M&P 9c vs Glock 19: In-Depth Comparison

Glock 19 vs. M&P 9c
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Users have long debated on the Glock 19 vs M&P 9mm c handguns. Glock remained unrivaled in the polymer pistol game since 1982. But the game changed when Smith & Wesson produced the Military & Police series. So, which among Glock and M&P 9mm c is better? 

It’s time to check their reliability, key features, and performance so you can better decide which of these pistols should you carry around.

The main difference between the Glock 19 and M&P9c has more to do with their size. The Glock 19 is slightly larger than the M&P9c however, the bullet capacity, barrel length, and grip are similar. Most pistol users would agree that both pistols have well-established reliability and accuracy.

Both of the guns’ stable customer following added more evidence to this. Yet, you’ll be quick to notice how M&P 9mm compact has a shorter barrel length vs Glock, making the former a little smaller as well. Let’s dive in further to see how these two shoot and differ in terms of unique features.

Glock 19

  • Higher standard capacity
  • Interchangeable magazines 17/19/24/31/33 
  • Reversible magazine release
  • Customization options and aftermarket parts
  • Striker fired safety action system

M&P 9mm c

  • Shorter length and smaller in size
  • Three interchangeable grip sizes for many hand sizes 
  • Humped backstrap
  • Ambidextrous slide release for extra convenience 
  • Stainless steel chassis, slide, and barrel

How are they similar?

Actually, pistol owners often compare both guns due to their high-strength polymer frame design. Based on our research, various customers said that Smith & Wesson 9mm compact offers one of the best alternatives to a G-19 gun. Both are striker-fired with internal safeties built.

Besides this, the following gives you an overview of their key similarities:

  • High reliability
  • Shooting/target accuracy
  • Comfortable for a left-handed shooter
  • Easy to find holsters
  • Striker fired operating system

In-Depth Comparison


According to the manufacturer’s website, a Glock 19 weighs 21.16 oz without a magazine. Whereas, an M&P 9 weighs 21.7 oz without mags, making the Smith & Wesson 9mm compact slightly more massive than the other gun.

In figures, a 0.54 weight difference might not be a problem, but that is not always the case with everyone. The extra weight might be a bit uncomfortable with you, especially if you’ll be carrying it around for several hours.

weighing scale

 Although, during the time when we did our research, some pistol owners who use both added that it’s hard to tell how the weight differs if both guns would be loaded.


If you have small hands, M&P 9 might be the one for you. Based on our observations, when people with medium to large hands tried using this gun, they didn’t find it fitting for a good grip.  With that, most people whom we observed find it comfortable to use G-19. For some users, it just feels right in the hand. It is because mid-sized handguns seem more fitting to most hands.

Of course, you can be an exemption if you have relatively smaller or larger hands than the average. Still, ergonomics is a pretty subjective matter. So, if you have time,  we recommend that you test both to check its suitability before making any purchase.

Also, we recommend Sig P365 and P938. Both have good grips too.

Mags & Capacity

We do not need to explain that much because our natural conclusion is that 19 beats M&P 9mm c in terms of mags and capacity. G19 has 15 round mags, which you can interchange to higher rounds. Smith & Wesson  9 compact, on the other hand, only has 12+1 capacity.

Even when you include a finger extension to make both guns in about the same length, you won’t receive the extra capacity that G19 has. The additional bullets might not make much of a gap, but depending on the circumstance, it might be a fortunate bonus. For cleaning purposes, here’s how you can disassemble your Glock mag




Glock seems to be leading the game but not in terms of gunsights.

You could get positive results with the Smith & Wesson sights if you are after accuracy and target acquisition. It uses stock metal sights compared to the plastic sights used in G19.

If you are using Glock or are considering buying one, it might be better if you replace their plastic sights.

For your reference, new gen Glocks also added glow in the dark GNS (Glock Night Sight).

We recommend this if you will shoot in low light or complete darkness. It’s a little pricey, though, but a great option depending on how you use your handguns.


When it comes to shooting, it would be beneficial if you will know whether or not you are out of ammo. Impressively, G19 allows you to experience just that because of their triggers. Glock designed their triggers to stay back after the slide locks again.

Meanwhile, a false reset seems to be a common issue arising from M&P series using a stock trigger, like the Smith & Wesson  9 compact. Fortunately, going to a reputable gunsmith is a good option if you’ll replace it with a new trigger. Also, the new M&P 2.0 added several features including improvements on their trigger. It now has a lighter trigger pull and audible trigger reset. A striker fired system is also an advantage of light trigger pulls.

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Size Comparison

Having a longer barrel length and few more rounds, the G19 is undoubtedly bigger than the M&P 9mm c. For this reason, even though G-19 has a relatively slimmer trim than the other, you may find it easier to conceal a Smith & Wesson  9 compact. As for the more massive slide of M&P compact 9mm, you can opt to wear loose clothes so it won’t get too chunky.

Regardless, for a small gun that holds a bigger capacity like Glock 19, it is adequately slim for comfortable concealment.

glock 19 and m&p 9c size comparison

M&P 9c or Glock 19? Our Pick Is ...

Between M&P 9 or Glock 19, personally, our pick is Glock 19. Although it has a longer barrel, it shoots like a full-size one for a compact-size carry gun. We are not even mentioning how it weighs lighter, given its extra shots. Although M&P 9mm c is slightly shorter and smaller than Glock, there is no doubt that the latter could still serve its concealed carry duties.

We hope that at this point, you already have an idea about which among the two best suits you. If you’re interested in either one or both of these guns, just click through these links to check them out.

Are you looking for more ammunition? Our article on .308 versus 6.5 Grendel might help.

Our #1 Recommendation

Glock 19

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