How to Remove Rocksett – What You Need to Know

how to remove rocksett
Alfred Mendoza

Rocksett removal can be an arduous job if you’re not privy to the proper steps. We thought we needed to share our method to make it a lot easier and safer for you to pick out this stubborn locking agent.

Read on to know how to remove rocksett using simple tricks. 

Removing Rocksett

1. Prepare Your Tools

Have all tools needed and perform this task in a safe location.

  • Pan
  • Water
  • Stiff brush  (e.g., nylon or SS brass brush)
  • Degreaser (optional)

2. Boil Water in A Pan 

The next thing to do is to boil water in a pan. Rocksett is a durable thread locker. Putting too much of it on your threads or mounts can be a problem.

You may need a whole lot of torque to take this part out. 

Although it’s heat resistant, it’s water-soluble. It softens when submerged in hot water. 

3. Submerge the Mount/Thread

Submerge the threads into boiling water and leave them for 24-48 hours. Much patience is needed for this. 

Some gun users have suggested that 5-10 hours of heating it up would be sufficient. For a starter, you may try around this range and then increase the boiling time when you need to. 

Quickly clean off the threads with a hard brush before it hardens back. If it won’t budge, spray it with a brake cleaner or degreaser. Search for an affordable brand but effective. 

If this doesn’t work, consider dipping it back into the boiling water and leave it for 10 minutes or so to heat it back up.


4. Prepare Your Reaction Rod or Barrel Vise

Either of these devices is needed to clamp your barrels lightly and hold them in place. It will prevent excess torque loading up on the barrel’s extension pin in your AR upper receiver. 

Slide the reaction rod on the receiver and lock it into the barrel vise.

If you don’t have one of these devices, skip this step. Another way is to use a screw for clamping.

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5. Wrench It Off

Using a 12’’ crescent wrench, twist the adhesive by hand. You need a bit more strength to remove the adhesive. Do this while the stuff is still hot for easier removal. 

Using a brass cleaning solution, clean the threads. Pick out all remaining adhesive stuff. 

One more thing. Run dry patches down the barrel, threads, and bore a few times, then rub them with lube.


There are a lot of top thread lockers [1] that you can choose from, including tap, die, or liquid. You can use Blue Loctite or Red Loctite. Locking agents come in different kinds- “removable”, “permanent”,  and “low-strength” compositions. Whatever you search or choose is a matter of personal preference.

You may. Some people have tried using a blowtorch to an AAC muzzle brake to remove the locking agent. The torch will heat up the adhesive, but if it doesn’t work, try boiling it instead and follow the steps we outlined above.

So, How Do I Remove Rocksett Safely?

Rocksett has a good thread locking strength comparable to a Blue Loctite. A few drops are all you need to make it work. Like a die or a tap, it isn’t permanent, so you can remove it when you need to. You don’t need much luck to do this, just patience, time, and effort. 

There is no perfect way to remove this agent safely and quickly. You can read and search details from any online forum, app, or member discussion. Nevertheless, as we have tried all these steps, we found out that these are the easiest and the most effective.



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