How to Disassemble Remington 870

How to Disassemble Remington 870
Alfred Mendoza

The Remington 870 sits atop the list of scattering gats that civilians and military alike should own. To keep it in mint shooting condition, one must know how to disassemble and reassemble a Remington 870 shotgun. 

This article will cover tips on the proper disassembly of your Remington 870 and other valuable tips for maintenance.

1. Prepare the Materials

Not many materials are used to disassemble the shotgun, except for a hammer and a Reed-&-Prince driver to remove the pin. The disassembly is also simple, and removing the stock is not required. 

One thing you can do to make the disassembly worthwhile is cleaning your Remington 870 while at it. After all, disassembly entails cleaning. The steps to clean the Remington 870 are similar to other firearms, and we have popular posts you can visit for that matter.

For this purpose, we will focus more on the disassembly of your Remington 870 and how to restore your disassembled weapon.

2. Unload the Gun and Unscrew the Magazine Cap

The disassembly begins by engaging the safety of your Remington 870. Push the action bar located by the grip and forward the trigger’s shield. Pull the slide to the rear of your shotgun and check the chamber for ammunition. 

Insert your finger through the loading port while pressing the left shell latch will remove the shells if any.

At the tip of the magazine tube sits the magazine cap. Unthread the magazine cap in a reverse clockwise direction while applying pressure. The magazine cap may shoot due to spring tension, so be extra careful during the disassembly. 

You can avoid this by attaching a magazine spring retainer.

3. Remove the Barrel

Once the magazine tube cap is removed, you can now detach the barrel or cask held in place by the magazine tube. 

Unscrew the magazine spring retainer and release the action bar lock of your Remington 870. Then, push the forend halfway while also pressing the action bar lock to keep the forend in place. This should release the barrel of your shotgun quickly.

It is necessary to use the action bars to proceed in the disassembly of your weapon. The action bar permits you to pull and slide forward the pump or forend freely.

Remove the Barrel

4. Remove the Bolt and the Bolt Carrier from the Receiver

The disassembly is followed by removing the forend. Insert your fingers into the receiver and press the left shell latch. Do this while you pull the forend assembly about halfway out of the rifle. The bolt will fall off from the chamber, so support the bolt by holding the forend.

You can now set the bolt assembly aside and completely pull the forend from your shotgun.

5. Remove the Trigger Assembly

You can detach the trigger group of your Remington 870 without removing the stock. These are held in your weapon by two pins which you may begin removing using a punch and hammer to push them out to the other side. Start with the forward most pin, then push the next one.

This will release the group from your shotgun receiver. Pull them out from your Remington 870 shotgun and set them aside.

Remove the Trigger Assembly

6. Remove the Magazine Spring

If your Remington 870 has a magazine spring retainer, then most likely, your spring is kept intact in the magazine tube of your gun. The magazine spring retainer contains the spring in your shotgun.

For the disassembly, take a flat head screw and insert it in the magazine spring retainer. Push the retainer inside and release it. Be careful in the process of removing the magazine spring from the magazine tube. The spring in the magazine can shoot if not mitigated.

Hold the magazine spring retainer firmly as you slowly release the tension from the spring about halfway through. This ends the entire process of the disassembly, and you may now clean your Remington 870.

7. Put the Magazine Spring In

Once the disassembly has been accomplished and you have cleaned your disassembled Remington 870, you may now begin to reassemble it. The directions in assembling follow the same steps in reverse.

Place the magazine follower first, followed by the magazine spring into the magazine tube. Push the spring to the left of the magazine tube gently but with pressure to allow you to thread the magazine. It might compromise your magazine if the spring is returned and not in its original form, so be extra cautious in the disassembly. Your magazine spring retainer should hold the spring inside.

Put the Magazine Spring In

8. Put the Trigger Assembly Back in the Receiver

It is followed by sliding the trigger group back to the receiver. Make sure that pin holes are aligned. Insert the pins the same way you have removed them, starting with the forward pin then the rear. This will secure your trigger group.

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9. Put the Bolt Carrier on to the Slide

After setting your trigger group in place, set your bolt and the carrier by the rails of your forend with the bolt face directed towards the muzzle. Slide the forend with the bolt into the magazine tube towards the receiver of your Remington 870 shotgun.

Once you feel the resistance, push the tabs within the receiver until the forend locks in place and the bolt is secured within. The bolt must sit on top of the notches of your action bar assembly, and the barrel should easily slip into the chamber once the forend is attached. 

10. Push On The Slide Stop Lever

Once the magazine has been restored, the final step when you reassemble your Remington 870 is to slide the stop lever or the action bar lock. The action bars release the shotgun from safety, and you may pump shells in for shooting. 

After loading your shells to the loading port of your Remington 870, you are officially done with the disassembly.


Yes, it is ideal to wear eye protection during the disassembly of the Remington 870. The spring held within the chamber may cause your spring retainer to aggressively fly within the room. Ocular injuries can potentially happen, so we advise wearing eye protection during the disassembly for increased safety.

Yes, disassembly of a Remington 870 can be safely done at home. Just make sure to do it in a clean and dry enclosure and an inaccessible place to children. This will protect them from tinkering with your Remington 870 and from causing unwanted accidents. Having children near your weapon can also complicate the disassembly of your Remington 870. [1]

Final Thoughts on Disassembling Remington 870

Disassembling a Remington 870 is a reasonably simple task. Knowing how to do it is necessary, especially when you need to clean your firearm. 

However, it is crucial to do it in a safe enclosure and out of children’s reach. You may also opt to wear eye protection to keep you safe in case sudden mishaps occur.



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