Remington 700 vs 783
Is One Better Than The Other?

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Alfred Mendoza

Even for skilled hunters, The Remington 783 vs 700 is tough to handle. A few years ago, when Remington first manufactured the 700, it instantly became one of the best cheap rifles until it introduced another gun model, the 783 stock. It then became harder to decide which gun is better between the two. 

Shooters always look for three best features in acquiring bolt-action rifles—accuracy, price, and durability. A factory rifle is not just a good tool to have around, but a savage partner in the field. For hunters, every shot counts. So, it is but right to find a good rifle with a great price to invest in when there are a lot of rifles in the market. 

Without further ado, let’s dive in details to help you decide which of these popular bolt-action rifles is better in their easy built, available trigger features, loading quality, durability, and aftermarket support.

The main difference between the Remington 783 and the Remington 700 is almost close to none. For one, these well-known rifles almost actually look the same as to their innovative design and quality build. However, compared to the 700, the Remington 783 has more impressive features that include a SuperCell pad, fully adjustable trigger, and floating barrel.

Both bolt guns have an inexpensive price tag, the reason why hunters single out them to be good hunting partners to have around.

Remington 783

  • High nylon content plastic built
  • Carbon steel free-floated barrel
  • Adjustable trigger system
  • Detachable steel magazine with latch
  • Barrel nut for easier swap out barrels

Remington 700

  • Customizable feature
  • Metal sling stud
  • Safety trigger lock
  • Strong bolt
  • Excellent accuracy

How Are They Similar?

Many firearms enthusiasts are still confused, which among the guns are the best bolt-action rifle so far because they share similarities in some parts.

  • Has the same recoil pad
  • Both are budget rifles
  • Lightweight stocks

To help you more determine which is made better in the field, here’s a more in-depth comparison of these models.

Remington 700 & 783 Detailed Comparison


When we used both to test on the range, the Remington 783 vs 700 accuracy results didn’t have that much of a big gap.  To get precise results from their performance, the team took said models to the range to see what shoots well.

Model 700 had long ago made its name because of its accuracy, something that didn’t surprise us when it exhibited high-accuracy in the shooting range. The barrel flowed well into the receiver. We like how it’s going to work during our hunt.

But Remington model 783 really stunned us for its head-to-head accuracy against the older model.


Remington’s newest action-bolt rifle has a one-piece cylindrical receiver, magnum contoured 22-inch 24-inch button-rifled fitted with a barrel nut, which contributed to the improvement of its accuracy, under one inch. With this, the newest Remington model significantly won the accuracy-test.

Winner: Remington 783

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remington 783

When it comes to features, we say the scope of Remington model 783 is a bit advanced compared to the scope of model 700. While we know that model 700 goes way back to decades ago, its customizable feature, accuracy, lighter weight, safety click lock, strong bolt, cylindrical action receiver, and crisp trigger still attracts many firearms enthusiasts.

But with Remington 783’s new crossfire trigger system, which is factory set at 3.5 pounds, carbon steel magnum, and contour button-rifled barrel with a 22-inch standard chambering and a 24-inch on magnums, pillar-bedded stock, and free-floated barrel and a SuperCell Recoil Pad, this powerful thing takes the lead. It even accepts two Model 700 front bases.

Winner: Remington 783

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When durability comes into play, Remington model 783, the newer version, is far behind Remington model 700. It has a stronger action, a better trigger, a more advanced safety, and better aesthetics than any other rifle on the market.

And yes, these could be why the marine snipers have been using model 700 as a preferred sniper rifle for this long.

Although 783 has a proprietary cylindrical receiver with a minimally sized ejection port that adds to the rigid bolt’s rigidity and detachable box magazine, Remington 700 is still the best rifle far. 

Winner: Remington 700

Remington 700

Loading & Magazine

Remington 700 and Remington 783 line of rifle stock differ from one another in terms of their loading build. Model 700 is a top-loading rifle, while model 783 is box magazine fed. Using model 700, where no metal is going over the top of the bolt, shooters would load a bullet into the chamber faster through a fixed frame from a smaller ejection port.

But then, the newer model has the advantage of reducing machining time through the help of its metal, detachable box magazines placed at the bottom of the rifle. This makes a nice selling point for this rifle group. In just a snap afterward, the magazines are loaded and ready for use. With this massive advantage for model 783 compared to model 700, it’s more convenient to use this model. Learn how to disassemble a Remington 870 here

Winner: Remington 783

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Pros: Why Should You Buy It?

Remington 783

Remington 700

Cons: Why Shouldn’t You Buy It?

Remington 783

Remington 700

Which Is Better Remington 700 or 783?

I recommend buying model 783 over model 700 because it has the advantage when it comes to having the convenience of loading ammunition with its detachable magazine, floating bolt head, innovative design, supercell pad that minimizes recoil, lightweight wood stock, and modifiable trigger system. It’s even more budget-friendly than the Rem 700 rifle.

However, for people who love classics, model 700’s life span can last up to more than a decade if appropriately treated. So, it is also a good one to invest in.

Either way, whichever the two models first caught your attention after this comprehensive comparison, you may buy which you think is better and make a difference.

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Our #1 Recommendation

Remington 783

4 thoughts on “Remington 700 vs 783<br> Is One Better Than The Other?”

  1. I have now purchased both a 700 in 308 and a 783 in 30 06 it will be a while before a can shoot them. Out of the box the scope is the most disappointing both have generic scopes which are not very clear my Savages with weaver scopes are much clearer.

  2. I have both but have shot neither, I also have a savage axis in 3006 same as the 783. I have shot it enough to know it is pretty much right on. I like the way the 700 feels and points. My 700 is a 308. There are a just some things about “fit” that feel right. My savage 6.5 CM feels this same way. We’ll see how the newer ones shoot the 6.5 shoots the best of my guns.

  3. I have a Rem. 700 ADL 270 cal. I shoot win. XP ammo. Dropped dear at 200 yrs. It never slings a shot. Bulls eye every time for 12 yrs. Most accurate rifle out there.

  4. I have both 700 and 783 Rem. Both extremely accurate. Neve missed a deer with them. Longest shot was 200 yards, dropped right on the spot. I use 270 win. extreme point. The best.

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