Alfred Mendoza

Uphill/Downhill You may need to change your aiming point when bow hunting from a treestand or in hills with substantial inclines. Hunters may need to aim slightly lower while hunting from a 20-foot treestand and shooting at deer 15 yards or more distant than they would when shooting from ground level. Depending on the drop and distance, they might aim for the same location where they regularly shot. Shots at extremely steep angles can be dangerous because they can cause one-lung wounds. They're even more challenging when there are deer right beneath the stand. Quartering Away Although the broadside shot receives more attention, most archery hunters may prefer the quartering-away shot. This angle gives a lot of forgiveness, so even if your aim is a little off to the left or right, your arrow will most likely hit the deer's chest cavity. In aiming for a quartering away shot, aim for the offside shoulder furthest away. Typically, this entails firing the bullet right beneath the rib cage, passing through the stomach first. Keep in mind that only a high-powered caliber should be used for quartering away shots. Otherwise, wait for a better shot angle and be patient.

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