How to Buy a Gun in North Carolina (2022 UPDATED) Full Guide

How To Buy A Gun In North Carolina
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North Carolina gun laws protect the right of a citizen to buy a gun. While North Carolina is one of the most gun-friendly states in the United States of America, there are certain requirements you have to meet to possess a gun. 

Here’s the ultimate guide our team prepared for you.

7 Steps in Buying A Gun in North Carolina

1. Find A Dealer With A Federal Firearms License (FFL)

We highly recommend finding a dealer with a Federal Firearms License when buying a gun in Florida. The Federal Firearms License (FFL) is a license given by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives that permits individuals in manufacturing and selling firearms [1]. 

The licensed dealers have a wide range of weapons you can purchase legally in their gun store. They are responsible for ensuring the eligibility of the buyer before selling the gun.

2. Meet The Age Requirement

North Carolina gun law does not have a specific age requirement when buying a gun. However, they follow the federal government standards wherein the gun dealers cannot sell guns to a United States citizen under twenty-one years old. 

Furthermore, all purchasers of shotguns and rifles should be at least eighteen years old before you are allowed to purchase. However, law enforcement officers, military personnel in active duty, or members of the US Army that are not dishonorably discharged are exempted from the rule.

Meet The Age Requirement

3. Pass The National Instant Criminal Background Check System

Before you get a concealed handgun permit and buy the gun of your choice, you must pass the NICS Background Check to prove your eligibility for a firearm purchase. The dealer will contact the FBI’s NICS Operation and provide pertinent information about the purchaser. 

If you want to skip the background checks, you can buy and carry firearms through private sales. 

4. Secure A Purchase Permit

Next, you have to secure a pistol purchase permit. While long guns do not need a permit, North Carolina requires the purchaser to apply for a pistol purchase permit to regulate the sales of the guns.  

Apply the North Carolina permit to purchase and the concealed handgun permit to the County Sheriff’s Office of the county you live in.

5. Show A Valid NC State-Issued Form Of Identification

When applying for an NC pistol purchase permit, you must show a valid North Carolina State-Issued Form of Identification. You can present an NC driver’s license, permanent resident card if a lawful permanent resident alien. 

Before the process for a concealed handgun permit, you will be asked if the handgun is for gun collection, self-defense for deadly force, or target shooting. In addition, you have to be a resident of North Carolina and a resident of the county where you are submitting your application.

Show A Valid NC State-Issued Form Of Identification

6. Secure A North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun Permit

To secure a North Carolina Concealed Carry Permit, you are required to attend and complete an approved firearms training class and pass a live-fire shooting qualification. Unfortunately, a concealed handgun permit or CCW permit for non-residents is not allowed. 

In addition, you must submit a complete North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun application, and your fingerprints taken and recorded in the local Sheriff’s Office. The office will issue concealed carry permits after certain weeks. 

7. Finalize Your Purchase

Upon application for CCW Permit, you will receive a mail notification if your application is approved or denied. 

Present the permits to the dealer with Federal Firearms License and pay the necessary fees. North Carolina gun laws require a gun safe to prevent minors from getting the gun. You can now use and carry a concealed firearm.

Finalize Your Purchase

Who Are Prohibited From Owning A Gun

Who Are Prohibited From Owning A Gun
  • Applicants who have been convicted of a crime with imprisonment for a year and above.
  • Applicants who are fugitives from justice cannot purchase firearms.
  • Applicants who are prohibited from possessing a gun cannot own a gun.
  • An applicant who is an unlawful user of drugs or a controlled substance can have a gun.
  • An applicant who has been adjudicated with physical or mental infirmity or an impaired driving offense for three years can obtain a firearm. 
  • An applicant who is dishonorably discharged from the US Army. 
  • Applicants who are not lawful permanent resident aliens or non-visa holders cannot have a gun.
  • Those who have renounced their citizenship can have a gun. 
  • Those who are guilty of crimes against a law enforcement officer cannot own a gun. 
  • Those with personal recognizance pending trial cannot obtain a gun.

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Where It’s Legal To Open Carry Handguns in North Carolina

Where It’s Legal To Open Carry Handguns
  • You can openly carry or conceal a handgun in restaurants and bars, given that you are not under the influence of alcohol and there’s no sign prohibiting such.
  • You can open carry or concealed handguns in your personal vehicle and private property. 
  • You can open carry or bring a concealed handgun at the roadside areas if allowed by the county.
  • You can open carry or bring a concealed handgun in the parks and forests managed by the state.
  • You can open carry or bring a concealed handgun in the place of worship unless there is a post prohibiting the possession of firearms.


Yes, you can buy and gift a handgun in North Carolina but with extreme caution. Federal laws do not prohibit buying and gifting guns, but you have to be careful. For legal advice, transferring a firearm to those who can’t own a gun can be charged with a Federal felony.

You can own as many guns as you want in North Carolina. However, a long gun or pistol permit is valid for a single purchase of a gun. You will be required to apply for a separate pistol permit for a pistol and a long gun—those who possess machine guns need state permission from a Sheriff.

Yes, you can buy multiple guns with one background check in North Carolina. Federal Law exempts those state-issued permits with background checks, given that the permit is issued within five years.

So, How Do You Buy A Gun in North Carolina?

Buying a gun in North Carolina is uncomplicated compared to other states. North Carolina requires a permit to purchase and concealed handgun permits to those who want to buy a gun in the state. Fortunately, you are not required with firearm registration. 

North Carolina does not limit the purchase of guns in the state; however, they will require you to go through the same process every time you buy to regulate the sales. Now that you bear arms, be a responsible gun owner, attend a firearm training course, and always practice gun safety, especially for a concealed weapon.



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