OLIGHT Baldr Pro Review

olight baldr pro review
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Olight has been creating quite a buzz in the gun industry lately. With its high-end illumination solutions, we’re kept at the edge of our seats waiting for the next innovative product line. Could this Olight Baldr Pro review be one fitting testament to the manufacturer’s high standards?

The Baldr OLIGHT is a professional tactical flashlight that will help your gun aim better and more accurately. It features a green light and white LED light with a max output of 1350 lumens using two CR123A batteries. It can be mounted on a Picatinny (MIL-STD-1913) or Glock pistol mount with the provided T6/T8 Socket Head Wrench.

This flashlight can withstand strong impacts and vibrations without loosening after calibration because it has adjustable screws that keep it in place. This searchlight is also made of high-quality aluminum alloy in black or desert tan finish. And lastly, its beam can get as far as 260 meters.

olight baldr pro



How Do You Use It?

Press and hold the switch button to activate the momentary “on mode.” One click will activate the constant on mode. On the other hand, simultaneously pressing the two buttons will turn on the strobe mode, which will blind the threat. If you wish to turn the flashlight off, just depress the switch button using your left or right hand.

When installed on a rifle or a long gun, you can use the hand on the forend for easier manipulation. Using the rotating switch, you may toggle between the three modes of the OLIGHT Pro: the flashlight only, flashlight and laser combo, or the laser mode only.

OLIGHT Baldr Pro Features

Lunde Studio Key Features

Laser Light

This weapon light has a built-in 5mW red laser and green light with an effective range of up to 70 yards. This green laser is bright and easy to pick up during daylight and night, better than a red dot sight. Its laser also maintains zero right after 100 good rounds of 45ACP.

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The OLIGHT weapon light features a quick-detach system for rail installation, including two adapters like the Glock rail mount or Picatinny Rail. This feature allows shooters to mount and unmount this weapon light easily.

Weight & Size

With a weight of only 4.6 oz or 130.4 g, we can safely claim that this baby is compact and lightweight, almost as light as the Baldr Mini. The Baldr is easy and quick to maneuver, much especially when used in closed quarters.

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This flashlight has a built-in lithium polymer battery that is rechargeable through its signature magnetic port.

However, it is important to note that it doesn’t feature a magnetic charging port to make the laser sight heavier.

Therefore, it only uses 2 CR123A batteries with a runtime of approximately 4 hours when used in laser only mode.

What Are The Benefits?

Laser sights decrease the time needed to aim reliably at a target — especially in the dark. [1] Besides being a high-quality trailing light for targets, our team also finds its adjustable lumens a huge plus. It also uses a high-performance neutral cool white LED to enhance the subject’s amount of color and detail.

Downsides of OLIGHT Baldr Pro

This Weaponlight with laser is only IPX4 rated, making it fall short in the water-resistance category compared to its competitors that feature at least IPX6 or IPX8 ratings. Moreover, its 1350 lumens, the brightest light emission it provides, can only last for about a minute.

Customer Reviews

brand reviews

It’s interesting to know what other pistol enthusiasts think about this weapon light. Here are some of the things they shared about it:

“I NEVER do reviews but had to on this light/ laser. I was so impressed with the packaging to the product’s quality and held zero after 200 rounds. The light is extremely bright. The laser is crisp with well thought out ergonomic controls. This product is just as good at a fraction of the price.”

“It beats similar WL’s by miles when it comes to lumens and value. The green Laser dot is small and crisp, stays true so far (2-300 yards), and easy to dial in.”

“This sucker is bright! It lights up the whole house. I would imagine it has quite a long throw. Very happy it didn’t break the bank, fast shipping.”

OLIGHT Baldr Pro - Is It Worth It?

Based on our test and research, the OLIGHT Baldr Pro is worth it because it features adjustable lumen from low 300 lumens to 1350 lumens that provide ample light output and may extend its battery runtime. This laser light is compact and lightweight, making it easier to see and control even at a close-range distance.

It also features a gun impact resistance of up to 1 meter and has a laser beam that lets shooters see up to a distance of 260 m. We also find its green light helpful, as it can be visible during the day time and in low light conditions. Overall, we find this aluminum alloy machined laser light ideal for tactical, home defense, and law enforcement purposes.

olight baldr pro

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OLIGHT Baldr Pro

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