Nikon Prostaff 3-9×40 Review

Nikon Prostaff 3-9X40
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Most high-end rifle scopes carry premium tags for their exceptional quality and performance. But Nikon Prostaff offers just the same at a budget-friendly rate. To get to know more about this scope, read our Nikon Prostaff 3-9×40 review. Is it a sensible investment, or is there a better one?

Nikon Prostaff is a quality riflescope that is ideal for hunting, range, and stealth shooting. It has a 40mm objective lens and offers a diverse magnification range between 3x and 9x. The eye relief is 3.6’’ while the field of view is between 11.5 ft and 33.8 ft at 100 yards. The eyepiece can deliver instant sharp focus and high-resolution sight pictures.

Constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum with an anodizing finish, this scope is quite durable and impact-resistant. It weighs 15 ounces and is 12.4’’ in length. The optics are multi-coated for optimum light transmission and excellent contrast of the image.

This scope features a BDC (bullet drop compensator) reticle. With its spot-on ballistic match technology, you can easily determine the exact aiming points on the BDC at different yardages. This riflescope works quite well in both bright and low light conditions.



Here Are Some Key Features


Nikon Prostaff 3-9x scope is durable and tough. Based on our review, this riflescope has one of the best optical quality lens in the market today. The optic is nitrogen-filled to prevent internal fogging and thermal shock. The lens is O-ring sealed for a waterproof, fog-proof, and dustproof performance. It can shrug off hard recoil, which is great for high-powered firearms.

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Field of View (FOV)

Prostaff is a variable riflescope that features magnification ranges between 3x and 9x. Keep in mind that the greater the magnification, the lesser the FOV. At 100 yards, 3x offers 33.8ft FOV while 9x magnification offers 11.3ft. FOV.

Our team’s review shows that this scope allows users to have a generous visual coverage of their environment so they can easily locate their target and successfully acquire it.


This riflescope has zero-reset turrets for easy recalibration. It has a spring-loaded knob for fast adjustment helping you to rotate to zero before re-engaging. You can hear a click sound while adjusting the turrets, so you don’t need to look at the values while sighting into your scope.

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One of the outstanding features of Nikon Prostaff 3-9x is its smart ergonomics design. Across the magnification levels, it can deliver clear and tack sharp images. Hence, you can obtain an incredible view of your aim for quick target acquisition.

Our reviews found that it’s ideal for both close-holdovers and long-range shooting. This riflescope is your perfect hunting companion in bushes, wide plains, and thick forest. The 98% light transmittance allows you to have a satisfying shooting experience even during low light conditions.

nikon prostaff 3-9x40 design


Nikon Prostaff 3-9x features a BDC reticle that allows shooters to obtain a normal sight picture of the target and facilitates hold “dead-on” even at longer ranges. The holdover points along the bottom line of this reticle help to provide impact estimation points, which are essential for accurate shots. User reviews on this reticle reveal that it’s ideal for most lighting conditions. [1]

Ease of Use

According to our review, this rifle scope is quite easy to mount. Novice hunters will find it simple to understand and use. It’s compatible with AR 15 and other firearm platforms. Nikon Prostaff 3-9x scope allows smooth and quick adjustments thereby saving you time and effort while you’re moving in the field.

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Nikon Prostaff scope has a simple but rugged and user-friendly design. It has a quick focus eyepiece for crisp reticle focus and rapid target acquisition.

This scope Nikon features a zero-reset turret with a spring-loaded design. Moreover, the optical system is well-constructed for excellent image quality

nikon prostaff 3-9x40 design


From the date of purchase, Nikon scopes have a limited lifetime warranty on the optical parts, a seven-year limited warranty on the non-optical parts, one-year limited warranty on electronic components. If the scope is defective, the company will either repair or replace the item as long as it meets the warranty terms.

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Our Verdict on Nikon Prostaff 3-9X40

Our reviews show that Nikon Prostaff 3-9x is an affordable rifle scope that offers outstanding durability, reliability, versatility, and accuracy. However, we think that another Nikon riflescope offers a better performance that is on par with many premium hunting scopes.

Nikon P-Tactical 3-9×40 riflescope is one of Nikon’s best models in the market that is a huge catch for its value. 

This Nikon scope has one of the best-engineered adjustment controls, optics, and reticles. It can deliver an incredibly bright and clear sight picture at longer distances. You can get accurate shots even in tricky terrains and in bright or low light conditions.

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Nikon Monarch 7

We Recommend

Nikon P-Tactical 3-9×40 Scope


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