How to Buy a Gun in Hawaii (2022 UPDATED) Things to Know

How To Buy A Gun In Hawaii
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Hawaii has a very strict implementation of gun permit laws and policies. So, if you plan to buy a gun in Hawaii, being familiar with Hawaii gun laws would be beneficial. For your convenience, our team prepared a step-by-step guide on how to purchase a gun in Hawaii.

7 Steps In Buying A Gun in Hawaii

1. Provide Proof Of A State Of Hawaii Hunter Education Course

When buying a gun in Hawaii, you must secure proof of completion of the Hawai’i Hunter Education Course. Hunter Education Course helps prevent hunting and shooting incidents and improve hunter behavior in compliance with hunting laws [1]. 

It is necessary to complete a Hawaii Hunting Education Course or seminar regarding gun safety offered by law enforcement officers to get a state permit to purchase a handgun in Hawaii. A proof will then be issued, which is signed by a certified National Rifle Association instructor.   

2. Select The Firearm From The Main Exchange Gun Counter

Next, head to the Main Exchange Gun Counter to select the firearm and suitable ammunition you would like to purchase. You will be given a firearms specification sheet needed when applying for the permit in Honolulu Police Department Firearms Unit.

3. Secure A Permit To Acquire

Bring your certificate on gun safety or hunting license, firearm receipt, and firearm specification card to the HPD Firearms Unit or County Chief to secure a permit to acquire. 

Carry with you a valid photograph, Application Form with the make, model, barrel length, serial number, and caliber type.

The information of the seller, Mental Health and Medical Information waiver, background checks fee and assessment, and proof of being a United States citizen are also needed.

Secure A Permit To Acquire

4. Return Back To HPD Firearms Unit With Your Requirements

Submit all the requirements to the Station and wait for 14 days to release the permit to acquire. After the 14 day waiting period, do not forget to head back to the HPDt Firearms Unit to check if your permit to buy is approved or denied.  

There will be six days grace period in picking up the permit to buy, or else HPD will void it, and you have to repeat the application and pay the fees. The permit to acquire is only valid for ten days after the day of release.

5. Fill Out The Required Paperwork

Once you obtain the completed permit, head back to the Main Exchange and fill out the required paperwork. You will be filling in the ATF Form 4473 and MCX Firearms Statement of Understanding. 

The ATF Form 4473 is a six-page form that contains the necessary information for purchasing a gun. You will also fill out the Marine Corps Exchange (MCX) Firearms Statement of Understanding.

Fill Out The Required Paperwork

6. Return Back To HPD Firearms Unit To Finalize The Purchase

After going to the Main Exchange for the paperwork, head back to the HPD Firearms Unit within two calendar days after the release of the gun. After the release of the gun, you have to go back to the Police Station and register the firearm. 

Present your valid ID, permit, and the possessed firearms for registration on the Law Enforcement. In addition, make sure to bring the firearm in a gun case and present it without ammunition for safe handling.

7. Register All Firearms With Pass & Registration (For MCBH Residents)

If you are a Marine Corps Base Hawaii resident, you are required to register all firearms with Pass and Registration within 48 hours after the release of the gun. When registering the firearm, you will need a valid photograph, original firearms permit, seller’s information (In-State registration only), and proof of citizenship. 

For non-residents and active-duty personnel, you are only required to register your firearms acquired at the Provost Marshal Office. The registration is needed for the firearms to be considered a lawfully acquired rifle, long gun, or handgun and be used in target shooting. 

Pay For Your Purchase

Firearms brought from other states also need registration unless it’s the firearms manufactured with loose black powder.

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People Prohibited To Own A Gun

People Prohibited To Own A Gun
  • Those younger than 25 years of age and adjudicated by the family court and committed crimes of violence are prohibited from owning handguns, rifles, and shotguns.
  • Those fugitives from justice are not allowed to be in possession of handguns.
  • Those under indictment for a felony are not allowed to own and carry guns and ammunition.
  • Those acquitted of a crime on the grounds of mental disorder are prohibited from getting permits and owning guns.
  • Those diagnosed with mental disorders and organic brain syndromes cannot possess firearms.
  • Those with restraining orders due to physical abuse cannot file for permits. 
  • Those who have a court order for the illegal sale of any drug are not allowed to have a gun.
  • Those under treatment or counseling for alcohol and drug abuse cannot have a gun.


Yes, you have to pass the criminal background check when buying a gun in Hawaii. It is a requirement to obtain a permit to purchase handguns or long guns.

No. There is no limit on gun purchases in Hawaii. Hawaii Gun Law does not limit the number of guns a person has. However, it requires a new permit and separate permit from the Chief of Police and Police Department for each handgun. Assault pistols, Teflon-coated ammunition, and machine guns are banned based on state law.

You must be at least 21 years old to purchase a gun in Hawaii. It is also the minimum age requirement when applying for a permit for concealed carry since Hawaii is a Licensed Open Carry state. Possession of firearms below the minimum age is illegal.

Purchasing a Gun in Hawaii

The process of purchasing a gun in Hawaii can be long and complicated. Unlike other laws in the US, Hawaii gun laws are strongly enforced to regulate the sale and possession. For legal advice, private citizens who failed to obtain permits to acquire or open carry while in possession of a firearm can be charged with Class B Felony. 

When buying a firearm in Hawaii, you must secure a firearm permit to purchase and undergo background checks to prove your eligibility. Upon the release of the permit, the dealer will release the firearm, but you have to go back and register your firearm. After this, you can now use it in private property, the target range for target shooting.



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