10 Best Night Vision Crossbow Scopes (2023) Don’t Miss Out

Best Night Vision Cross Bow Scope
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If you’re a night hunter, having the best night vision crossbow scope is a definite must-have. However, with the overflowing crossbow scope options in the market today, it’s challenging to just choose one without knowing its capabilities and features. If you’re determined to buy one but too scared to decide just yet, we have listed the best candidates for you. 

Read this first, so you won’t regret anything in the end.





ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Edition

ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Edition


Firefield 3×42 Gen 1

Firefield 3x42 Gen 1

1. ATN ThOR 4

The ATN ThOR 4 Rifle Scope is one of the best night vision crossbow scopes that features revolutionary thermal imaging technology. It offers one-shot zeroing, an integrated laser range finder, and recoil-activated video features.

With this thermal scope, you can record your hunting escapades while streaming. It also features an ergonomic scope design that makes it easier to find and use its controls. With its smart thermal technology, you can hit more shots with its high-definition images.

It comes with a 1.25 – 5 x magnification, a 19mm lens diameter, and a 384×288 pixel resolution. This cross brow scope also offers multiple reticles and five brightness settings.  It has a wide field of view, a distance detection of 750m, and a 5m to infinity focus distance.




2. ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Edition

The ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Edition Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope is a high-resolution digital night vision rifle scope that works in all light conditions. It features a 4K ultra HD sensor with a dual-core processor that records and streams video simultaneously. It also features a recoil activation technology that instantly records video. 

This ATN X-Sight 4K Pro digital night vision riflescope mounts with standard 30mm riflescope rings. It also boasts an 18-hour long battery life, perfect for day and night hunting escapades. You can turn your day scope into a night vision scope with IR light using a single button.  

This beginner-friendly scope also features a one-shot zero feature, rangefinder, and ballistic calculator that enables shooters to spot and shoot their targets easily.

ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Edition



3. Firefield 3x42 Gen 1

The Firefield Gen 1 Night Vision Rifle Scope comes with a duplex reticle and a built-in IR illuminator that enhances image quality even in total darkness. These features also increase its viewing distance and 3x magnification, perfect for day and night crossbow hunting.  

This smart day/night rifle scope also features a quick-detach weaver mounting system. This system makes it easier to switch to iron sights or optics while maintaining the scope’s return-to-zero reliability.  

This weatherproof night vision scope has an illuminated red duplex reticle that quickly allows the shooter to adapt to their surrounding environment. This reticle has an incremental brightness adjustment, too. It also comes with a heavy-duty, lightweight titanium body for its optimum durability and reliability.

Firefield 3x42 Gen 1



4.Sightmark Wraith HD Digital Riflescope

The Sightmark Wraith HD Digital Riflescope is also one of the best night vision scopes for crossbows that provides an advanced 1920 x 1080p HD video recording/photos sensor. It also offers full-color clarity during daytime and nighttime hunting sprees. It comes with revolutionary ten reticles and nine color options to cater to your needs.  

This night vision scope comes with a color mode for daytime hunting, black and white, or just the classic green for nighttime shooting. Furthermore, it comes with a removable 850nm IR Illuminator along with a 200-yard detection range.

Sightmark Wraith HD Digital Riflescope



5. Bestsight DIY Digital Scope

The Bestsight DIY Scope is also one of the best night vision crossbow scopes with a 5W infrared illuminator with an adjustable focusing range. If you hunt at 15 yards, you won’t even need to use the infrared illuminator when observing a target. Its night vision camera offers four sharpness adjustment methods. You can choose oscilloscope magnification, oscilloscope dioptre, oscilloscope focus, and camera focus.  

This smart day/night rifle scope also comes with a camera with a 3MP lens, 16MM pixels, and wide field of view, providing a better and clearer imaging effect. If you hunt from a distance of more than 100 yards, you may use a small beam or spotlight for a better imaging quality view.

Bestsight DIY Digital Scope



6. Sightmark Photon RT 4.5-9x42S

The Sightmark Photon RT 4.5-9x42S Digital Night Vision Riflescope is also one of the best night vision crossbow scopes. It features an upgraded 768×576 CMOS sensor with a 40% higher resolution. It also comes with a built-in video and sound recording, 640×480 LCD, and integrated Wi-Fi feature via Stream Vision App. 

This Photon RT digital night vision scope also comes with 2x digital zoom features and a built-in IR illuminator. These features allow hunters and hunters to sight their targets for up to 280 yards away in low-light conditions.  We’ve also seen this feature in the Sightmark Ultra-Shot M-spec

This night vision rifle scope provides six reticle options with four various colors. It also comes with a Wi-Fi remote view via Pulsar Stream Vision and a one-shot zero function. This IP55 water-resistant riflescope also offers an additional weaver rail and a micro-USB power input that perfectly works with power banks.

Sightmark Photon RT 4.5-9x42S



7. Yukon NVRS Titanium

The Yukon NVRS Titanium is a night vision crossbow scope that features a durable titanium body, enhanced optics, and an ergonomic design to provide more comfort. This scope also accommodates the broadest range of rifles, including crossbow and bolt action styles. This night vision scope has a detection range for up to 220 yards and a recognition range of up to 120 yards. 

This 2.5x Gen 1 night vision scope provides higher resolution and light gathering capabilities with its powerful 50-Millimeter lens. It also comes with flip-up lens covers to protect its and illuminated red-on-green duplex reticle and high-quality multi-coated optics.  

It also provides a built-in Pulse infrared illuminator that increases range and enhances image brightness in total darkness. The Yukon NVRS Titanium rifle scope also features a highly-accurate 1/2 MOA per click windage and elevation adjustment. It has 7 yards to infinity focus range.

Yukon NVRS Titanium



8. ATN Aries Mk.390

The ATN Aries Mk.390 is also one of the best night vision scopes for crossbows. It features improved optical configurations, lowering its F-stop factor and increasing its optical resolution. More light travels through its lens to the tube with improved configurations, providing a better resolution, brighter and sharper image quality. 

This crossbow scope also features a precision “Red on Green” aiming system. This system provides a crossbow reticle brightness adjustment, a detachable 450 mW infrared Illuminator, and a 4x magnification. This Generation 1 scope easily mounts onto any US standard weaver or Picatinny rail.

ATN Aries Mk.390



9. Night Owl Optics NightShot

The Night Owl Optics NightShot is an affordable and lightweight night vision crossbow scope. It features a polymer construction, 3x magnification, and a 52mm focal length. This scope easily mounts on weaver mounts or Picatinny rail and has a flat spot on one of its cross-bolts. 

This crossbow Nightshot scope features a 3m to infinity focusing distance and an optional or separately purchased IR850-NS IR Illuminator. Hunters may choose between its three different reticle types that can be configured in white or black. This night vision scope uses four AA batteries that may last up to four hours of battery life when used with a high IR illuminator.

Night Owl Optics NightShot



10. Pulsar Trail LRF

The Pulsar Trail LRF Thermal Riflescope is also one of the best night vision crossbow scopes that features thermal technology and an integrated laser range finder. These special features capture and display target distances accurately when used within ±1 m or up to 1000 meters. 

The scope’s laser rangefinder takes measurements in Single Time Measurement and Scanning modes, allowing the shooter to adjust quickly to change distances for better shot placement. This fully waterproof IPX7 rifle scope for crossbow also comes with a heat detection feature that works up to 1475 yards away. 

It has a 384×288 sensor and a variable 2.1-8.4x magnification that provides a wide field of view and quicker target acquisition, similar to the Pulsar Helion XP50. And lastly, it comes with thirteen useful variable electronic reticles for repeatable and more accurate performance.

Pulsar Trail LRF



Night Vision Scope for Crossbows: Key Considerations

things to consider

In this buying guide, we will help you choose the best crossbow scope.

Magnification Range 

When buying a night vision crossbow scope, we suggest that you consider its magnification range first. Determine the lens and zooming capability of the night vision device. Whether you’re online window shopping or going around from one shop to the other, you must always pay attention to the magnification range indicated in the device’s description.  

It’s best to get high magnification ranges, but you need to be careful not to get too high magnification ranges. Remember, extra high magnification may affect the quality of the images, resulting in image distortion. You may opt for a night scope that offers a 2x up to 10x magnification range, depending on the range you aim to hunt for using the scope for your crossbow. 

Size of Objective Lens 

The scope’s objective lens’s size equally matters, too, as it indicates your targets’ clarity and vividness. However, you need to understand that your scope’s lens diameter and its magnification range go hand in hand. 

The objective lens is the light-gathering lens at the front of the scope. The larger the diameter of the objective lens, the more light will be admitted into the scope. This results in a larger exit pupil with a brighter image.   

Most night vision riflescopes have objective lens diameters from 32mm to 44mm. These provide a good balance between light-gathering capability, cost, and image quality. Such riflescopes are relatively lightweight and easy to mount on most rifles. For many hunting applications, such riflescopes are an excellent choice. [1

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Price Tag 

When looking for the best night vision scope, we recommend determining your budget range first. There are tons of night vision scopes on the market, so it would be challenging to focus on just a few. However, having a target budget may reduce your number of choices, making it easier to select the best scope for your crossbow.  

Although you need to stick to a budget, you must also remember that the scope’s features, like generous eye relief, are equally important. Do not ever sacrifice the quality of your scope for crossbow just because you want to have a more affordable scope. We always suggest that you weigh your options properly to avoid regretting them in the end.

Lens Quality

The quality of the scope’s lens must also be considered when buying night vision scopes, especially when you aim to hunt at night. As lenses gather the light for your night vision scopes, a low-quality lens may provide a blurry image when hunting. Some lenses may work excellently during the day. Still, when used in low light conditions or environments with poor lighting, it won’t give you high-quality images. 

Hence, we suggest that you get a high-quality lens for your scopes. See to it that it has high-grade lens coatings to protect it from harsh weather conditions, like nitrogen-filled lenses. These types of lenses maintain excellent quality images even when faced with fog, mist, and water.

lens quality


Durability is also an important factor that must help you determine the scope that best suits your night hunting. The quality of the materials used in the night vision scopes’ lenses, tubes, and bodies will determine how long the scope would last.  

Durable scopes may not exactly last forever, but they will last longer compared to scopes with low-quality materials. Durable materials are usually made with aluminum alloys and high-grade titanium properties. These materials are durable and lightweight and impact-resistant, rustproof, waterproof, weatherproof, and shockproof to ensure a long life span. 

Any Special Features?

We also recommend that you check out the special features of the night vision crossbow scope that you intend to buy. Most scopes are almost the same but typically differ when it comes to the special features they offer. Don’t just focus on any downside, but its features.

We suggest that you find a scope that features excellent night vision capabilities, an IR illuminator, a ballistic calculator, generous eye relief, and multiple reticles and colors. Some scopes even offer free accessories such as lens covers, cases, and straps when bought.


Our research says that you should zero in your crossbow at 20 yards. To sight in your target at exactly 20 yards, use the top horizontal line or dot. You may even test-fire it to determine whether you have correctly sighted in the above distance. Carefully adjust your windage and elevation to hit your bull’s eye.

According to archery experts, you can leave your crossbow loaded for a maximum of 24 hours. It’s perfectly safe to leave your crossbow cocked for a few hours to relax. However, extending past the 24-hour time may cause stress on its firing mechanism, string, limbs, and cable, increasing its chances of having a limb repair.

The main difference between a crossbow scope and a rifle scope lies in their ranges. Based on our team of expert’s research, riflescopes are designed for longer distances than crossbow scopes. Riflescopes can target up to 100 yards and beyond, while crossbow scopes are usually useful for short ranges of 20 to 50 yards.

And the Best NV Cross Bow Scope is...

Based on our research and test fires, the best night vision crossbow scope is the ATN ThOR 4 Rifle Scope. It features a revolutionary thermal imaging technology, one-shot zeroing, integrated laser distance finder, and recoil-activated video. These features will enhance your day and night shooting sprees. 

We also liked how this thermal scope offered recording and streaming capabilities that could be done simultaneously. We also find its ergonomic design impressive. It made using this scope easier because of its easy-to-use controls. This crossbow scope also provides high definition images using its 1.25 – 5 x magnification, a 19mm lens diameter, and a 384×288 pixel resolution.


Our #1 Recommendation


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