How to Buy a Gun in Arizona (2022 UPDATED) Complete Guide

How To Buy A Gun In Arizona
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Arizona is known as one of the most gun-friendly states in the union. Arizona gun laws are lax when it comes to gun ownership. But gun laws and ownership may change from time to time, so staying updated may help you as a gun owner.

Fortunately, our team will go through everything you need to know when purchasing a gun in Arizona.

6 Steps In Buying A Gun In Arizona

1. Meet The Necessary Requirements

When buying a gun in Arizona, you must be at least 18 years old to open carry a firearm and at least 21 years old to conceal carry a firearm without a permit. You must also ensure that you are not a prohibited possessor under state or federal law. No registration or permits are required to own a firearm in Arizona.

Buyers purchasing a gun from a licensed gun dealer present a government-issued ID that indicates your name, address, date of birth, and carries a signature.

2. Find A Local FFL Dealer

The next step is to find a local Federal-Firearm License dealer to handle the transactions. A local Federal-Firearm License dealer helps keep firearms out of the hands of prohibited possessors and /ensures that crime guns can be traced back to their first retail purchaser.

3. Fill Out & Sign Form Government Form 4473

Anyone purchasing from an FFL dealer must fill out and complete a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms form 4473 as state law requires.  The dealer will do a National Instant Criminal Background Check System, but buyers with valid concealed carry permits cannot submit a background check. 

Concealed weapons permit allows (CCW) permit holders to carry concealed weapons in other states and exempt them from federal background checks.

Fill Out & Sign Form Government Form 4473

4. Pay For The Gun & Other Fees

After accomplishing the requirements, you can pay for the gun and fees. The dealer will charge an estimate of $60. This does not include the required training course or fingerprinting. The renewal will last for five years already. Renewal fee after five years may cost up to $50.

5. Pass The Background Check

Next up is to make sure that you’ve passed the background check. A background check for dealer sales is required unless the buyer has an Arizona permit or CCW (Carrying a Concealed Weapon) permit. If you bought your gun from a private gun sales owner, then background checks are never required.

But in the course of a law enforcement investigation, any identifying information of a person who owns, possesses, purchases, sells, or transfers a firearm shall be given to them (1).

Pass The Background Check

6. Pick-Up Your Firearm

Now that you’ve done all those steps, you can finally take your firearm with you. But gun owners like you must be careful in using your guns. Seek legal advice from an attorney for clarifications on local laws and all other laws applied to purchasing firearms. And if you are a minor, it’s better to undergo firearms training from a certified firearms safety instructor.

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Who Can’t Own A Gun In Arizona?

  • A prohibited person is someone who is a danger to himself or others; acutely disabled or gravely disabled;
  • Someone who is convicted of a felony offense and domestic violence
  • An inmate; a person serving a term of imprisonment in any correctional or detention facility
  • Undocumented alien or non-immigrant alien 
  • A drug addict or user and anyone who is committed to any mental institution or has a mental illness.
  • People on parole, court order, community supervision, or people in-home arrest

Places Where Guns Are Prohibited

Places Where Guns Are Prohibited In Arizona:

People other than the law enforcement officers are not allowed to bring guns on these places:

  • Airports beyond the TSA checkpoint
  • Jails, prison, correctional facilities
  • Polling places on election day
  • School grounds
  • Public events, private property, or establishments wherein operators requested for guns to be banned.
  • Anywhere the federal government prohibits firearms

Requirements For Non-Residents

  • The firearm you purchased is lawful in your home state.
  • The transaction must be legal in your foreign residence.
  • Immediate possession of long guns is allowed as long as it is legal in your home state. There is no waiting period for an Arizona resident.
  • A valid hunting license or permit that is lawfully issued in the state; waiver from distinguished foreign visitors.


Yes, minors are allowed to buy guns in Arizona. As long as there’s a written consent from a minor’s parent. As a minor, completing firearms safety training can help hone their skills and safety, especially if approved by the National Rifle Association or a hunter safety course.

No, you do not need a permit to purchase a firearm in Arizona. However, Arizona still offers a state CCW permit as it allows firearm owners to carry both loaded and unloaded firearm and a deadly force weapon designed for lethal use.

Yes, you can buy guns privately in Arizona. Anyone over the age of 18 who is legally able to possess a firearm may buy a handgun.

Final Thoughts On Buying A Gun In Arizona

Purchasing a gun in Arizona won’t require you a permit to open carry a concealed handgun, Still, you will need an Arizona concealed carry permit to openly carry a concealed firearm in other states when you travel. You can buy any firearm you want but know that there are restrictions for assault weapons like machine guns. 

Owning a gun comes with a huge responsibility. It is justifiable when a reasonable person believes that deadly physical force is necessary to protect himself against the attempted use of unlawful physical force or deadly force. Always use your best judgment to decide what type of force is appropriate to defend yourself.



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