How to Buy a Gun in Michigan (2022 UPDATED) Full Guide

How To Buy A Gun In Michigan
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Gun violence is very alarming. That is why Michigan State Gun Laws are being thorough with individuals wanting to purchase a pistol.

Depending on the type of gun you want to own, there are different processes in learning how to buy a gun in Michigan. Find out how you can qualify for a handgun or a long one.

The State of Michigan is one of the places very concerned about the growing number of deaths caused by gun violence. That is why state and federal laws are being reinforced and amended to make Michigan safer. The court ruled that there are different laws between handguns and long firearms. 

It is much easier to acquire a state permit to open carry for the latter. If you pass the background checks, you can open carry or carry a concealed pistol as long as you have your purchase license and are not in school districts.

Buying A Gun in Michigan

8 Steps to Follow

8 Steps to Follow

1. Meet The Age Requirements

To purchase a pistol, you must be at least 18 years of age if you are buying from a private seller. However, you need to be 21 years or above to buy from a federal firearms licensed dealer. 

2. Find The Type Of Firearm You Like

Getting information about the specification of the gun you wish to own is best before buying it. You can choose anything from the gun shop despite the right to bear arms except for assault weapons like machine guns, stun guns, and short-barreled shotguns. 

You can also pick something you can bring in the target shooting area, which you can open carry, or something that can be a concealed weapon. 

3. Obtain A Purchasing Permit (Private Sellers)

If you are not buying from a Federal Firearm Licensed (FFL) dealer, you must secure a purchasing permit from your local police agency. If you have a Concealed Pistol License (CPL), you do not need to acquire a RI-60 and LTP that has validity for 30-days, as amended last December 18, 2012. You would need a valid photo ID before you are given this permit.

4. Pass The Background Check

It is a requirement to conduct background checks on any Michigan resident who wants to purchase a gun. The background check is mainly to verify your mental health and your criminal records. It usually takes 24 hours before it is completed. 

You will be taking an oath before a notary public that you will comply with Michigan Laws and other federal laws. You can check it out at the Michigan State Police website at

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5. Get Your Permit From The Police Station

Passing the background check will provide you with the purchase permit the day after your application at the police station. They will give a triplicate copy of the Pistol Sales Record (PSR) for both the buyer and the seller and the law enforcement office. 

This is an important document, so do not lose it. 

6. Obtain A PSR (If You Bought From AN FFL Seller)

If you are buying from an FFL, a PSR is required. You need to obtain the dealer’s identification number and place it on the PSR together with all other pertinent information about you and the pistol. 

The Basic Pistol Safety Questionnaire is no longer required. After completing this, you should submit a copy to your local police department. 

7. Use The Permit & Buy Your Firearm

You can now use your PSR since this is valid for 30 days. Make sure that you have your seller sign the paper and provide the Federally Licensed Dealer a copy. Keep one for yourself based on Michigan’s gun laws, and keep the third one for the law enforcement agency. 

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8. Return One Copy of PSR & Permit, If Applicable

The third copy of the triplicate will be for the local police department. You need to submit it to them, where they will encode it in their database as per gun laws and a ruling issued by the Michigan Supreme Court. They will then send the papers to this address:

Firearms Records Unit

Michigan State Police

PO Box 30634

Lansing, MI


Who Cannot Buy A Gun in Michigan?

Anyone below 18 cannot buy a gun anywhere in the US, a convicted felon, and individuals with mental illness, whether inpatient or outpatient setting, per Federal Law. The lawmakers in Michigan have introduced legislation that will allow judges to issue an “extreme risk protection order” to individuals posing an extreme risk. 

People deemed legally incapacitated under state law include those under a court order of involuntary commitment due to mental illness.

Who Cannot Buy A Gun in Michigan


Yes, a gun dealer can delay or refuse a long gun purchase in Michigan if the buyer makes a statement. The buyer is also barred from buying a rifle because of conviction of a crime or mental issues and involuntary mental health treatment concerns.

Michigan Law does not require Michigan residents to secure a permit when buying long guns. This is the reason that these types are not used in crimes.

No, you do not need to bring your handgun to a police station for a safety inspection after you purchase it based on the Michigan Court ruling.

So, How Do You Buy A Gun In Michigan?

You need to be 18 years old to begin your application when buying a gun in Michigan. Michigan has a reasonable process, and the Michigan Legislature [1] has tried its best to keep its local unit safe from violence and mass shooters. CPL holders have other responsibilities such as renewals, and you can check with the County Clerk’s Office for additional information. 

We suggest seeking legal advice if you want a Michigan license to bring a concealed handgun on school property since these are not included in the concealed carry weapon permit. You can also ask them about non-resident permits and firearm registration if you still have questions left unanswered.



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