Yet, to think that even though AFG is an older version and its price is still on par with the newer Magpul AFG2, its longevity in the market and unwavering cost tell us that Magpul AFG deserves to win in this category.

Mounting System

Both versions allow the more modern support method with a thumb-forward “C-clamp” grip and can be installed on a standard M1913 Picatinny or the Magpul direct-attach M-LOK mounting system.

While Magpul AFG & AFG2 easily mount to MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny and NATO STANAG 4694 rails with a minimum of 3” and 4” respectively, the AFG2 takes another win for being able to mount to a wider variety of rails compared to the older AFG.

MAGPUL AFG2 mounting system

Material - AFG or AFG2

Magpul AFG features a reinforced molded-polymer heavy-duty construction to endure harsh terrain and severe weather conditions. The original AFG offers interchangeable inserts in switching between a surface with a convenient ledge and a straight surface to support the index finger. In contrast, the Magpul AFG2 uses reinforced heavy-duty molded polymer construction to withstand the hard knocks of tactical operations, and deep, molded-in grooves.

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Magpul AFG is only wider in the foreword section for about .04 inches, where its sides come up and over the rails a bit. The newer version lacks these “wings,” so it feels slimmer when held. Both Magpul versions feature a polymer three-piece design with an interchangeable finger shelf, which allows an “A1-style” surface or an “A2-style” finger nub.

Magpul AFG & AFG2 Ergonomics

MAGPUL AFG2 ergonomics

Due to its ergonomic shape and hand position, the Magpul AFG is one of the best AR-15 front grips, especially in rapid-fires.

While both are well suited for the AR15/M4 weapons platform, the smaller size of the Magpul AFG2 allows more options for smaller weapons systems that may have limited rail space. Our team decided to give this point to Magpul AFG2.


Because the mounting is simple and straightforward, Magpul Angled Fore Grip has become one of the most popular tactical gun accessories out there today. While both versions serve the same purpose, the Magpul AFG2 was created to cater to gun owners with smaller hands, for it was designed to be slimmer and shorter than the original version.

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Compatibility- AFG or AFG2?

The Magpul AFG is compatible with the M1913 Picatinny railed handguards, traditionally preferred by military and law enforcement systems.

In comparison, the AFG2 mounts in a wider variety of railed hand guards and better compatibility with rail covers and accessory mounts because of its smaller size.

With this, the newer Magpul gets another point.

MAGPUL AFG2 compatibility


Magpul AFG vs AFG2 are attuned to interchangeable finger shelves that allow for a flat “A1-style” surface or an “a2-style” finger nub. Magpul AFG offers interchangeable inserts in switching between a surface with a convenient ledge to support the index finger. Since both versions provide the same convertible finger stop, the team declared this as a draw.

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Magpul AFG Durability

Both versions are made from Magpul’s proprietary polymer recipe with durability they are always known for. But the newer version was constructed from reinforced polymer and was built to be extremely durable, rugged, and capable of withstanding harsh conditions and duress. The Magpul AFG2 also has three assembly screws holding it together as opposed to the original Magpul AFG’s two. With this, the AFG2 gets the point for being more durable.

Magpul AFG1 Pros & Cons



Magpul AFG2 Pros & Cons



Magpul Afg2 & Afg - Our Verdict...

To conclude the comparison between the Magpul AFG vs AFG2, Magpul AFG2 is the definite winner for being the slimmer and shorter angle grip, giving you a better handgrip when shooting. It’s also good for mitigating recoil and provides better gun control which is essential for attaining accuracy. We were impressed with Magpul AFG2’s better compatibility with rail covers and accessory mounts.

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Our #1 Recommendation

Magpul AFG2

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