5 Best 45 ACP Suppressors (2023 UPDATED) Don’t Miss

Best 45 ACP Suppressor
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The movies gave suppressors a bad reputation because it usually portrays concealing gun operations. But to clear things up, pistol suppressors are used to minimize thuds and give hearing protection. 

To help you get the best 45 ACP suppressors, our team tested the top 5 ACP suppressors to see their differences.


Dead Air Armament - Ghost-M Pistol Suppressor


Sig Sauer, Inc. - Srd45 Suppressor 45acp Direct Thread


Griffin Revolution 45

1. Dead Air Armament - Ghost-M Pistol Suppressor

Why We Picked It

The Dead Air Ghost M suppressor has a full auto-rated and unique modular design. The best 45 suppressor is from a combination of Titanium, 17-4 stainless steel, and 7075 anodized aluminum to ensure reliability and lightweight.

Who Should Use It:

The silencer is best for pistol-caliber carbines enthusiasts who want a modular suppressor with full configuration. It comes with booster assembly, so beginners can also work with this. 


The high standard materials of the Dead Air Armament Ghost M silencer guarantee a heavy-duty suppressor with minimal weight. It has a long and short configuration that is best for scary quiet shooting locations.



2. Sig Sauer, Inc. - Srd45 Suppressor 45acp Direct Thread

Why We Picked It

The grade 9 titanium tube and 17-4 stainless steel materials of the SRD45 suppressor guarantees a sturdy build. The length and the weight of the pistol-caliber suppressors from Sig Sauer, Inc. are designed for the high maneuverability of the shooter.

Who Should Use It:

 The suppressor is a premier option best for silencer enthusiasts who use direct thread barrels. 


A sturdy and efficient caliber suppressor from Sig Sauer is a good help for sound reduction when shooting. The SRD45 is lightweight and features a booster using the browning tilting that can work best for direct threaded barrels.




3. Griffin Revolution 45

Why We Picked It

The configurable silencer from Griffin is designed with two length configurations. It is compact and lightweight, which helps with the maneuverability of the accessory. It is one incredible noise reduction made from aluminum and stainless steel.   

Who Should Use It:

The ACP suppressor is best for beginners and caliber enthusiasts that are fans of compact and lightweight firearms. 


Griffin’s durable and ultra-lightweight ACP suppressor has a 300BLK subsonic and uses a revolution fixed barrel spacer. It is a full automatic rated muffler that has impressive thermal capacity.



4. Silencer Central Banish 45

Why We Picked It

The modular suppressor is designed for .45 ACP down to rimfire. The silencer is made from durable and weight-reduced materials like aluminum and steel. Tested to 36 decibels suppression and had a short and long configuration. 

Who Should Use It:

Shooters participating in 3 gun shooting and target shooting can use this type of silencer. 


The Banish 45 can run with eight or 12 baffles and not just reduce decibels but minimizes recoil. It is a direct thread and full automatic rated with a lifetime warranty.



5. Rugged Obsidian 45

Why We Picked It

The Rugged Obsidian 45 is a two-configuration length suppressor that can give an impressive reduced noise. It comes with a booster assembly and your choice of the piston. The Obsidian 45 is a full automatic rated muffler with 300 Blackout subsonic.

Who Should Use It:

Obsidian 45 is best for users who seek maximum performance and modular fans.


Because of its full-auto-rated feature, the user serviceability of the suppressor ensures a reduced blowback and a non-slotted piston. The mounting is easy, and the build is durable and designed to last for years.



Your Guide to Buying

buying guide


There’s a wide variety of silencers for guns on the market, and one thing to consider before buying one is the budget. Since the silencers for handguns tend to be expensive because of the material, you may want to check which brands fit your budget. After all, a caliber 45 suppressor should not break your bank. 

Hearing Safe

The hearing loss and tinnitus from repeated exposure to impulse firearm noise can affect the shooters [1]. The suppressed pistol is designed to reduce the sudden release of pressure of gas that generates an extremely loud noise. 

The caliber suppressors can reduce decibel rating at an average of 20-35 DB, which works as a hearing safe as earplugs and earmuffs.


Aside from an aesthetically pleasing finish, the designs fall into two types. The design for the caliber silencer can either be full circumference gas seal or user-serviceable. The design can be field strip and clean. Both are monocore and baffle stacks and can have fixed barrel spacers. 

In addition to this, the designs are convenient to use and striking. It is not harmful to accuracy, and all of these can be achieved while in decibel reduction. 

Easy Installation

The easiest way to install a gun muffler is through a direct thread mount, which is the most common way for fixed mounts of a muffler. Since the can is threaded, you screw it. Another way to install a 45 suppressor is the quick disconnect if there are no threaded barrels. 


Another thing to consider is the performance of the accessory. One obvious reason to use one is for hearing protection. As much as you want to reduce the noise, the first benefactor is the user itself. Caliber suppressors also help to lower noise pollution, reduce recoil and make the shooter more accurate.  

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Thinking that a handgun suppressor can reduce noise, a longer 45 suppressor tends to be quieter. But our team suggests never getting a very long muffler because it has many drawbacks for many guns. Be reminded that your handgun muffler has to hang off at the end of your rifle calibers. You have to compromise and get at least 6 to 9 inches in length, dual or fixed length. 


Unless you use it for big magnum calibers, we strongly suggest getting a lightweight and compact model. The lighter the weight of the silencer for guns, the less impact will be felt. It would be best to check the materials as it also gives a factor to the weight like the stainless steel and aluminum. 

Build Materials

Stainless steel, Ti, and aluminum mount are some of the highly recommended build materials you should check before buying a muffler for guns. An aluminum mount and stainless steel are incredibly lightweight and less expensive than other materials. It is also proven and tested that will last for years. 

User Serviceability

Our team highly recommends buying mufflers of handguns that are user-serviceable. Suppressors get dirty, especially those pistols and rimfire rounds that require daily cleaning. The lead bits and residue that exits the muzzle can build up and get a user-serviceable silencer that is not easy to take apart and clean. 

Full Auto-Rating

A silencer that is auto full rated can hold up rapid firing. The materials have a high tolerance to heat and contain high-strength baffles. It can handle the heat from the cartridge and will not degrade after reaching the stabilized temperature with the materials. If the materials are too soft for high temperatures, they will erode faster, and it is a waste of money.

Our Team's Selection Process

selection process

Overall Performance

Our team tested the best 45 suppressors to know their overall performance. The silencer should reduce the noise of the pistol calibers when firing. It should also lower gas blowback, 300BLK subsonic, and can manage recoil. 

Weapon Compatibility

Our team considers the compatibility of the suppressor with the .45 ACP or Automatic Colt Pistols. It is important to purchase a fully compatible 45 suppressor. An incompatible silencer will not work on a .45 ACP, and you will waste your resources. 

Product Quality 

The materials used are one thing our team considers in selecting the best 45 suppressor. It is important to choose a muffler that is built to last for years. A full-auto-rated muffler is also highly recommended because of its high thermal capacity, which will benefit the user and the product itself. We also considered customer feedback in choosing the best 45 suppressor.


The quietest .45 ACP suppressor is the Rugged Obsidian 45. The suppressor Rugged Obsidian 45 has a 300BLK subsonic with an 8 ” length and two indexing tabs. The two lengths in one suppressor, Rugged Obsidian 45, results in a more quiet and reliable muffler. In addition to this, subsonic ammo in 300BLK subsonic can make it quieter.

The suppressed 45 ACP is 133 decibels loud. However, it can vary in case the use of specific ammo and guns takes place. It is below the threshold of the human ear, which skips you from permanent hearing loss. The ACP pistols without suppression are at 162 decibels.

The 45 ACP suppressor’s price ranges from $500 – $900. It tends to be expensive because they are machined to precise standards and engineered. In addition to this, it requires a license to buy one, so a few hundred dollars is added.

What's Our #1 45 ACP Suppressor?

Our team chooses the Dead Air Armament Ghost M pistol suppressor as the best 45 ACP suppressor you can get. Ghost M is made from durable, lightweight, and long-lasting materials. The reduced sound can be increased by tightening down the bore aperture. 

The 45 Ghost M also reduces thuds and gives utmost sound reduction. Since hearing is irreparable, the safest way to shoot is to use the Ghost M Suppressor.


Our #1 Recommendation

Dead Air Armament - Ghost-M Pistol Suppressor

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