Vortex Ranger 1800 Review

Vortex Ranger 1800 Review
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Although the Vortex Ranger 1800 is relatively new, it made eyebrows rise when it converted many shooters into rangefinder fanatics. However, if you haven’t tried this ranger yet, would you sing the same praises as most shooters do? To help you decide whether you’d need to get this unit for your next deer hunting escapade, we decided to do this review for you.

The Vortex Ranger 1800 is an easy to use rangefinder that features a clean, illuminated display capable of ranging up to 1,800 yards. This unit also provides HCD Horizontal Component Distance mode displays with angle compensation that calculates the true horizontal distance. It also includes an advanced Line of Sight (LOS) mode that scans continuous range readings while tracking a moving target. 

This unit provides three brightness settings that allow the display to stay visible in day and low light conditions like most red dot optics do. This product also offers a 6x magnification, a 17mm eye relief, a field of view of 315 ft at 1000 yards or close to it.

Vortex Ranger 1800?



How Do You Use It?

To utilize this rangefinder, you need to know how to choose between the HCD and LOS modes in the mode selection menu. Toggle on the brightness selection screen and choose between its three illumination levels. Yes, you can now start scanning for HCD angle compensated measurements up to 400 yards when deer hunting at night.

Vortex Rangefinder 1800 Features

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Battery Life 

Vortex Rangefinder 1800 features a CR2 battery that can last at least 2,000 hours of continuous usage. This Vortex ranger unit provides a constant in-view battery status display and an auto-off after 10 seconds of inactivity to preserve battery life. 

Objective Lens 

The Ranger 1800 provides a 22mm objective lens, a moderate 6x magnification power, and a wide field of view at 1000-yard distances, providing a high-quality and clear sight picture like other red dot optics show. 

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This Vortex ranger product doesn’t require special skills or any special tools to utilize. You may select between the HCD mode for angle compensated ranging or LOS range. For a better focus, it uses a ±3 dioptric correction. 

Field of View 

This Vortex product provides 315 feet @ 1000 yd/105m @ 1000 m field of view, wide enough for close up to medium-span shooting and deer and bow hunting. However, going to high magnification power decreases the area of the field of view. [1]



Yes, this unit uses a Class 1 eye-safe IR laser and 0.3×1.5 MRAD beam divergence.

You’ll need less than 1-second ranging time, making it effortless to scan your targets.

You can range between 10 yards up to 1800 yards range. It uses a ±3 diopter yards metering accuracy at 1000-yard distances.

Weight & Size 

When it comes to weight and size, this Vortex rangefinder is compact and lightweight. Yes, it offers a compact design of 3.9 x 3” like red dots. It only weighs 7.7 oz, enough to be installed on either side to wear on a belt, tripod, or a clip for easier access and faster manipulation. 

What Are The Benefits? 

Based on customer reviews, this new rangefinder is effortless to utilize because it is compact and lightweight like most red dots. Reviews also claim that this rangefinder has a long battery life that lasts at least 2,000 hours of continuous usage and could be mounted on a tripod. It also provides a LOS and HCD mode.

Drawbacks of Vortex 1800 

Based on extensive research and reviews, most customers complain that this Vortex rangefinder is almost identical to the Ranger 1000, making it a more expensive option and a 4 stars review. Price-wise, it may be more expensive, but the Ranger 1800 also provides a longer range than a rangefinder with a lower price can’t give.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

It’s always good to know what other shooters say about the Ranger 1800, and here are some 4 stars five stars reviews we have found:

“This is what I was expecting from a rangefinder. Vortex standing behind their products is great to see!” (4 Stars)

“This is the best long-distance rangefinder I have ever used. The glass is clear and picks up objects quickly.” (5 Stars)

“I recently purchased the Ranger 1800. The scanning feature assisted in ranging at that distance.” (5 Stars)

Vortex Ranger 1800 - Should You Buy One?

Based on comprehensive research, you should buy the Ranger 1800 because it provides a clean, illuminated display and can range up to 1,800 yards. Using its HCD Horizontal Component Distance mode displays and an advanced LOS system, it scans continuous distance reading ideal for tracking a moving target.  

Vortex rangefinders also provide three brightness controls that allow the display to stay visible in day and low light conditions. They also feature a two-button interface with a menu-driven system for easier manipulation, fully multi-coated lenses, removable utility clip, and high-level performance, garnering 5-star reviews.

Vortex Ranger 1800?

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Vortex Ranger 1800

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