How Often Should You Clean Your Gun? Your Practical Guide

How Often Should You Clean Your Gun
Alfred Mendoza

To keep your firearm working in top condition, cleaning and maintaining your gun will help a lot.  Just like any other machine, guns need maintenance for them to be functional and reliable.

In this post, we will guide you with how often you should clean your gun for your next maintenance season.

When you fire ammo in your weapon, corrosive ammunition leaves traces of carbon that will build up over time. Another thing is rust that is one big concern for firearm owners with many metal pieces that may affect your shot. 

There is no standard timeline and short answer on when you should do your weapon cleaning routine.

However, it would be best if you cleaned it with a bore brush after every use for the proper preservation of your weapon. Even if you are using weapons for practice sessions at a shooting range, you may need to clean it right away.

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Should You Oil Your Gun?

Yes, it would help if you oiled your gun. Since it has metal components that create friction, without lubricant, a shot may malfunction when you fire a bullet. It is best to lubricate your weapon after you clean it in preparation for your next shooting session. 

When in intense range sessions, your weapon will be extremely dirty, especially when used on a fairly regular basis with corrosive ammo. It is a good thing to maintain your gun oil once a week. Our team suggests oiling your firearm at least once or twice a month if you carry it and do not use it.

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Best Products to Use For Cleaning

Gun owners who are very hands-on regarding maintenance may have their gun cleaning kits and a field strip.

Proper maintenance includes using products that will help with the gun’s performance. 

Your weapons can use a few patches from a patch holder to clean them. This holder is needed to apply lubricant to your rifle barrel. 

You can use a lubricant cleaner to avoid any damaging elements on your weapon.

In deep cleaning of your barrel, you may use a bore brush and cleaning rod.

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Different Types of Firearms: Frequency of Cleaning

Types of Firearms

Old Firearms

An old firearm should be cleaned after every use, especially when shooting corrosive ammunition. Never store your old weapon without having it cleaned, as the corrosive residue will damage the insides of your weapon. After every use, good maintenance may increase weapons’ life span. 

New Firearms

If your firearms are new, you still need to clean them frequently. Remember that you will not be worried about the rust and moisture if you clean yours after every use. You can opt to clean it after 2000 rounds are fired if it hassles you to clean it after every use. 

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Defensive Firearms

If you own a self-defense weapon, you might want to frequently clean them even if you don’t regularly use them. It is because the dirt and residues may build up and may decrease the functionality of the semi-auto. A handgun or pistol gets dirty easier, so if you clean them regularly, it may increase their lifespan. 

Sport Pistols and Shotguns

If you own a sport pistol, revolver, CCW gun, and shotgun, you will want to keep your weapon maintenance as frequently as possible. The functionality of your hunting weapon will be affected once you shoot with a dirty firearm and barrel. A hunting rifle used for long-range and semi-automatics should be clean after firing it to keep them working efficiently. We can show you how to shoot like John Wick here


Yes, you need to clean your guns and rifles even if they are not in use. In a humid environment, dust and debris can still get in the chamber. The good thing is that light cleaning for a pistol is only needed, and it will be frequent. If you carry a gun with you, it should be cleaned once or twice a year if you want to pay attention to rifle maintenance. We also recommend keeping your weapons in a fireproof gun safe.

No, you cannot damage your guns by getting them over-cleaned, and there’s no such thing as that. When a gun owner prefers in-depth cleaning of their barrel, they remove the residues and harmful debris that will cause damage. However, you can damage your handgun if you use the wrong cleaning kit. So be mindful of the tools and products you use to avoid excess wear.

So, How Often Do You Need To Clean Your Gun?

A clean weapon could save the warfighter’s life [1]. How often you should clean your weapon collection depends on how heavy you use it. With heavy use, you need to clean guns after every use. Cleaning weapons prevent rust, moisture, and dirt that may wear and tear your device. Another reminder is not to store your weapon uncleaned because rust will build up after a few days. 

Whether you are a collector, firearm enthusiast, or hunter, keeping your gun clean is a good investment, so plan your cleaning session now.



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  1. For me, routine inspection is key, whether you’ve used it never or most of the time, it helps to do it in a set schedule rather than on occasion. I think I would do better and follow your advice, Alfred.

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