10 Best Cheap Night Vision Goggles (2023) Do Not Overpay

Best Cheap Night Vision Goggles
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When the sun goes down, another world of exciting adventures opens, too. It’s crucial for night hunters and shooters to see at night, so finding the best night vision goggles is inevitable. But if you’re a smart hunter, which night vision goggles will you choose? Well, our team of experts found the best budget night vision goggles and their unique features, so you don’t have to worry.


Night Owl Optics Explorer Pro

Night Owl Optics Explorer Pro


Barska Night Vision NVX300

Barska Night Vision NVX300


Stealth Cam Digital Night Vision

Stealth Cam Digital Night Vision

1. Night Owl Optics Explorer Pro

Night Owl Optics Explorer Pro is one of the best affordable night vision goggles. It features a manual focus optic design with a 5x magnification and 50mm objective lens diameter. This digital binocular night vision also features an adjustable central focusing mechanism wheel that allows for quick and easy focusing of both objective lenses.  

It requires a 3-volt type CR123 lithium battery that lasts from 40 to 80 hours, depending on its infrared usage. It also comes with a built-in infrared columnated illuminator. Furthermore, it features two high-quality Gen 1 system image intensifier tubes and objective and ocular lenses constructed of high-quality all-glass optics. And lastly, it has a soft-touch rubberized finish and impact-resistant molded thermoplastic lens housings.

Night Owl Optics Explorer Pro



2. Barska Night Vision NVX300

The Barska Night Vision NVX300 is also a cheap night vision goggle that features a 7x fixed magnification level and a 20mm objective lens diameter. It has a generous eye relief,  zoom function, and a central focus system that allow you to see in the dark. 

It uses easy-to-purchase double A batteries that can stay up to one year of battery life. Moreover, these night vision binoculars provide 640 pixels by 480 pixels output resolution and an SD card that stores recorded footage like videos or images.

Barska Night Vision NVX300



3. Stealth Cam Digital Night Vision

The Stealth Cam Digital Night Vision is a budget night vision goggle with a digital zoom with fixed lens magnification and a double magnification system. It also features a wide field of view, generous eye relief, and an electronic viewfinder for easier and faster subject detection.  

This night vision scope boasts a compact size and a LED illuminator system. This hunting device also provides up to ten years of battery life at the lowest setting but can be reduced to six hours when used with its night view. You can achieve a minimum focus range of 110 yards during nighttime and up to 440 yards during the daytime.

Stealth Cam Digital Night Vision



4. Nightfox Swift Night Vision Goggles

Nightfox Swift Night Vision Goggles are small and user-friendly night vision binoculars with pre-equipped head mount gear. Its head gear helps users use it hands-free without any trouble. It also features an adjustable screen brightness to keep every shooter’s position hidden at all times. It has a digital IR illuminator and magnification 1x.  

Furthermore, the Nightfox Swift pair of night vision comes with a single Li-ion rechargeable battery instead of optimizing standard removable batteries. Its battery type can give you at least three hours of continuous battery usage. It also features a 2x digital zoom with a 75-yard viewing distance.

Nightfox Swift Night Vision Goggles



5. JStoon Night Vision Goggles

JStoon Night Vision Goggles is also one of the best budget night vision goggles that features a 960p resolution, a 25mm objective lens diameter, and a magnification 1x. These Gen 1 night vision goggles use six double-A batteries lasting up to 17 hours when used in daylight mode and six hours when used during nighttime. 

This military-grade equipment features a huge 2.31-inch viewing screen that relieves your every hunting session. It also features HD resolution images and video recordings with an overall 1280 x 960 lp mm resolution screen. Lastly, it comes with a digital infrared system, offering a 300m range with 4x digital zoom.

JStoon Night Vision Goggles



6. Coolife Night Vision Goggles

Coolife Night Vision Goggles is another cheap night vision scope that provides a built-in 850NM LED IR illuminator with seven adjustable IR illumination levels. These NV goggles also come with a 4X Digital Zoom and a 2.31-inch TFT screen that swiftly captures an HD photo or video featuring 1280 X 960 lp mm. 

Coolife NV goggles also come with a CMOS sensor and a 25mm objective lens diameter that provides excellent optical clarity. It also comes with an Optical Zoom for the best focal length for your perfect observation distance.

Coolife Night Vision Goggles



7. SOLOMARK Night Vision

SOLOMARK Night Vision is also a cheap night vision goggles that magnify objects day and night up to 7x magnification levels. These NV goggles also feature the ability to take videos and pictures and store them in an included 4GB micro SD card. They also make you able to see even in the dark with their automatic brightness control.  

SOLOMARK NV goggles also come with a CMOS sensor for easier and better magnification and excellent image quality. It also comes with a 2” TFT display screen, a 3.5-7x optical zoom, and a 2x digital zoom for a better viewing range.

SOLOMARK Night Vision



8. CREATIVE XP Digital Night Vision

The CreativeXP Digital Night Vision is another budget night vision goggles that are an excellent alternative for a night vision binocular. It features an optical zooming capability, depth perception, and magnification that allows shooters to observe at a 1300 ft range. 

Furthermore, this device is also IPX4 rated and waterproof, making it useful even during rainy or foggy atmospheres of the rain-forests. IT also comes with an 850nm wavelength of the no-glow infrared illuminator, featuring smooth images even in total darkness. It comes with a 4” LCD and a manual focus system for easier target locking.

CREATIVE XP Digital Night Vision



9. BOOVV Night Vision

The BOOVV Night Vision is a cheap night vision binocular that detects 850 nm wavelength, giving a progressive vision in the dark beyond any binoculars or standard NV goggles. It also features a 20mm objective lens diameter and digital zoom 4x magnification power.

This GEN 1 night vision device also features 1280×960 lp mm for video and photo recording. It also comes with a manual focus option for better overall focus points of an image. BOOVV Night Vision also has an intuitive control, a 32 GB memory card, standard six AA batteries, and a carrying case.

BOOVV Night Vision



10. JZBRAIN Night Vision

JZBRAIN Night Vision is also a budget night vision binocular that lets shooters watch and record footage of targets up to 1000 feet range in absolute darkness. You can use this device continuously for several hours using 6×1.5v AA batteries.  

It also comes with a 24mm objective lens diameter and a switchable seven IR illumination levels, and a manual focus to get a crisp, clear image or video. This Night Vision Binoculars also come with a 2.31” HD TFT screen, providing high-quality sight pictures that even shooters with glasses can see. Lastly, it has an optical viewfinder, a fully multi-coated all-optical system with a video camera, and a 4X digital zoom.

JZBRAIN Night Vision



Buying Considerations

things to consider

What’s the Price Range?

When we decided to look for the best night vision goggles, we considered the money we were willing to spend. Often, night vision goggles and NV scope attachments have a relatively more expensive price tag than standard binoculars, since it requires superior optical construction and optics.  

If you want to buy affordable NV goggles, we suggest that you canvass different brands first. You may directly go to their physical store or just check out their official websites for your consideration. If you’re a little strapped for cash, you may also opt to make your own NV goggles

Night Vision Generations

Night Vision technology has four generations that indicate the scopes’ level of performance and capability. 

Gen 1

The Gen 1 goggles were the most affordable and most popular. They were first used in the Vietnam war, proving that they are sturdy enough to withstand a war. However, compared to the other generations, Gen 1 features a lower resolution and a lower detection range with only about 100 yards.  

Gen 2 

Generation 2 night vision goggles generally have higher image resolution. They are an improved version of the Gen 1 night vision technology. Gen 2 features an improved photocathode, producing brighter images with less distortion around the edges. 

Gen 2 goggles also generate brighter images even in low light conditions. They feature a longer detection range of more than 200 yards and longer battery life. 

Gen 3

Generation 3 night vision technology is more advanced than Gen 2, like having an infinity focus range. Besides having an infinity focus range, it also provides excellent resolution and video and image quality in different light conditions. 

Night vision Generation 3 night goggles also feature auto-gating technology, maintaining larger and clearer viewing quality in areas with artificial light. They also have a longer battery life than Gen 2, making them the standard choice in the military. However, they also cost more because of their more advanced technology.    

Gen 4

Some products are marketed as Gen 4 night vision technology. They can be either an advancement on Genation 3 or based on the Gen 4 specifications that existed for a short time before being retroactively removed as a standard by the military [1]. 

We have discovered that Gen 4 goggles are usually used as a marketing term for most NV companies that want to hype their goggles. Although Gen 4 has higher image quality and resolution than the Generation 3 night vision system. It doesn’t last long as Gen 3 NV goggles and don’t generally use AAA batteries.

IR Illuminator

It is also advisable that you find a digital night vision goggle that features built-in IR illuminators or what others usually claim as an invisible “flashlight.”

IR illuminators produce a beam that can only be seen through night-vision goggles, making night vision devices more useful during nighttime.

However, it’s also important to note that IR illuminators use power, so your NV’s battery might be drained easier when it is used.

ir illuminator

Field of View 

The field of view of your NV goggles is equally important because it generally determines the area that shooters can observe simultaneously. Therefore, we suggest that you get a digital night vision scope that features at least a 40-degree field of view, especially when you plan to use them to observe large swaths. Binoculars provide a wider field of view and depth perception than monoculars. However, monoculars typically use a head mount system for hands-free use. 

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Night vision goggles need to be sturdy, waterproof, fog-proof, and shockproof because they are usually used for combat and forest night hunting. We suggest that you get a night vision goggle made of durable materials that can withstand shocks and mishandling. Look for scopes that are made of aluminum alloy and other sturdy materials. 

Video Recording 

Most NV goggles feature photo and video recording. However, you need to determine the quality of their video recording. If you are unfortunate, you may get some that record videos but don’t come with sounds. Some NV systems come with a built-in video recording that can even take high-quality pictures.


Yes, night vision goggles are legal to own in the United States. However, citizens are reprimanded for taking these night vision devices out of the country. It is also illegal to own one when you’re a non-US citizen. 

The International Traffic in Arms Regulations or ITAR ensures that thermal and night vision goggles will never fall into our enemies’ hands. It’s also important to note that California is the only state prohibiting any attachment or sniper scopes.

Unfortunately, NV goggles do not work in total darkness because they use natural ambient light, typically from the stars and the moon, to create an image. However, these night vision devices will not work effectively in total darkness or even during cloudy nights.

And Our #1 Affordable NV Goggle is...

Our team unanimously chooses Night Owl Optics Explorer Pro as the most affordable NV goggle that lets shooters see in the dark. It features a manual focus optic design and an adjustable central focusing mechanism wheel for quicker and easier focusing and target locking.  

Its battery life lasts up to 80 hours, and it also comes with a built-in infrared illuminator for a clear night view.  Furthermore, it features impact-resistant molded thermoplastic lens housings and a soft-touch rubberized finish for a solid grip.

Night Owl Optics Explorer Pro

Our #1 Recommendation

Night Owl Optics Explorer Pro

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