ATN Thor 4 vs Thor HD – Don’t Miss Out

atn thor 4 vs thor hd
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If you are a pure-bred hunter, you couldn’t have missed the ATN brand, a company that produces some of the most high-quality thermal scopes in the market today. These thermal imaging scopes are essential hunting gears mounted on various firearms for increased clarity and accuracy.

So, it’s no wonder that the ATN Thor vs Thor HD became one of the most talked-about topics in the shooting community today. See what we’re talking about. 

The Thor HD and Thor 4 mainly differ in their objective lens diameters and magnification range. The Thor 4 has a smaller objective lens diameter of 19mm. In contrast, the HD ATN Thor model has a 25mm objective lens diameter. It also has a smaller magnification range of 1.25-5x, while the other unit offers 1.5-15x. 

The Thor HD thermal scope has a lower refresh rate of 50 Hz than the 60 Hz of the other brand model. However, it provides 90mm eye relief, quite more generous. In terms of focus range, the Thor 4 only focuses as a safe distance of 5m to infinity while the other model can reach up to 8m to infinity. 

The Thor 4 also features a way longer battery life of more than 18 hours. Thor ATN 4 uses an internal Li-Ion battery, while HD thermal scope uses four AA batteries. The HD Thor thermal scope is relatively more lightweight, too, as it only weighs 6.85 inches, almost twice the size of the other thermal rifle scope at 13.1 inches.







Closer Look at the Features

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Without considering each model’s features and technology, it’s somewhat shocking to discover that the HD model costs almost double the other model’s price. If you’re a person who is on a tight budget for your new tactical gear, you would most probably have grabbed the ATN Thor 4 because it’s less costly. Budget-wise, Thor ATN 4  tactical gear gets an evident win in this category. More budget-friendly thermal rifle scopes here.  

Thermal Resolution 

According to reviews, both are winners on this page because they feature 640×480 thermal imaging resolution. This is, by far, the highest thermal imaging resolution offered by most thermal imaging optics in the market today. 

These high resolutions make the image quality sharper and more accurate, helping the thermal scope take more accurate measurements and better decisions. 

Wi-Fi Streaming 

Similar to the ATN X-Sight II, both scopes offer Wi-Fi streaming capabilities. However, the ATN Thor 4 offers dual Wi-Fi video streaming technology that enables the shooter to record videos in the micro SD card and stream any video simultaneously. 

In comparison, the other night vision model only offers a single streaming capability. In this regard, our team finds the first night vision model a better choice if recording your hunting escapades is an essential thing to you.

One-Shot Zero

In the world of shooting, to zero your shot means to sight in your targets. Shooters align their scopes on their rifles, adjust their windage and elevation in the menu settings to aim at a certain range.

This process is somewhat tiresome to do. Hence the one-shot zero feature had been developed. Both thermal scopes offer the one-shot zero feature, so our team gave this department a draw.

Digital Zooming 

Based on our test, both night vision binoculars offer a smooth zoom capability. Since these best thermal scopes are considered digital cameras, they also entail digital zooming capabilities. 

Digital zoom refers to an all-electronic form of zooming in or out. Meaning, nothing on your camera is actually moving. The only zooming that is happening is in the camera’s software and processing: the image is being cropped to zoom in or un-cropped to zoom out. [1

Lens Option 

Reliable information reveals that the objective lens of the Thor ATN 4 is 6mm smaller. As professional shooters claim, the larger the lens, the more light will pass through the scope. In other words, the best thermal scopes with larger lenses project more unmistakable image qualities even when used in low light conditions. Therefore, the HD wins this department.  

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Detection Range 

One of the most debated topics in most online reviews between the ATN Thor 4 vs Thor HD is their detection range. The Thor HD has a detection range of 800m, relatively further in comparison to the other unit, which is only 750m. Both units feature GPS geotag capabilities. Although it isn’t much of a difference, we still gave the HD point for reaching a further identification range.

Image quality

image quality

Having the same thermal imaging resolution, the qualities of their images are on par with one another.

They both feature high-resolution thermal imaging cameras with a 640×480 thermal detector sensor.

This thermal scope detector delivers 307,200 pixels, making the image quality sharper and more precise in every part.

Recoil Resistance 

Both night vision products are built to overcome the pressure and recoil from high-caliber weapons. These binoculars also use heavy-duty materials part by part. The Thor HD uses hardened aluminum alloys, while the other thermal rifle scope uses titanium alloys. Both are impact-resistant and can withstand recoil on all occasions.  

Video Recording  

Since both products for small arms have recoil-activated video features, our team unanimously decided to give this category a draw. You don’t have to exert extra effort in recording your hunting experience with both night vision binoculars because they automatically record video with your every shot on all occasions.

Product Specifications


atn thor 4
  • Thermal Resolution: 384×288 or 640×480
  • Thermal Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
  • Battery Life: 18 hours
  • Processor: Obsidian IV dual-core T
  • Eye Relief: 90mm
  • Video Streaming: Dual Streaming


thor hd
  • Thermal Resolution: 384×288 or 640×480
  • Thermal Refresh Rate: 50 Hz
  • Battery Life: 8 hours
  • Processor: Obsidian “T” II
  • Eye Relief: 65mm
  • Video Streaming: Single Streaming

ATN Thor HD vs ATN Thor 4 - Our Verdict

After careful deliberation among our team of experts, we all agreed that the ATN Thor 4 is a better essential part of your hunting gear. This thermal scope is more affordable, has a longer battery span, has more considerable eye relief, and has better thermal technology features. 

This thermal scope for small arms also provides an Obsidian IV dual-core T processor and a higher thermal refresh rate. With its features like the E-barometer, you are sure to get a more precise and crisper image quality and sharper and more accurate measurements.

atn thor 4

Our #1 Recommendation

Thor 4

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