Leatherwood Scopes Review (2023 UPDATE) Don’t Miss Your Shot

Leatherwood Scopes Review
Alfred Mendoza

Leatherwood has some of the most advanced specs in the market, making them a popular choice among shooters. However, you can still make the wrong choice if you merely look at the specs sheet of the scope you want to buy.

So, we’ve compiled the best Leatherwood scopes in this review to help you out.


Leatherwood ART M1000 Scope

Leatherwood ART M1000 Scope


Leatherwood 2.5×16 Wm. Malcolm 3/4 Telescopic Rifle Scope

Leatherwood 2.5x16 Wm. Malcolm 3/4 Telescopic Rifle Scope


Leatherwood Hi-Lux Phenom 5X-30X 56 FFP Rifle Scope

Leatherwood Hi-Lux Phenom 5X-30X 56 FFP Rifle Scope

1. Leatherwood ART M1000 Scope

If you’re looking for a budget Leatherwood scope that aims simpler, faster, and more accurately for long-range shooting, the Leatherwood ART M1000 Scope is a great choice.

Mechanically operated by the combination of a power zoom ring and a hinged base, this scope allows you to perfectly balance the bullet drop and modify the adjustable cam depending on your preference and comfort.

As its model name, “Automatic Ranging and Trajectory,” implies, this scope is equipped with avant-garde features, including its “No Math” Mil Dot Reticle, which is a total upgrade for new generation scopes. This reticle has its own internal calculations, so you just have to get a good aim at the center bracket, then shoot.

Another plus for this scope is that you can target to over 1000 yards with a simple navigation of its specs. This means that you can focus more on your aim without being conscious if you have applied the right settings.

Leatherwood ART M1000 Scope



2. Leatherwood 2.5x16 Wm. Malcolm 3/4 Telescopic Rifle Scope

If you’re looking for a rifle scope that flaunts an exceptional 1900s design in addition to its reliable, extraordinary specs, this Malcolm Telescopic Rifle Scope is perfect for you.

A modified model of the Leatherwood Hi-Lux Optics, Malcolm vintage products have broken new records of scope features inside and out.

With the Wm. Malcolm Telescopic rifle scope, you get clearer and brighter visuals for much greater precision for long-range shooting. Amazingly, it can accommodate images that took the WWII originals to a whole new level, so your view remains crystal clear.

This Malcolm scope is commonly referred to as M73G4 because of its modification which includes the advanced erector tube, multi-coated lenses for superior light transmission, and nitrogen purging for fog-proof performance.

It also offers 50 MOA at a minimum and built-in adjustments to windage and elevation. With all these, it allows marksmen to take more accurate aims.

Leatherwood 2.5x16 Wm. Malcolm 3/4 Telescopic Rifle Scope



3. Leatherwood Hi-Lux Phenom 5X-30X 56 FFP Rifle Scope

If you prefer a scope that will aid your poor eyesight and provide great image clarity, the Hi-Lux Phenom 5x-30x 56 FFP Rifle Scope is one of the best scopes in the market that serves this purpose.

Specifically designed for long-range shooting, the Hi-Lux Phenom is equipped with a crisp illuminated CW-3 reticle. From our tests, that’s a good edge you should look for in a long-range scope [1].

This First Focal reticle enables the user to quickly range targets, which is crucial for follow up shots. This also makes the scope flexible for making holdovers at all magnifications.

Through this, the scope is able to show clear and high-resolution images at a maximum power of 30x. This kind of power can even be compared to the clarity of high-end scopes.

Aside from that, all lenses of the scope are fully multi-coated with DiamondTuff14 for optimal light transmission. It also ensures complete anti-fog features for different temperatures through nitrogen-purging and the rubber gasket.

Leatherwood Hi-Lux Phenom 5X-30X 56 FFP Rifle Scope



Leatherwood Scopes Buying Guide

buying guide

Choosing the perfect scope for your rifle is not as easy as just checking out which has the best magnification power, which fits your budget, or which lenses are perfect for your shooting style. It also extends beyond picking a brand you prefer, regardless if it’s Leatherwood, Leupold or Nikon.

Here are some details you have to pay attention to when you search for a riflescope:

Windage and Elevation

These two are the important knobs in a riflescope. It helps sharpshooters adjust their aim horizontally or vertically to put the reticle exactly on the point-of-impact. Also, it aids in properly setting up your targets and avoiding misalignment with your weapon.

Without examining how good these two are in a scope, you might struggle with keeping your shots precise, so make sure that the knobs perform according to preference.


Every scope has its own qualities that make it either perfect or incompatible with a rifle, so it’s important to see which type of scope fits yours the best. Here are some common types of scopes, which are also applicable to other brands like Osprey, that you might want to partner your rifle with. 

  • 308 Scopes. These are commonly used for civilian hunting, target shooting, military use, and police sharpshooting. It’s also used for long-range precision shooting.
  • 17 HMR Scopes. With a flat trajectory up to 100 yards, the .17 HMR cartridge is extremely powerful at close range, that’s why it’s suitable for hunting and target shooting.
  • AR Scopes. Armalite Scopes are very flexible and can be used for everything, from close targets to long-range shooting.
  • Thermal Scopes. These are versatile scopes that can be used in daytime and nighttime. It clears the vision and aids you in aiming amidst any weather condition.

Focal Plane

This is where the reticle of scope is positioned when your scope has a variable magnification power.

  • First/Front Focal Plane (FFP). The reticle changes with the target when the magnification setting is changed.
  • Second Focal Plane (SFP). This one is found in the rear and is the more common type of reticle placement. In SFP, the reticle remains the same size and it does not change with the target when the settings are changed.
Focal Plane

and the #1 leatherwood scope is...

With its advanced features and elimination of aim estimation, the Leatherwood ART M1000 Scope deserves our top spot. It provides an adjustable cam, flexible cartridges, ART Technology, and a “No Math” Mil Dot reticle for accurate shots. At an affordable price, this is the best deal for long-range shooters who want a faster way of aiming accurate shots.

Leatherwood ART M1000 Scope

Our #1 Recommendation

Leatherwood ART M1000 Scope

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