M&P 22 Compact vs SR22 – Tested By The Experts

m&p 22 compact vs sr22
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If you’re on the hunt for a pistol most suited for small games, a .22 LR could be one of your best options. Mainly, you’ll come across the commonly debated M&P 22 Compact vs SR22 Ruger. With their high accuracy to cost ratio, it’s time to tick your boxes for your potential go-to concealed carry.

The main difference between Ruger SR22 and M&P 22 Compact is on their barrels. The M&P 22 Compact features a threaded barrel while the SR22 Ruger features a standard and threaded barrel for their various models. Thus, with a longer barrel, an M&P 22 Compact could give you a little extra velocity, but you might find the standard SR22 Ruger models to be more concealable.

Some choose a threaded barrel for pure aesthetics, but it’s required if you wish to add or make a 22 suppressor or other muzzle devices. In both cases, Ruger and Smith & Wesson designed their pistols for training or recreational shooting. Additionally, handgun experts don’t recommend them as a replacement for your traditional target pistols.

Specification Chart

Ruger SR22

  • Brand: Ruger
  • Height: 4.90 inches
  • Weight: 17.5-18.7 oz
  • Length: 6.40-7.40 inches
  • Trigger: Double-Action/Single-Action
  • Barrel: 3.50 Standard Stainless Steel
  • Calibers: .22 LR
  • Capacities: 10+1

M&P 22 Compact

  • Brand: Smith & Wesson
  • Height: 5.03 inches
  • Weight: 15.3 oz
  • Length: 6.7 inches
  • Trigger: Single-Action
  • Barrel: 3.6 inches Threaded
  • Calibers: .22 LR
  • Capacities: 10+1

In-Depth Comparison

SR22 vs M&P 22 Compact Pricing

As mentioned, both guns possess high accuracy to cost ratio. For us, you’ll be hard-pressed to look for quality semi-automatic .22 caliber pistols at their price range.

Yet, for a slight difference, this one goes to Ruger SR22. However, one of the downsides could be its ammunition price. Regardless, both show that you could get a great gun without necessarily breaking the bank.

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Design & Ergonomics

According to our research, most handgun users prefer the grip of Ruger SR22 mainly because the grips are interchangeable compared to the Smith & Wesson M&P’s fixed backstrap. The SR22 also offers about four handle combinations that can fit most hands.

In terms of design, the two have polymer-based grips, Picatinny-style accessory rail, and ambidextrous manual thumb safety.

ruger sr22 design

Compact M&P 22 or SR22 Ammunition

Ruger SR22 prefers pricier ammunition because, based on our experience and several user feedback, cheaper ammo seems to cause misfeeds. During our tests, we encountered problems on firing and ejecting rounds as cheap as the ammo gets. Still, the gun mostly shoots anything.

As with the M&P22 Compact, we discovered that the barrel does not give a high velocity 22 ammunition enough room for supersonic speed. But at 1260 fps on a Federal Champion ammo, the gun works perfectly for us.

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The trigger of the M&P 22 Compact vs SR22 Ruger is both hammer-fired designed for easy cocking. However, if you prefer a light and consistent 6 lbs single-action, get the M&P22 Compact. But if you’re a fan of the double-action/single-action, you might find the Ruger SR22 as the better option.

Please take note, though, that some find the Ruger SR22’s trigger to be heavy and gritty that many do not recommend its DA mode.

22 Compact & Ruger SR22 Sights

sr22 sights

Both guns use a dovetailed, white three-dot sights system, with the fixed front sight and an adjustable rear sight for windage and elevation.

Despite being highly visible, we prefer the sights of Ruger SR22.

You could compare its performance to an iron sight that we found advantageous for rapid target acquisition.


The Ruger SR22 and M&P 22 Compact include two 10-round magazines. However, for higher round capacity, you could put up to 15 rounds on an SR22 Ruger with the tandem cross magazine extender. Besides capacity, everything else is equal in terms of reliability as we run through more than 500 rounds on the two guns.

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Accuracy - M&P 22 or SR22?

Some experienced a few left offsets at 15 yards with the Ruger SR22. Still, we found the pistol to be pretty accurate even as far as 20 yards.

The Smith & Wesson M&P22 compact works similarly accurate at bench rest and given good grade ammunition. But it has a slight advantage over the other gun especially given the slightly

M&P 22 Compact Pros & Cons



Ruger SR22 Pros & Cons



M&P 22 Compact or SR22 Ruger? We Choose…

Between the M&P 22 Compact vs SR22 Ruger, we choose Ruger SR22. Despite some of the double-action shortcomings that Ruger SR22 users experience, most didn’t consider it a hindrance to its accuracy and ballistic performance. Besides, it offers various model types and grip combinations.

But if your goal is to add muzzle devices or suppressors, in addition to better accuracy, M&P22 Compact is the pistol to go.

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ruger sr22

Our #1 Recommendation

Ruger SR22

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