When Do Bow Sights Work Best? Your #1 Guide

When Do Bow Sights Work Best
Alfred Mendoza

If you keep on missing your target when using a bow, maybe it’s high time to get bow sights that can help improve the accuracy of your shots. And knowing when a bow sight works best would significantly decrease or eliminate the errors when firing shots. 

Our team spent 24 hours of comprehensive research to identify when bow sights work best.

The bow sight is equipment attached to a bow’s riser or bowstring, which helps increase the chance to hit a target. It works best if the shooter knows their target’s distance. However, when hunting, the known distance of the target would be challenging to guess, so there are chances that bow sights will not work. 

For it to work best, you have to practice and master judging distances. In addition, you have to improve your stance and basic form when shooting. To use bow sight effectively, you have to be familiar with the foundational archery techniques.

Bow Sights: When Do They Work Best

7 Tips To Make Them Work Best

7 Tips To Make Them Work Best

1. Do Not Shoot On The Ground Level

A bow sight allows you to line up the correct sight to pin your target, which is not on a ground level. Unlike a round bullet that enters a body with the same impact, an arrow should not be close to level ground and straight up-and-down to work best.  

Using a bow sight in a forest full of valleys and small hills allows the hunter to hit the target with maximum impact even in blind spots. It enables the shooter to line up the site and produce an accurate shot. 

2. Estimate The Distance Between You & The Target

Estimating the distance is a necessary skill you will need to master for your bow sight to work best. May it be short or long distances, estimating the distance is necessary in both cases. 

After you master a correct distance judgment, you will be able to choose the right bow sight to use for hunting. Estimating the distance is one of the basic foundations of a beginner in archery. It would be more effective to learn estimating first before using the bow sight and not the other way around.

3. Hold The Bow In The Right Place

Properly place the bow to work best. The right position of holding the bow dictates the angle of your shot line, and to make it work best, you have to hold the bow correctly. Whether you are shooting in downslope, upslope, or multiple ridge lines, the actual handling is the key to ensuring accuracy. 

You have to be upright because the bow sights will signify if you are at an odd angle. A bow sight makes it easier for beginners and experts to know if they hold their bow properly because the correct anchor point is important.

Hold The Bow In The Right Place

4. Choose What Hunting Style Suits You Best

Since you have already mastered the distance judgment, choosing the right pin becomes easier. If you are into long-distance hunting, you can use the single-pin sight. On the other hand, if you prefer short-distance hunting, you can opt for a fixed pin bow sight. Fortunately, for uneven terrain hunting, both pins set in different ranges are useful. 

However, experience and practice are necessary for your bow sights to work best. Preference on hunting style may change over time, as well as the pins used. With this, it is important to master different bow hunting styles.

5. Aim Instinctively

Aiming instinctively is a shooting process with your eyes both open and uses muscle memory to create a point-shoot process. Instinctive aiming helps novice archers understand how the bow works and gives you a basis for how it works. 

In early times, to provide food and clothing, you had to hunt [1], and since there were no sights at that time, they had to rely on aiming instinctively. Aiming instinctively can be challenging, but this knowledge will benefit your bow sight to work best.


6. Ensure Your Sight Is Compatible With The Bow

The bow sight will work best only if it is compatible with your bow. The full function of the sight is dependent on the compatibility of the tool with the bow. Without it, it would be uncomfortable and impossible for a shooter to maximize the function of the sight. 

The best bow sight is no use if it is not compatible with your bow. It is why it is important to check for the compatibility of your site and the bow before buying one. 

7. Improve Your Accuracy

If you desire to improve your accuracy and avoid missing shots, bow sight can help you. The function of bow sight is similar to a rifle scope but with an estimated distance from a target. 

Fortunately, a bow sight is not as expensive as other sights, and you can get a budget-friendly sight that can help improve your accuracy.

2 Types of Bow Sights & How They Work Best

2 Types of Bow Sights & How They Work Best

1. Multi-Pin Bow Sight

The multi-pin bow sight is a common type of bow sight commonly used for competition and target shooting. The tool uses multiple pins that help the user in gauging distance with the same sight. Each pin has each range, and you may not need physical adjustments to be closer to your target. 

However, it may require calculated distance and focus on hitting the target accurately, even long-range shooting. The multi-pin bow sight is best in low-light situations because it quickly adapts to moving targets and requires less movement. 

It allows you to set the correct pin and hit the target accurately, but it may take you longer to set up and calibrate each. However, with consistent practice, it works best for long-range hunting. 

2. Single Pin Bow Sight

The single Pin Bow sight is a fixed pin bow sight with one targeting pin to create a baseline for the sight’s distance. Single pin sight can be adjusted using a series of dials and can be quickly calibrated depending on your shooting condition. 

Single pin sights are best in acquiring targets at a specific distance. A single pin can reach an average range of 20 yards, using the second and third pins. While it is simpler than multi-pin bow sights, the right techniques can take time to master.

Benefits Of Using Bow Sights

While many target shooters and hunters often disagree on which is the best bow sight to use, they all found bow sights a great help when it comes to accuracy. Unlike the peep sight, it can significantly improve your aim, especially in a blind spot and alignment. The tool is extremely useful for close and long-distance shooting because it can focus on the target.

In addition, bow sight helps you save money. Since it will help you with accuracy, you will avoid using many arrows since it is unnecessary. It can make a huge difference in accuracy and gets you faster to the center of your target.

When Should You Use Them

When Should You Use Them
  • Use a bow sight when you have already mastered the basic gist shooting form and techniques of archery. It can greatly help boost your accuracy in competitions and hunting games. 
  • Use a bow sight when you have already learned how to estimate different distances correctly. 
  • Use a bow sight when you are having a hard time with the accuracy of your shots, especially in a long distance. 
  • Use it when you are working on slope and hill environments. 
  • Use it when you get the hang of instinctive shooting and master the bow sight skills. 
  • Use it when you want to eliminate reposition and avoid areas with loud objects like fallen leaves.

When To Avoid Using Them

When To Avoid Using Them
  • Avoid using it when acquiring the target at a very short distance shooting because it may ruin your partial knowledge of estimation. 
  • Avoid using it when you are on a well-leveled ground because it is only ideal for slanted earth. 
  • Avoid using it when hunting for a fast-moving target because you will only end up losing the prey. 
  • Avoid using it when you can accurately estimate distance and accurate shots. You may end up being dependent on the bow sight.


Yes, the bow sight aiming method makes bow sights work best. It decreases the chance of your errors and makes you more comfortable with traditional and compound bows.

No, you should not only shoot targets when sights work best. You can hit the target even when not in the best sight state. However, we highly recommend doing so if you want a better accuracy of hitting the target.

So, When Do Bow Sights Work Best?

Bow sights work best when you can master distance acquisition and establish the basic shooting stance with a bow. The accuracy of your shots can be developed with this device, but you have to master the basic techniques and don’t completely rely on the device. 

Modern archers can shoot accurately with a single and multi-pin bow sight, depending on the shooting distances/shooting location. While it takes time to judge distance, the appropriate sight pin and correct handling of bows can produce accurate shots.


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