Ruger Security 9 vs SR9 – Key Differences

ruger sr9 vs security 9
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When we talk about top-performing semi-automatic pistols, Ruger SR9 vs Security 9 will always be part of the selection. The two guns might bear the same excellent reputation, but they’re pretty much different from design and features to ergonomic performance. Which one beats the other in being a better handgun? Let’s find out.

The differences between Ruger SR9 and Ruger Security 9 are in their trigger and magazine systems as well as product variety. SR9, the full-sized predecessor of SR9C, is a striker-fired pistol. 

Meanwhile, Ruger Security 9 is a full-sized and hammer-fired, Double Action Only (DAO) pistol. For some, a hammer-fired system would make slide racking easier. In terms of product variety, several models are available for Security 9 with some additional features like grip frames and slides.

Concerning the magazine release system, note that Security 9 Ruger is incompatible with previous Ruger pistol mags. But it does have a 10+1 and a 15+1 capacity, though SR9s capacity is slightly higher with 17+1 mags. Security 9 also doesn’t have ambidextrous controls, unlike SR9, with ambidextrous manual thumb safety. 

  • Different ambidextrous controls
  • Different trigger systems
  • Different magazine capacity options 
  • Security 9 offers more product variety
  • Different magazine release system compatibility

Specification Chart

Ruger SR 9

  • Model: SR 9
  • Height: 5.52 in
  • Weight: 26.5 oz
  • Length: 7.5 in
  • Trigger: Striker-Fired
  • Barrel: 4.14 in
  • Calibers: 9mm Luger
  • Capacities: 17 +1 (9mm Luger), 10 +1 (9mm Luger)

Ruger Security 9

  • Model: Security-9
  • Height: 5 in
  • Weight: 23.8 oz
  • Length: 7.24 in
  • Trigger: DAO
  • Barrel: 4 in
  • Calibers: 9mm Luger
  • Capacities: 10 +1 (9mm Luger), 15 +1 (9mm Luger)

Comprehensive Comparison

Ruger Security 9 & SR9 Ergonomics

Ruger designed both pistols’ ergonomics for a comfortable and secure grip. Ruger SR9 has an excellent but not too sharp grip. Its reversible rubber backstrap is also an added point to some. Whereas, others, like us, think that Security 9’s grip could have been better if Ruger applied a more aggressive texture.


After we did the accuracy test, we decided to rule it out as a tie. The team showed a good performance for the close and medium distances, with 5 yards as the closest and 15 yards as the most extended range.

For a self-defense pistol, we could say that the Security 9 and SR9 did a pretty decent job. Maybe these are not the most accurate pistols Ruger has, but you could expect either gun to allow you to fire with ease.

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Reliability of SR9 & Security 9

It’s a close call for Ruger SR9 vs Security 9 reliability. Based on our research, both feed ammunition smoothly and eject consistently.

For us, however, Security 9 is more controllable and fun to shoot. We tried several types of ammo, with 100 to 165-grain bullets, and fired about 1,000 rounds. We never experienced a single malfunction.

Trigger Pull

trigger pull

Ruger SR9 uses a striker-fired system, while Security 9 Ruger is a double-action-only trigger. Based on our review, Security 9 has a firmer take-up, although its trigger pull is lighter at 5.5 to 5.75 lbs.

Ruger described their Security 9 trigger as having a short and smooth pull with a positive reset. Although others find this reset longer than preferred, they still reported it to be easily discernible.

SR9, on the other hand, faced criticisms with its trigger system. Ruger recalled SR9 pistols manufactured from October 2007 to April 2008 because some remained not retrofitted, causing manual safety problems.

Sights: Ruger SR9 or Security 9?

If you’re a Ruger fan or at least did a few research before, it’s evident how Ruger also favors an adjustable three-dot sight. Following this, Ruger SR9 and Security 9 have the same high visibility, dovetailed sights, with fixed front and drift adjustable rear. According to our research, you can also look for custom sights offering. Plus, you have the option to change it into a different color, but this one is available separately.

Aside from Ruger, we highly recommend you to check out Sig P226 and Sig P229.

Our Choice Between Ruger Security 9 or SR9 is…

Our choice between Ruger SR9 vs Security 9 is Ruger Security 9. But the victory is only for a small margin. Ruger engineered the design and features of both models to be relatively the same. 

Yet, if you’re after a highly controllable gun, an efficient trigger system, and more manageable recoil, go for a Security 9. 

Whatever your choice is, both guns are pretty decent as a self-defense pistol. As you make your final decision about which one to choose, remember to check these links for added reference. 

If you’re looking for ammunition, we highly recommend the 300 Blackout and 6.5 Grendel.

ruger security 9

Our #1 Recommendation

Ruger Security 9

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  1. Yes, totally agree with you choosing S9 over SR9. This is the first handgun I have actually enjoyed at the range. The size is perfect for me and my wife. No jams, easy mag exchange even shooting lefty like me, double safety. I traded in my S&W SD9 for the S9. Because the SD9 was to bulky and doesn’t have a safety feature.

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