What Does a Gas Block Do?

What Does a Gas Block Do
Alfred Mendoza

Does your gun’s internal mechanism wear off quickly, and the recoil is too high? The air that exits the gas tube is the culprit, and a gas block can help you with that. So, what does a gas block do?

Here’s a complete guide as to what this accessory does to upgrade your shooting performance.

It is a device in a rifle that can fit in small gas ports at the top of the barrel and be tuned for less recoil. It regulates the excess gas from the exploded cartridge after pulling the trigger. This device can be found on gas-operated weapons.

What Does It Do?

It traps the excess air of AR 15 by sending it at the gas port then to the gas tube at the top of the barrel. It limits the air going into the bolt carrier group for less carbon build-up, making gun cleaning easier. 

It gives less recoil and movement of sights for faster follow-up shots. It also provides a little stress on your rifle as it is not running harder than without this tool. A buffer tube may also help the gas port carry the buffer weight for a more improved gas system.

Gas Block

Types of Gas Blocks



Adjustable gas blocks are upgraded devices that can take your rifle performance to a higher level. It allows you to adjust the amount of gas through an adjustment screw and does not restrict the flow, whether it is too little gas or too much gas.

An adjustable gas block for AR 15 gas has two device options; cut off and bleed off. It is offered to many shooters who prefer suppressed running and immediate gas system length shut off.

Front Sight Post

After the bullet is fired, the air goes down the gas tube, passes through the sight base then exits [1].

The hot gas behind the bolt will be forced to go through the small gas port and go up in the bolt. It will exit at a gas port that moves the bolt carrier group to the back. 

It is a combination of a front sight and an air device.

Our team recommends first-time shooters to use AR 15 with FSP because of its ease of use and affordable non-free-floating barrel for rail systems.

Front Sight Post

Low Profile

The low-profile block is most common on pistols and rifles these days. Low-profile gas blocks are engineered for high precision that would take up a small amount of space. 

What we love the most about the low profile is that it is universal with any free-float handguard. It gives better accuracy to the gas systems since it does not touch the barrels. A Low profile gas block regulates the AR 15 initial combustion, and together with the right barrel length, it helps the rifle cycle quickly and seamlessly.


Yes, you can shoot an AR without this device. However, a new round without direct impingement and set screw may be louder since the air is venting into the atmosphere. You will also feel more pressure but don’t worry about the hot gases as they will go straight up.

No, this tool cannot affect the accuracy of your shots. However, it may affect the gas systems because pressurized air is needed to fully cycle the action entirely. Set screws, on the other hand, can affect the accuracy, so subsonic ammo users opt to use clamp-on for their barrels.

Yes, this accessory will wear out over time. Since it is exposed to high heat, there is a chance that it will wear out over the years of use. It can somehow be prevented by frequent cleaning and fine-tune gas block alignment of the buffer system.

Yes, the device brand matters. Our team is after quality, and a trusted brand can guarantee a good performance. The gas system is an essential part of the ammunition, and the tool is a necessary part of the gas system.

Understanding How Gas Blocks Work

There are many ways to minimize recoiling and improve firearm operation but installing an air tool is an excellent solution. It is a filler that fits perfectly above the AR 15 chamber. To be precise, it helps the air system control how much gas is at the gas tube and receiver. 

Our team has tested the direct impingement system by firing not just around but thousands, and there had been no malfunctions. It will be beneficial for your rifle to use a tool alignment as it prevents internal damage. In addition, there is no carbon fouling at the bolt carrier because of smooth recoiling that saves you time and energy.


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