10 Best ACOG Clones & Alternatives (2023 UPDATED) Must Read

Best ACOG Clones and Alternatives
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ACOG scopes are great if you want to quickly adjust the magnification of your firearm and hit your targets with accuracy. However, buying a legitimate one would cost you up to a thousand dollars. 

For this reason, our team took the liberty of compiling the best ACOG clones and alternatives you can get for a more affordable price!


CVLIFE 4×32 Tactical Rifle Scope


CRUSHUNT 4×32 Red Chevron Glass Etched Reticle RifleScope


Monstrum P332 Raven 3X

1. CVLIFE 4×32 Tactical Rifle Scope

Why We Picked It

The first on the list of ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight) clones is CVLIFE 4×32. Aside from the precise target shooting offered by this compact scope, you can get even more perks for less than the price of a Trijicon Optic. The 100-yard FOV also ensures its users of better shooting awareness and accuracy. 

Fiber optics aid in reticle illumination by harvesting and distributing light through the scope [1]. There are three illumination and brightness settings of the multi-layer lens aids in adjustment for various terrains. Plus, the fog-proof glass etched reticle is perfect for making precise shots.

The lightweight feature comes in handy, especially in long-term usage. Overall, the form factor, light transmission, and high resolution serve their purpose as an ACOG alternative.




2. CRUSHUNT 4×32 Red Chevron Glass Etched Reticle RifleScope

Why We Picked It

Good ambient light is important to make accurate shots. But what if you are dealing with dim conditions or low-light environments? Crushunt addresses this through their fiber-optic illumination technology in this ACOG clone. 

Their scope is made from durable aluminum alloy for durability and longevity. The weather and fog proof feature also allows users to expose it to various environmental conditions without incurring damage.  

The glass-etched chevron reticle has a generous eye relief that helps maximize FOV (field of view) and keep the image crisp and clear. It is important to note that having generous eye relief means less eye strain on target acquisition and more precise action. [2]



3. Monstrum P332 Raven 3X

Why We Picked It:

This budget scope from Monstrum packs a powerful premium punch. Monstrum uses multi-coated lenses made from quartz, resulting in clear and crisp images generated by the illuminated reticle.

The Monstrum P332 Raven is one of the best ACOG alternatives, especially in CQB (Close Quarters Battle) and mid-range shooting. The eye relief is justifiable, and the etched glass reticle makes this ACOG clone great for precise target acquisition. 

Since it is made from aluminum, there are fewer moving parts in this rifle scope. It is an ultra-compact rifle scope made to withstand heavy recoils. Plus, if your rifle has Picatinny rail systems, there is no need for additional mounting tools.



4. Meprolight Self-Powered Reflex Sight

Why We Picked It:

Your scope is just as good as its battery life. Even if you had the means to charge it, why should you even bother? Meprolight sells the best ACOG clone that uses tritium technology just like the original one. Thus, offering its users a battery-free illuminated reticle, whether in a day or night setting.

During the day, the fiber optic illumination works to keep the reticles bright and clear. As for the Tritium, it is best used at night or in low-light environments. However, the magnification is yet to be desired since it is only at 1X, proving its biggest limitation.

Another great feature to note is that the eye relief is adjustable along with the Picatinny rail mount it comes with. The objective lens is wide enough for better light acquisition and lets you shoot even with both eyes opened.

The scope body is military-grade and essentially weatherproof to help resist all kinds of damage brought about by the outer elements for long-lasting durability.



5. OZARK ARMAMENT 4X Illuminated BDC Reticle Rifle Scope

Why We Picked It:

OZARK Armament 4x is another budget blower in the ACOG scopes replica, but don’t be deceived because this ACOG clone can surely deliver. You can adjust the brightness and color of the illuminated reticles using the top knob. It also has a Picatinny rail that allows for an easy mounting process on rifles and shotguns. 

The banner feature of the OZARK model is the option to upgrade it. You may mount flashlights, lasers, and other peripherals to the ACOG scope itself. This is one feature some alternatives do not have, thus, making Ozark one of the best clones that can provide value for your money!

Although the magnification is fixed, there is room for accurate and fast target acquisition. The scope also comes with bullet drop compensation plus windage and elevation knobs.



6. Sightmark SM26021 Wolverine Red Dot Sight

Why We Picked It:

Sightmark is one of the classy-looking alternatives and clones for ACOG that is available in the market today. The rifle scope is lightweight and is suited for CQB using rifles and shotguns.

This red dot sight has a good objective lens size for sun use, and the Sightmark ACOG clone has a feature like no other with its night vision technology. The battery life of one AA battery is enough to juice it up for multiple usages.

Like the Spitfire 3X prism scope, the objective lens is non-reflective and scratch-resistant due to good multi-coating. Sightmark is fog proof and IP67 waterproof, which means it can last for longer periods. 

An IP67 rating means that a specific unit can be used even when dropped up to 1 meter deep into a body of water for half an hour.



7. Ncstar 3-9X42 Mark III Tactical GEN II

Why We Picked It:

This advanced combat optical gunsight outranks everything in its price point when it comes to clarity. Clear images can be observed up to 250 yards which are incomparable to other ACOG clone rifle scopes in the market. Couple it with the red dot sight, and the accuracy of the scope increases even more! 

It has a 3 – 9X adjustment, so you can gauge carefully depending on the shot you are about to take. Adjusting for the windage and elevation is also quite easy using the premium turrets. Even its predecessor is a premium product, emphasizing that this brand makes ACOG scopes seriously.

Although there is no fancy fiber optic, the Ncstar can still deliver great results, unlike other Trijicon scopes replicas. The eye relief sits perfectly and is near enough to help you see clearly but far enough to prevent unexpected recoil injuries.



8. Trijicon ACOG 3.5x35 LED Illuminated .223 Chevron Reticle

Why We Picked It:

The next entry is from the original ACOG scopes maker themselves. The Trijicon ACOG uses a Chevron reticle for better accuracy than red dot sights. You may also use this real Trijicon ACOG for either CQB and long-range using the Bindon Aiming Concept. 

Nothing is more rugged than this ultra-compact rifle scope, as it is made with aircraft-grade aluminum for incredible durability. A single AA battery life permits the reticle illumination for up to 12,000 hours! The illuminated BDC reticle (bullet drop compensator) helps target acquisition even in dim environments.



9. Sig Sauer Bravo4 4x30mm

Why We Picked It:

This Sig Sauer ACOG alternative is unlike any other in the aesthetic department with its extraordinary prismatic angular design architecture. This is a good scope with a great FOV since the MegaView tech allows it to yield 43% more field of view. 

Sig Sauer does not have fiber optics like other advanced combat optical gunsights. But its motion-activated illumination feature extends the LED battery life.

This Sig Sauer optics is fog proof and waterproof on top of its aircraft aluminum build quality which resembles a real ACOG. The illuminated BDC reticle can also be adjusted 20 times based on the user’s preference. If you need night vision for dark environments, this alternative has it too!



10. Monstrum 4x30 Ultra-Compact Rifle Scope

Why We Picked It:

Among the list of clones for ACOG, the Monstrum 4X30 boasts of a glass range finder reticle. The said technology in this ACOG clone aids shooters in adjusting the point of aim to the desired point of impact. However, the range finder reticle might need some adjustments for rookie shooters.

The eye relief of the fast focus eyepiece sits at around 2.5 inches. This is good enough to prevent injuries from occurring at recoil. The Monstrum also has a fixed 4X magnification for fast target acquisition and is made from durable, premium aluminum materials.



Factors to Consider

buying guide


The magnification of your rifle scope depends on what you want to use it for. There are ACOG scopes rated at only 1X, which benefits those who operate in CQB, while a few ACOG clones can reach up to 5X and higher for medium to long-range shooters.

Note that an ACOG scope that features a range rather than a fixed magnification can offer better versatility for shooters. When choosing the magnification range you need, always consider what you will be using the scope for, as this can help you weigh your options better. 

Weight & Size

Any additional weight from your rifle scope to your firearm can weigh you down and may even cause some delay on your journey. It is important to note that the weight is highly affected by your Trijicon ACOG clones’ perks. If you are a mobile shooter, then a compact ACOG clone is ideal for helping with mobility. 

On the other hand, if you are staying in a fixed location and require a rifle scope with all good features, then a heavy one might be the best option for you. [3]


The suitability of your rifle scope depends on the compatibility of your base to your firearm. An ACOG style scope usually comes with mounting bases for various rail systems. If your clones or alternatives do not come with mounters out-of-the-box, you may need to spend a few more bucks to use them.

Make sure to check the features of both your scope and your firearm to ensure that they are compatible with each other. When buying a scope, it would be best if you could evaluate both the product and your firearm personally to ensure that the two would be a perfect fit.

Field of View

The Trijicon ACOG scope needs a good field of view for better target awareness and acquisition. Typically, the FOV decreases when the magnification increases. The best ACOG clones are the ones that offer good FOV without compromising the magnification. Remember, a good FOV allows users to take more precise and accurate shots, so this is a factor you should carefully weigh in before making any scope purchase. [4]


The reticle is the aiming point of your scope. It will ultimately guide you in what shots to take to hit your target. Usually, CQB scopes use red dot sights and a horseshoe dot reticle to allow accurate firing in short distances. 

At the same time, long-range shooting requires a bullet drop compensation reticle with MOA markings to adjust the angle accurately. An etched reticle is also a better choice than a tungsten reticle rifle scope.

Illumination Settings

The amount of ambient light around it limits the brightness of the objective lens. An Illuminated reticle helps shooters see things clearly, affecting the accuracy and preciseness of the shot. Look for ACOG clones and alternatives that either have battery-powered light sources or fiber optics. 

Although this may be a bit more expensive than those that do not have this feature, it is a small price to pay, considering that you will have an improved and better rifle experience. Adjustable brightness settings are also ideal perks to have in budget ACOG clones.

Windage & Elevation Adjustments

If your goal is to adjust your scope’s view, you need to adjust your scope’s elevation. If you need to adjust a bullet’s impact, you need to adjust your scope’s windage. Note that adjusting the windage and elevation of your scope is important to meet the deviation of the target. 

The elevation is on the vertical adjustment, while the windage deals with the horizontal adjustment of the objective lens. Remember that the best ACOG clones cater to both of these needs, especially those using medium to long-range firearms. We also recommend checking the parallax adjustment

Ease of Use

A shooter’s definition of “ease of use” depends on their preference. Your scope cannot be considered as the best ACOG clone if it’s complicated to use. A Trijicon ACOG that requires specialized tools for turret adjustments is unideal. 

On the other hand, to some, the best ACOG clone might be the one that does not require pesky adjustments like the features apparent in fixed magnification Trijicon ACOG. The users can evaluate the “ease of use” as they are the ones who know what kind of scope they need and for what purpose. 

Rail Compatibility 

Rail systems are simply mounting brackets that allow users to attach optical sights and accessories to their firearms. It is important to note that different firearms also have different rails. Depending on which firearm you use, select an ACOG that corresponds to the same railing system. A Picatinny rail mount applies to LMGs with Picatinny rails as well. 

However, some ACOG clones and alternatives do not come with dedicated rails. In this case, using a third-party mounting system is a good option. This way, you may maximize it and pursue a multi-height mount system at the same time.

Battery Life & Brightness

The best ACOG clones and alternatives in terms of battery are the Sig Sauer and Trijicon ACOG. Sig Sauer uses a motion-activated illumination which extends the battery life significantly. This is beneficial to the user since they won’t have to change the batteries quite often.

On the other hand, Trijicon ACOG 3.5×35 LED Illuminated can benefit your rifle for up to 12,000 hours of continuous usage. These batteries are typically used for brightening your objective lens, so make sure to choose a scope that manages the battery well for your illuminated reticle.

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Special Features

As observed with the Spitfire 3X prism scope, a prism-based design architecture is great for a fast-focus eyepiece, although it failed to enter the list due to low eye relief. 

Fiber optics and tritium illumination are great features to consider when looking for the best ACOG clones and alternatives. Motion-activated illumination, as observed with Sig Sauer, also provides its users with a good battery feature.

Materials & Durability

An ACOG scope featuring premium, mil-spec, and aircraft-grade aluminum is better because this ensures longevity for your ACOG clone. Additional durability-promoting features like weatherproofing and fog proofing through nitrogen injection keep the eyepiece and objective lens working optimally.

Always opt for firearm accessories made of durable material to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you. The least you want to happen is for your optical sights to malfunction in the middle of hunting or situations when you need it the most. 

Brand & Warranty

Brands are great indicators of what’s good and not. However, not everything revolves around the brand department. 

Trijicon ACOG remains one of the best scopes used in the military. The rest of the brands listed above are some of the best rifle scope clones a shooter can easily get in the market. Aside from that, going for alternatives with warranties is often a good indicator of a product’s quality.


A legitimate Trijicon ACOG might be beyond the budget of most shooters. This is one of the main reasons why alternatives and clones exist, and some of the brands listed above have shown great value for a much lesser price. Thus, carefully consider the features and see if it’s commensurate with the product’s costs when looking for alternatives. 

There are clones that are priced almost the same as the legitimate ones, so make sure to be careful in making a purchase. Some brands that have garnered positive feedback and provide great quality for a much lower price include CVLIFE, Sig Sauer, Ncstar, and Monstrum.

Why Buy an ACOG Clone?

Why Buy an ACOG Clone?

Most people buy an ACOG clone because it operates similarly to the original Trijicon model with only a few compromises here and there but at a significantly lesser price. Trijicon ACOGs have been the golden standard of the US military for their scopes since the 80s. 

However, these scopes come at a hefty price which might not fit the budget of most shooters. Cheaper alternatives and ACOG clones have been created and sold in the market to accommodate the budget segment of sights.

There are commendable clones like those listed above, which offer its users great value for their money.

Our Team’s Selection Process

selection process

Overall Performance

Trijicon ACOG is an incredible scope that the US military uses in their firearms. With that being said, the clones must at least replicate the original model’s quality and performance, and the only noticeable difference must be at their price tags.  

We prioritized the optical magnification and accuracy that each clone offered. The illumination was also scrutinized whether fiber optic technology or LED was used. The type and etching in the reticle were also carefully assessed. Lastly, durability is another major factor we considered in completing the roster above.

Weapon Compatibility

In selecting the ACOG replica, the team kept in mind the compatibility of the scope design architecture to most firearms. Rifles usually come with Picatinny rails like the Spitfire 3x Prism Scope. With that being said, the selected ACOG alternatives follow the same suit, with most having Picatinny and quick detach mounts. 

The above list is also a collection of scopes accommodating a wide range of user’s preferences from CQB, medium, and even up to the long-range shooting.

Product Quality

Despite being alternatives to the original Trijicon scopes, the durability of the ACOGs listed above was prioritized in coming up with this list. Most are made from mil-spec and aircraft-grade aluminum to ensure durability. 

The ACOG clone scopes are also weatherproof. It is best for shooters exposed to variable weather conditions that may physically impair the scopes and their performances. The products mentioned here come highly recommended by users who have purchased and used these alternatives. 

Remember not to settle for clones that do not provide the assurance of long-term use. Always go for those that can last for long periods of time and provide you with value for your money.


Zeroing your ACOG clone is a cascade of recalibration. Start the process by boresighting your target and aligning the view with the scope. [5] Once the process is done, do test shots to assess your line of fire. It’s best to start at short distances then work your way up.

Yes, ACOG clones and their alternatives work almost similar to their original counterparts. However, given the significant cost trimming, there are corners cut to achieve the affordable asking price. This may be attributed to the quality of the lenses used, the illumination technology, or the build quality relative to authentic Trijicon ACOG scopes.

And the Best ACOG Alternative is...

The best in the list of ACOG clones and alternatives is the CVLIFE 4×32 Tactical Rifle Scope. It comes with a generous FOV that makes it fit for hunters and long-range shooters to the fiber optic technology. It also increases light acquisition; this ACOG alternative surely has it all! 

Aside from that, it also has a very durable and light build that is perfect for long-term usage without fatigue. And lastly, it contains a multi-layer reticle that also helps in providing enhanced light transmission.


Our #1 Recommendation

CVLIFE 4x32 Tactical Rifle Scope

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