Can You Get Paid To Hunt Hogs?

Can You Get Paid To Hunt Hogs
Alfred Mendoza

Hunting has become a billion-dollar industry. Most states in the United States have many superstores that provide a wide range of hunting and fishing gear for avid outdoorsmen and women. However, while most hunters hunt for fun and relaxation, many make a livelihood as predator hunters or hunting guides, and others find lucrative short-term hunting income to complement their long-term hunting plans.

Based on Michigan hunting guides, a weekend of hunting in Michigan’s private hunting areas may cost a significant amount. According to the season, target species, number of days, and lodging, some hunting guides charge anything from $800 to $900 weekly.

Some websites analyze the cost of hunting different species in different states, with the cheapest being under $200 and the most expensive being $20,000 or more.

If you own suitable hunting territory or can negotiate with a landowner, you can start your own private guiding business using the skills you already have. A different option is to become a guide for a hunting or safari company. Consider enrolling in a guiding school to learn how to assist other hunters.

Finding out how to hunt hogs for a living is as simple as mastering the method.

Do your homework first. Find out which states allow hog hunting on private or public land — or both — and which don’t before you do anything else.

The knowledge you get from this article may help you avoid legal issues in the future. After gaining the necessary knowledge, you’ll need the ability to track pigs as your first skill. If you want to make money hog hunting, you’ll need to be able to recognize and follow the presence of a hog

pig hunting

Identify the best times and places to hunt pigs by learning how to track them. Each one of these is critical; there’s no doubt about it. Seasons, locations, and techniques matter when it comes to wild pig hunting. In whatever you do, keep an eye out for hogs and try to stay one step ahead of them.

As a result of the foregoing, becoming an effective hog hunter necessitates a thorough knowledge base. Below are just some of the income-generating sides of the hog hunting industry:

Processing and Keeping Hides

Fur and skins can be sold after a good hunt, even if the complete animal meat and the by-products aren’t sold. Garments and other things are made from pig products by traders and organizations.

Preparation of the skin can be done by either you or a third party. Due to the fact that most organizations will not purchase raw animal skin, hides came to surface the hunting industry.

Coaching in Hog Hunting

If you’re an experienced hog hunter, be aware that newcomers could benefit from your insights. There is a less time-consuming alternative to providing one-on-one instruction to everyone who displays an interest.

Make a video of the entire hunt and upload it on YouTube, or write a blog post on how to go hog hunting. In addition, you can publish an e-book or offer an online course. Regardless of the method you choose, you will almost certainly be reimbursed and be able to earn an additional income as a result. The opportunities are virtually limitless, as is the potential financial gain from them.

Commissioned Hog Hunting by the State

There are sets of laws in place to reduce the population of some animals that are considered pests by the government.

While shooting hogs has long been lawful, the hog population has exploded to the point where the government has instituted a bounty on the animals. Local governments in some areas are willing to pay for each set of ears that are provided. The amount of money the prizes bring in is governed by the program’s scope.

Apply for a share of any local bounty hunts by contacting your state’s fish and wildlife department.

Hog Hunting

Set Trophies Up for Sale

People who hunt with an eye toward the environment make an effort to make the most of the animals they kill. There are occasions when selling your trophies’ hides to manufacturers for apparel or other purposes can win you a substantial profit. You’ll be required to process a hide by a local taxidermist or your state’s trapping association before selling your fur in most markets. Get in touch with your local fish and wildlife agency to find out more about hunting and trapping regulations in your state.

Making a Channel for Hunting Vlogs and Blogs

Hunting is often a part-time or full-time job for many people these days because of the economy. Since they only have limited time to hunt, they want to be well-informed about the subject to enhance their chances of locating a trophy. Use the footage from a hunt to create online content.

While writing a blog about your hunting experiences and advising your readers on how to have a successful hunt may be out of your skillset, try using audio-video production as a backup option. You can earn money by penning paid freelancing articles for various outdoor publications about your hunting exploits. 


Make sure to document everything that happens to you, from your journey to your rewards, using photos. They’ll raise the piece’s resale value, and some publishers will charge more for them.

In Conclusion

Wait until you see what wild hogs can generate each year if you thought rabbits could reproduce quickly. Because of hogs’ fast reproduction, the state of Michigan has resorted to increasingly unusual yet legalized hunting methods.

Hogs have long been considered a threat to crops, farm animals, and even game because they are disease carriers. They can spread lice, fleas, ticks, and other diseases to humans and animals by pests such as intestinal and pulmonary diseases. Because of these things, it’s easy to conclude that allowing them to be free and uncontrolled in the wild can cause problems in the overall ecosystem. That’s one of the many reasons why states allow seasonal hunting, not just in hogs, but for other wild animals, too!

To hunt hogs for a living, you must be well-versed in the dangers or possible hazards of the sport or activity beforehand.

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