How to Buy a Gun in Missouri (2022 UPDATED) Things to Know

How To Buy A Gun In Missouri
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Bringing a gun anywhere in Missouri is legal because Missouri Gun Laws does not have a lot of concealed carry restrictions. You only need to go through a few steps when learning how to buy a gun in Missouri.

Find out more about possessing firearms in Missouri, read through, and see if you can own one now.   

6 Simple Steps on How To Buy A Gun in Missouri

1. Prepare All The Necessary Required Documents. 

You need a government-issued photo ID stating your current address. There are no other needed requirements unless you apply for a concealed carry permit once you already bought the gun. A gun owner can carry firearms in a concealed manner anywhere in Missouri but would be needing a permit if traveling. 

2. Find A Licensed Dealer

It is easy to find a licensed dealer online, and you may inquire ahead to make sure they have the gun you wish to own. Take note that you are off-limits to assault weapons, but you can purchase long guns for defense or hunting purposes.

3. Fill Out A Background Check Application

You need to fill the form with matching information found on your ID in front of your dealer. There are a series of questions asking about crimes that you may be mixed up with. All information provided should be truthful, or else a felony crime will be filed against you.

4. Pass the Background Check

The usual processing for firearm purchase takes a couple of minutes unless something comes up, but the seller will inform you if you need to wait. The Federal Law requires this, and acquiring a gun without passing this is a crime punishable by Missouri Gun Law. 

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5. Get Your Background Check Result

  1. Via Electronic

There is also an electronic service available 24-hours a day. If you are approved and want to bring it with you if you travel, you may seek legal advice regarding concealed carry laws or the local authorities. 

  1. Via Phone

If you need to wait, you have an option to call by phone within the 17-hours provided time the entire week. This will be the same time frame if you purchase firearms in a private sale. 

6. Buy The Gun & Take It Home

Once you pass the background check, you can take your firearm home. Open carrying firearms are not allowed. You won’t need a permit to carry unless you bring your firearm to another state, but it has to be concealed after purchasing firearms.

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Who Cannot Purchase A Gun?

The Federal Law of the United States of America prohibits these individuals from carrying firearms. Missouri Gun Laws do not issue a concealed carry permit or any approval for these certain individuals:

  • If you are a convicted felon or a fugitive of justice.
  • Drug addiction or unlawful use of a controlled substance
  • Kept in a mental institution after being deemed as mentally defective
  • Former Armed Forces who was discharged under dishonorable conditions
  • Has records of domestic violence
Who Cannot Purchase A Gun?


Yes, you can make an online purchase in Missouri based on its gun laws. It will be shipped to your local Federal Firearms License FFL [1] dealer, where you will show your Driver’s license as proof of residency and then pass the background check.

Yes, non-residents can open-carry guns provided they are above 18 and are not carrying assault weapons without a permit. Manufacturing and using these are charged with a felony. They are also provided with permits for a concealable firearm, provided they are law enforcement or veterans.

No. Private sellers do not conduct background checks in Missouri. One can legally possess guns as long as one is not convicted of any crime. Missouri gun laws only prohibit assault guns such as machine guns, semi-automatic guns, and shotguns.

Eighteen-year-old individuals can be one of the gun owners in Missouri and open carry in certain areas or apply to conceal-carry. They can get concealed carry endorsement from the local sheriff after completing the firearms training course and paying fees.

Final Thoughts On Buying A Gun In Missouri

There is a divided opinion regarding Missouri Gun Laws. A couple of these gives people easy access to owning a firearm, even if they carry a concealed weapon without a permit, as long as it is kept in a passenger compartment of a motor vehicle. Minors are even protected if they are in premises owned and are caught with concealed weapons.

Although Missouri law has a different approach on a concealed handgun inside a building owned by a Missouri Department, the implementation is still somehow alarming. However, if you want to have your firearm, follow the steps provided, and you should have your own soon enough.



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