How to Cut Foam for Gun Case – Your Full Guide

How To Cut Foam For Gun Case
Alfred Mendoza

Are you thinking of the best way to secure your firearm inside the case? The secret is an inside foam that absorbs impact and reduces damages to the gun. 

As we are also DIY enthusiasts, we’ll teach you how to cut foam for your gun cases like a pro.

1. Prepare the Tools

The first thing you have to prepare in this DIY project is the tools for custom foam cutting. A sharp knife is an essential tool to give out a clean cut in your gun case foam. In addition, you can use a hot wire foam cutter or electric carving knife that is easy and convenient to use. 

Pins and large carton paper are also needed to mark the locations of the guns and accessories. You can use this to maximize the foam and can give the best fit for your rifle case. Measuring instruments with a straight line like rulers and edges will also help.

2. Lay It Out

Aside from the inside foam, the position of the guns inside will help you avoid too much impact while on the move. When laying out, consider the weight of the objects, as the correct balance will help you carry the hard cases easily. One thing we love about DIY is the chance for you to choose the placement, giving a snug fit to your firearms and pelican gun cases. 

A pro tip is to arrange your rifles and accessories conveniently. The gun will take up the central spot so that the accessories will have the remaining spaces. Just make sure to maintain at least one inch between the locations to protect them from colliding.

3. Mark the Locations

Consider the mechanical characteristics of the gun for the appropriate location, handling, and safe storage [1]. Then, create an outline using a pen or chalk for initial markings. On the other hand, worry not if you used markers because you can turn your foam the other way when done. 

The most convenient way to mark the locations of your handguns is by using carton paper. However, since you are working with soft foam, it might move restlessly.

These errors will cause you to make incessant adjustments so we recommend that you do initial markings.


4. Clean Up Your Lines

Remember that straight lines, and parallel lines of foam cutout can make your pelican hard case look like a custom-made one. Avoid aligning the little angles and details of your gun as it is not necessary. Use tools and avoid free hand to make your cuts look neater.

Curving the edge of the rifles can make the foam look more elegant. Ensure that the foam is stable while doing the final outline, as this will be the guide on your foam before you cut it.

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5. Cut the Foam

Bear in mind that you want your weapon to fit the spaces snugly, so be careful with the knife. Through time, gaps will widen, so it is an excellent thing to narrow down the cuts to prepare for this. Please do not press the electric knife or the blade too much as it can leave many marks. 

There is no limited time on the table to rush the cut, so pay attention to the pressure of your hand. The cut of the layer needs a bunch of effort so be patient while working with the foam.

6. Trim the Excess

At this point, using a hot wire cutter or electric fillet knife for your foam is highly recommended by our team to trim the excess. Our bonus objective is to make our DIY cut foam look as professional as possible, so trim it neat and clean. 

Graze your fingers on the edges of the cuts to check if it needs trimming but make sure to not over trim because you cannot fill the gaps anymore.


Our Closing Thoughts

We’re always after a good-looking foam cut for our guns. The main reason for cutting the foam of the pelican case is to secure the weapons and maximize the space inside. 

It is wise to invest not just in the weapons but also in the storage and protection of your guns. If done accordingly, you can have a more stable and secured compartment for your gear.



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