Millet Scope Review (2023 UPDATE) All You Need to Know

millet scope review
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If you would like to hunt varmints or acquire targets at long distances, we would recommend durable and high-performing riflescopes for you. Most of our gun brothers own a Millet, and we thought of testing it out to see what’s the hype about. Read this Millet scope review to find out if it’s your best buy for the price.

Millett scope is a quality sighting device designed in the United States for precision aiming and accurate shooting. It’s ideal for target shooting, long-range shooting, tactical operations, and sporting. It’s constructed of one-piece aluminum. Hence, it’s quite sturdy and durable.

The optics are multi-coated and nitrogen-filled to deliver a bright and crisp image of the target. This scope features a wide magnification range for better viewing and a large objective lens diameter for increased light transmission.

It has multiple brightness settings and an illuminated reticle for low light settings. Its Mil-dot bar reticle is designed for range estimation and holdover.



Brief History

Ray and Betty Millett founded Millett Industries in the mid-1970s in Huntington Beach, California, United States. It all started with a surplus cleaning tool, then upgraded to a metal injection molding process, and eventually to the creation of pistol sights. 

When their son Thomas joined the company, they expanded into developing and marketing scope mounting systems and even optics. Thomas had a huge penchant for firearms, which was pivotal to the success of Millett. 

Today, Millett’s product line includes sights, rifle scopes, and red dot scopes for hunting, long-range firing, tactical operations, and law enforcement situations. [1]

Millet Scope Key Features


These rifle scopes are well-constructed and have good features. When you talk about durability and reliability, they’re one of the best scopes in the market. The multiple layers of good coating ensure a water-resistant, shock-proof, and fog-proof performance.

The turrets and knobs are securely attached and easy to use. With its Mil-Dot bar reticle, you can easily locate and acquire your target. It’s a great scope for any rifle platform. Customer reviews show that hunters like this rifle scope, especially the Millett TRS 1 model.

Popular Millett Scope:

Millett 4-16×50 Illuminated Tactical Riflescope

Ease of Use

For first-time and experienced shooters, we would recommend Millett scopes as they are user-friendly to be used with any weapon. The turrets and side focus knobs tend to turn smoothly and are fingertips adjustable. These scopes easily re-zero. Millett TRS 1 and 2 have zoom rings to allow you to adjust the magnification at differing situations.

Make sure to follow the instructions manual to ensure that your scope is properly mounted. Do not turn the turrets beyond their stop to avoid damaging the adjustment screws.

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This rifle scope has a multi-coated lens to get a clear and sharp picture. Based on our review, this scope is perfect for use in good and bad weather alike. The optic is of a top-level constitution.

Does this scope offer reliable light transmittance to give you a clear view of your aim? Yes. The objective lens of a Millett TRS 1 is 50mm while for the long-range model, it’s 56mm. These sizes are best suited for big games.

Millete Scope lens


It’s a second focal plane scope that has an adjustable green illumination for precision shooting, especially in low light situations. The illuminated reticle has 10 brightness settings and one night vision setting. It’s similar to a standard mil-dot reticle with a line between each point.

The illuminated mil-dot reticle is well-suited for tactical purposes and hunting even small animals. Moreover, this scope has a good parallax adjustment. The parallax starts at 10 yards and goes infinitely.

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Bulletproof design, precision controls, and accuracy are three main features that make a Millet rifle scope worth investing for. In our review, TRS 1 and LRS models have turret locks that prevent accidental movement of the elevation and windage of the scope. Beginners may find this scope slightly confusing at first, but if you understand how it works, this scope can function just as well as it should.


Millett offers a limited lifetime warranty. The company will repair or replace the defective item as long as the warranty terms are satisfied. You may review the warranty terms on their website for more details.

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Is a sighting device at a budget-friendly price reliable enough? Yes. Our latest review shows that Millett products such as TRS 1 and the latest tactical models are affordably priced despite their excellent construction and performance.

To help you save money and time in choosing a scope, we would recommend that you itemize beforehand your intended purposes of a rifle scope. From there, you can easily narrow down your options.

Millete Scope Affordability

How Does It Compare to Others?

This scope may not be as equally exceptional as other top-tier brands, but they are dependable enough in most cases. Our team’s reviews found that many gun owners have verified their trustworthiness in big game hunting, tactical firing, and law enforcement operations.

These are the major pros that this scope is quite known for rugged construction, lockdown rings, excellent reticle, easy re-zero, and reliable optical components. Furthermore, it’s a second focal plane rifle scope, which means that the crosshair has the same size in different magnifications so only the aim grows or shrinks.

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What Does the Millett Optics Work Well With?

Millette’s models (e.g., TRS 1 and LRS) can be mounted on many rifle platforms like AR10, AR15, Remington 700, Springfield MIA, and Stag 6HL. If you would like to know more weapons that can be used with it, we would recommend that you visit any shooter’s online forums or reviews to get more specific and helpful suggestions. Make sure to only take advice from verified gun enthusiasts.

Any Drawbacks?

Sighting devices aren’t perfect. But if they would be able to provide the services they are created for, then they’re worth the investment you’ve made. Based on our reviews, here are a few drawbacks to this scope:

  • Novice shooters may find it not easy to be used with their firearms.
  • It’s heavy and the aluminum tubes are thick.
  • Although the company is in the United States, they are manufactured in China, which makes some purchasers a bit skeptical of its performance. 

Millet Scope- Is It Worth It?

Yes. This line of scope in the United States offers huge returns at an inexpensive rate. Millet TRS 1 and LRS models are popular among hunters, law enforcers, and tactical shooters. 

Overall, the reviews we conducted of this rifle scope reveal the following performance pros: wide range magnification, generous eye relief, clear image even at distant yards, easy adjustments, withstands powerful recoil, and accurate aiming.  

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Millete Scope

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