10 Best Scopes for .450 Bushmaster (2023) Don’t Miss out

Best Scope for .450 Bushmaster
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Finding the right scope for .450 Bushmaster isn’t easy and straightforward. You need to take into account various factors that are crucial to your shooting accuracy. We want to make the decision-making process uncomplicated and more convenient for you, so here is our compilation of the best .450 Bushmaster scopes.


NightForce SHV

NightForce SHV


Trijicon Accupower

Trijicon Accupower


EOTech Vudu

Sig Sauer SOJ41001

1. NightForce SHV

SHV is ideal for long-range shooting and hunting using a .450 Bushmaster. It features a 50mm objective lens for optimal light transmission. 

It can produce excellent sight pictures even at maximum magnification.  It measures 14.8’’ and weighs 30oz. 

Nightforce is exceptionally rugged and durable. 

It can withstand powerful recoils and survive harsh conditions. This scope is waterproof and fog-proof.

It’s equipped with a MOAR center illuminated reticle that increases aiming accuracy at any time of the day. The MOAR ballistic reticle has .140 MOA increment lines, which help hunt small game at longer distances. 

This scope offers 12 brightness settings to suit various environments. It provides generous eye relief and field of view. It’s parallax-adjustable at 25 yards to infinity. It also has a zero set elevation that allows for fast return to zero in any condition from any yardage. Its fast-focus eyepiece facilitates quick, easy, and convenient sighting.

NightForce SHV



2. Trijicon Accupower

Accupower is one of the best 450 Bushmaster scopes that is suitable for long-range applications. It is a second focal plane optic, which means that the reticle will appear the same regardless of magnification level. Hence, precision shooting is not compromised. 

It measures 16’’x3.6’’x2.9’’. The ocular lens is 36mm. Its LED reticle illumination comes in either red or green for increased contrast of the target. The parallax is adjustable at 10 yards to infinity. At 100 yards, the eye relief is at 21.2-2.1ft.

It’s a second focal plane optic that allows rapid and more convenient shooting. It features a 56mm objective lens that allows maximum light to deliver clear and crisp images.

This rifle scope is powered by one CR2032 battery, which can last up to 31 hours of continuous use at maximum brightness setting. Like the Trijicon SRO, it’s highly compatible with bolt guns and AR semi-auto firearm platforms.

Trijicon Accupower



3. EOTech Vudu

Vudu is a second focal plane scope that is great for medium- and long-distance shooting. It has an EOTech-style speed ring reticle that aids in delivering high resolution and improved accuracy for fast target engagement at low power. 

It’s a highly durable 30mm one-piece tube with high-density glass and a crystal clear lens. It offers HC3 illuminated reticles for faster and more precise aiming. 

The adjustment type is in mil rad. Its magnification ring facilitates a fast and easy transition from low to high power. 

This scope runs by a CR2032 battery that can last up to 500 hours at middle brightness setting.  It has an auto power-down to a sleep mode that is set at 2 hours. 

Vudu features a side-mounted parallax adjustment.  The parallax is adjustable at 15 yards to infinity. 

It offers a wide field of field and large eye relief. It’s best for shooting up to 600 yards.

EOTech Vudu



4.Bushnell Elite Tactical Riflescope

Bushnell is a first focal plane scope. It was designed for unparalleled precision at extreme distances. Many gun owners think that it’s the best scope for hunting and tactical shooting applications. 

The ED prime glass of this scope is fully multi-coated for durability and anti-glare performance. Its protective lens coating can effectively repel water, dust, or debris and can prevent scratches. It can deliver colorful and high-contrast sight pictures in any lighting condition. 

This scope has a removable lever so you can rapidly and easily adjust its magnification settings. The parallax can be adjusted at 50 yards to infinity. 

Similar to Bushnell Engage, it features a wide field of view and generous eye relief. It has fully adjustable turrets that lock down very securely to prevent any loosening due to impacts.

Bushnell Elite Tactical Riflescope



5. Leupold VX-Freedom

Leupold is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, making it quite durable and tough. It comes with a ballistically matched bullet drop compensation elevation dial, which is suitable for .450 Bushmaster. It measures 12.39 inches long and weighs 12.02 oz. It comes in a matte black finish.

This rifle scope is equipped with Twilight Light Management System that delivers maximum light transmission, reduces glare, and improves contrast and resolution. This technology can produce crisp and clear images regardless of lighting conditions.  

The windage and elevation knobs are adjustable by ¼ MOA finger click. It is equipped with a duplex reticle like the Leupold VX-1, making it easy and convenient for shooters to sight close and distant varmints. It offers various magnification settings to provide a better view of targets.

Leupold VX-Freedom



6. Vortex Optics Crossfire II

Crossfire is a great scope for .450 Bushmaster. Its dead-hold BDC reticle is perfect for hunting or shooting in close, medium, or longer ranges where estimating holdover is an issue.

Its V-Brite reticle enhances the performance of the .450 Bushmaster, especially when hunting in low light conditions. It features generous eye relief and a reasonable magnification range.

This rifle scope is made of high-quality aluminum to ensure that it is shockproof and impact-resistant. 

The lens is fully multi-coated for anti-reflective performance and to provide bright and clear images. It’s fog-proof and waterproof so that shooters can use it in wet conditions. 

The elevation and windage adjustment turrets are adjustable with MOA clicks that can be reset to zero after sighting it in. It offers long eye relief to help shooters get a sight picture of their target quickly.

Vortex Optics Crossfire II



7. Vortex Optics Strikefire II

Strikefire is one of the best 450 Bushmaster scopes at an affordable price. It’s a single-piece tube that’s quite rugged and impact-resistant. Its Nitrogen-purged and O-ring sealed to ensure a fog-proof and waterproof performance. The fully multi-coated lens provides images that are very bright and clear. 

It provides an unlimited field of view and 4 MOA red/green dot reticle that allow for a split-second target acquisition. Shooters can sight with both eyes open and take advantage of their peripheral vision.

Similar to Vortex PST Gen 2, it offers ten brightness settings that are easily adjustable to suit any shooting condition. Its lowest two settings are night-vision compatible. 

This red dot sight comes with an offset cantilever mount to allow for a backup iron sight or magnifier’s co-witnessing. It’s powered by a CR2 battery. Its rear-facing controls are easy to access and adjust.

Vortex Optics Strikefire II



8. Burris Fullfield II

This rifle scope offers simple construction, pinpoint accuracy, and sleek functionality. It’s considered one of the best .450 Bushmaster rifle scopes used for hunting or tactical shooting as it’s affordable and reliable. 

Its Ballistic Plex reticle helps in increasing accuracy, especially in long-range shooting. It uses a fast-focus eyepiece for a faster and more convenient sighting performance. This scope comes with tunable windage and elevation adjustment that allows for a good tactile response when adjusting. 

Its optical glass is made of high-quality materials for excellent brightness and clarity of sight pictures. The index-matched, Hi-Lume multi-coating helps in low-light settings and aids in reducing glare. 

This hunting scope features a no-slip grip for a secure and easy adjustment while shooting in the field. It is shockproof, fog-proof, and waterproof. It offers a wide selection of magnification to increase precision in long-range shooting situations.

Burris Fullfield II



9. Vortex Optics Diamondback

Diamondback is an ideal rifle scope for .450 Bushmaster when the shooting applications involve big game and slug shotgun. The dead-hold BDC reticle aids greatly in shooting at various yardages. It comes in a matte black finish. 

Its lens is fully multi-coated to ensure crisp, clear, and bright images in any lighting condition. The fast-focus eyepiece of this scope allows for quick and easy sighting.

It features windage and elevation adjustment dials with audible clicks. Per audible click moves the bullet’s point-of-impact 1/4 MOA. 

This.450 Bushmaster scope is made of high-quality materials making it durable, impact-resistant, and recoil-proof. It’s also fog-proof and waterproof so it can be used in any weather condition. It’s user-friendly and easy to install. 

Many look at it as the best scope for .450 when considering affordability, optical quality, weight, and compactness.

Vortex Optics Diamondback



10. Primary Arms SLX

Among the best scopes for .450 Bushmaster is SLX. It’s a first focal plane scope that features a wide magnification range. It features six brightness settings to suit a variety of lighting conditions. It can deliver clear and bright images. 

It is a durable single-piece construction that can withstand impact and extreme weather conditions. Its multi-coated lens can deliver waterproof and fog-proof performance.  It offers good eye relief and can hold zero pretty well. The illuminated reticle is clear and big enough to ensure precision sighting and shooting. 

SLX has 0.25 MOA click adjustments for its windage and elevation to enable easy adjusting for range. This hunting scope comes with capped reset turrets. It is powered by a CR2032 battery, which can last up to 3,000 hours depending on use.

Primary Arms SLX



What Magnification Do You Need?

If you are shooting at shorter distances, lower power is ideal. Many gun enthusiasts suggest choosing 2x to 4x magnification. In some situations, having no magnification is already sufficient.

If you’re shooting at longer distances, 9x magnification and higher would be a practical choice, especially if you’re hunting small and erratic varmints. 

We think that it’s best to choose a flexible scope that offers a wide magnification range so that you will be prepared for shooting at varying distances. Although high power could drive up an optic cost while in some models hamper accuracy, it’s still a practical investment if you’re shooting at long-range.

What Makes A Good .450 Bushmaster Scope?

It’s important to know beforehand the features that make your .450 Bushmaster rifle score a good one as per your shooting needs. Even if you have enviable shooting prowess, not choosing your rifle’s right scope can compromise shooting precision and success. 

There are various scopes in the market with excellent performance and reliability. The best one for your firearm shouldn’t cost you too much. 

A good scope should be durable to withstand abuses and severe weather conditions. It should be waterproof and fogproof.  The objective lens should be sizable enough for optimal light transmission. It should deliver clear and bright sight pictures. 

It should be easy to install, adjust, and convenient to use. Furthermore, it should be versatile, which means it is usable in varying lighting conditions. 

Comfort, accuracy, practicality, and affordability are also some factors you have to consider.

First or Second Focal Plane?

first and second focal plane

When a scope is on the first focal plane (FFP), the reticles will increase in size as you zoom in on your aim. The reticle maintains a similar perspective with the target size throughout different magnification levels.[1]

However, FFP reticles will look very faint and thin at low power and become thicker at high power. Hence, it may be difficult to see targets at low settings, and targets can be obscured at the highest setting. 

By contrast, the second focal plane reticle (SFP) will stay the same irrespective of magnification levels. However, scopes with a BDC reticle will only be accurate regarding bullet drop compensation on one magnification level. You’ll have to know how to calculate the variance based on the magnification setting at higher magnification levels. 

Which one is better? It all boils down to personal preference. SFP is more popular and will cover most hunting situations. FFP is often more expensive, but they are much helpful in long-range and tactical shooting.

Buying Guide for .450 Bushmaster Scopes

buying guide


Magnification levels can significantly affect your chances of hitting your targets accurately, either at close, medium, or long distances. 

Many shooters choose a scope for .450 Bushmaster with variable magnification because it allows for sufficient magnification levels at any yardage. A higher magnification would be more helpful and dependable when shooting at long distances. 

A scope with a 3-9x magnification range would be enough for most hunting applications. A low-powered variable optic or a red dot sight is ideal for short to medium-range shooting. It gives you a wider field of view, and it makes sighting easier and faster. Here’s how you can measure MOA


It’s best to choose a .450 Bushmaster scope that features variable brightness settings and illuminated reticles so you can shoot even in low lighting conditions.

Some scopes have a light management system like the Leupold scope that aids in producing impeccably clear and bright images regardless of lighting conditions. 

There are scopes or red dot sights that offer automatic brightness adjustment. You don’t need to click any buttons to change the illumination because the scope will automatically adjust depending on the current lighting situation. Some scopes also have night vision compatible modes.

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Gun accessories like a red dot or rifle scope for a .450 Bushmaster can be a costly investment. The price range for a rifle scope varies depending on several factors, including brand, model, construction, yardage, and technological features. 

You can purchase a scope for .450 Bushmaster at a reasonable price with excellent quality and performance. We think that it’s wiser and more economical to choose a scope that is guaranteed durable and reliable even if it’s not from a luxurious brand.  

Your shooting skills and the quality of your firearm are much more crucial to hitting targets dead-on than the price tag of your scope.

Battery Life

Many scopes have electronic components that require a battery to power up. Generally, the more advanced the electronic features a scope has, the shorter the battery life. 

For simple and basic scopes or red dot sights, battery life may last more than a hundred hours, while for more technologically advanced scopes, battery life may last for several hours only.

If you’re opting for a more advanced hunting scope, it’s best to carry some battery spares while you’re on the field so that extending shooting time wouldn’t be a problem. 

We think that the best scopes for .450 Bushmaster if you’re considering a high-tech one, should have an auto-off feature or a shake awake technology to help prolong battery life.



Gun accessories are valuable investments that we want to last longer. Look for a scope for .450 Bushmaster that is made of high-grade construction materials. Aircraft-grade aluminum is often the standard for durability and ruggedness. 

A durable scope should be able to withstand powerful recoils. Some well-known highly rugged and tough scopes have a lifetime warranty. It’s best to opt for them. 

A .450 Bushmaster scope can be subjected to harsh environments and weather elements. Choose the best one with multi-coated lenses and high-grade optical components. A scope that’s waterproof and fog-resistant will help you acquire targets in any weather conditions. 


Using a scope can increase your shooting accuracy and confidence in taking a shot, especially in shooting down big game at long distances. 

The .450 Bushmaster is considered a medium- to long-range scope. Thus, it’s best to use a hunting scope that can function well at varying distances and handle potent recoils without losing zero.  

Choosing the best scope for a .450 Bushmaster can be an overwhelming ordeal as there are many market options. You would need to consider various factors and read through online reviews or query a few gun experts to narrow down your selections.


In terms of versatility, a great scope for .450 Bushmaster can be defined in several ways.

The best scope for .450 should have variable magnification levels to cover different yardages. It should have variable brightness settings, especially those with night-vision compatibility modes. 

You can choose a scope that offers multiple reticle options.[2,3] You can opt for a BDC reticle, which is simple and fast. You may also want a duplex, Mil-dot, or non-illuminated. There are great selections out there. Choose the one that you think best satisfies your shooting requisites. 

Moreover, a scope for 450 Bushmaster should be suitable for any weather and lighting conditions and can be mounted on other firearm platforms.


Eye Relief

Eye relief is the safe distance between your scope and your eye where you can see the entire target and without distortion. A .450 Bushmaster often has heavy recoils, so you need a scope that can offer a generous or wide eye relief. 

Many scopes offer unlimited eye relief, and it’s best to go with them. However, many of these scopes are not as excellent as the scopes with have evaluated so far for a .450 Bushmaster. 

At 100 yards, the scopes in this review have consistent and generous eye relief, sufficient for any shooting and hunting situations.


Sight it in for 1.5 inches high at 100 yards. With that, you can be sure to hit the point-of-impact accurately. You can hold the reticle dead on and not worry about what BDC reticle to utilize or the accurate distance. The bullet will be around 4.5 inches low at 200 yards. For longer shots, hold the scope slightly higher, and the round will still hit the kill zone.

The .450 Bushmaster has a flat trajectory out to 200 yards due to high bullet velocity. A drop of 4.9 inches can be expected at 200 yards if your firearm is zeroed at 150 yards.

And Our #1 Riflescope for .450 Bushmaster is...

Our top pick riflescope for .450 Bushmaster is NightForce SHV. It’s the best choice for close, medium, and long-range shooting and hunting purposes as it can deliver incredible accuracy for rapid target acquisition. 

The optical components of this scope are high-end quality. SHV can generate extremely clear and bright images so you can hit your big game even in low light conditions. 

The magnification settings are sufficient for any yardage. Since it’s a SFP scope, its illuminated reticle’s size will stay the same regardless of the magnification level. This is ideal for hunting and tactical purposes.

NightForce SHV

Our #1 Recommendation

NightForce SHV

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