Osprey Scopes Review (2024 UPDATED) Our Top 3 Picks

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If you’re looking for realistic Osprey scopes reviews, you are in the right place. Below you will find reviews for three of Osprey’s top scopes.

Known for high-quality optics and innovative design, Osprey Global produces some of our favorite high-quality rifle scopes. What sets them apart is Osprey’s use of Hoya glass for their multi-coated glass lenses with glass-etched reticles. They  offer a lifetime warranty and inspect every scope to ensure each one is fog and water-proof. Additionally, each scope is tested for shock to 50BMG.


Mil Dot Signature Series


Compact 3-9×42 Ilium Rangefinding

1. Osprey Global Tactical 6-24X50 Mil Dot Signature Series Scope

If you’re a medium to a long-distance shooter, you might consider this tactical scope suitable to your needs as this scope comes with an excellent magnification range. With a 6x to 24x magnification, it can be efficient for gun show, training, target shooting, and hunting. 

Based on our Osprey scope review, the company also designed mil dot reticles to help you determine the object distance if the object’s size is known. Additionally, the three-color illuminations at three levels of intensity work well with the 50mm objective lens in giving you a clear image.



2. Osprey Compact 3-9×42 Ilum Rangefinding Reticle

According to those who bought this, some believe that the optical performance of this particular tactical model is comparable with other Nikon models like Nikon Buckmaster and Nikon Prostaff. It might be somewhat expensive, but others think they would have paid twice as much for this type of quality. 

If you’re still considering yourself as an average in shooting or hunting, you may see the rangefinding reticle of this scope as helpful in enhancing your capabilities. The hash marks in the center can also act like BDC for long-range targets during hunting



3. Osprey Global Standard 3-12×44 Mil-Dot Rifle Scope

Despite being slightly heavy, following the tactical mil-dot signature series, this unit has a gracious eye relief of 4.5 to 7.6 inches. If you’re usually using a firearm with a strong recoil, it could also be a need for your safety consideration. 

With a relatively wide 44mm objective lens, Osprey assures you of one sharp and clear image, if you would like one. Not to mention how the illumination would provide contrast between your reticle and target.



Buying Guide

Buyers Guide

Osprey Rifle Scope Durability

When we checked one of the Osprey’s user manuals that we got, it contained details about how they ensure that each scope can endure various weather or environmental conditions. According to the manual, the scopes are waterproof tested at 25cm/40 degrees Celsius for three minutes and fog proof tested at 20 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes. 

Some great scopes are also shockproof, so you don’t have to worry when your scope drops. All these lead to the good product durability.

Lens & Coating

Each scope has fully multi-coated glass lenses with anti-reflective paint applied, which helps reduce reflections and offer good low light capabilities. Likewise, it’s behind the brand’s ability to provide high-contrast images. 

Regarding the lenses, the manufacturing company has been transparent that their optics use good Hoya glass imported from Japan. The lens sizes and diameters also adhere to the standard 40 to 44mm for a medium rifle scope. Some models also have extensive, objective lenses going up to 55mm.


Magnification generally has two types: fixed and variable magnification. With a variable magnification, you can set up your range parameters based on existing conditions or target shooting and hunting requirements. 

In the case of Osprey scopes, they use both for their models. For instance, the Standard 2.5×20 Duplex Reticle features fixed magnification. 

For some models with variable magnification, you could find a product going up to 24x zooming capabilities. Thus, giving you increased range efficiency without missing your target.

Other alternative scopes with promising magnification are Nikon and Leupold.

scope magnification zoom range

Focal Point

For scopes that have a fast-focus eyepiece design, you simply need to rotate the fast focus element in or out so the reticle would appear clear and sharp. Remember, though, that the brand mentioned that these do not include lock rings. 

Additionally, a scope either has the first or second focal plane system used. The main difference lies in the reticle behavior whenever you change the magnification. A first focal plane is said to be better for medium to long-range yards, although the second focal plane is traditionally used.

Mounting - Osprey Scopes

Some scope models have ring mounts that may either be Weaver-style or Picatinny rings. For your safety, it’s good to make sure that the scope is mounted, given a sufficient distance from your eyes to prevent recoil contact.  

As one additional reminder, you’ll know that your scopes are mounted right if you can look directly through your scope, put the firearms on your shoulder, and observe repeatable stock weld. When in doubt about your mounting, always consult or ask assistance from a qualified gunsmith.

Mass & Dimension

Several Osprey scopes are lightweight and compact, making it reasonably easy for you to carry. If portability used to be an issue for you, there’s a lot of models you could choose from in the lower end of the weight level. Just consider the build of the 8.5 oz 2.5×20 duplex model.  

The brand also promises to provide you with top of the line compact riflescope without sacrificing usability and high quality.

osprey dimensions

Osprey Scope Reticle Orientation

In terms of the illumination system, some use a single color, while others have the three color models of red, green, and blue. Generally, the green one is developed for brighter ambient light, while the red ones are frequently preferred for lower light conditions. You could also notice that some scope models have reticles etched in the glass. 

However, the brand has a reminder if you’ll get scopes with illuminated reticles. Based on our research, it would be good to choose the right setting that is not way too bright so as not to create a halo effect and possibly cause image distortions.

Dust Protection

You probably know that a good scope glass doesn’t come cheap. If you want to keep your lenses in great condition, it’s essential to prevent dust from entering. 

Thus, Osprey optics makes sure that all their products use a dust cover so dust won’t get in. 

For added protection, some brand models reportedly have a dust protection formula as well.

dust protection

Are Osprey Scopes Worth It?

Yes, based on our Osprey scope review we believe they are worth the money. And among the five best models featured in the list, the best scope of Osprey is the Mil-Dot Signature Series. The multi-color illumination, good eye relief, and strong contrast image capability reflect the excellent optical performance the scope makes.

However, if you’re not into long-range yards shooting or you consider weight as a crucial consideration, then you might want to consider other great scope models in this guide.

If you’re looking for a good read, check out this review on the best rifle scopes for 300 yards

Our #1 Recommendation

Mil-Dot Signature Series

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  1. Just purchased a osprey scope. 2/23 The sales person was very clear on the options. (12 years as a osprey salesman. ) my used $50 (2) gibbons scopes have served me well. /
    Mounting this osprey it was accurate at 70 yards without out any adjustment. On a .243
    So Hopefully I’m all set for November 2023 Deer season. Thanks for reading .

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