Best Brass for Reloading (2024 Complete Guide)

Alfred Mendoza

Over the years, I have spent many hours reloading ammunition, first while helping my dad and later for my own supply. I learned early on how critical it is to choose the best brass for reloading.

All of the options available today make it hard to choose the right brass, so we compiled a list of our favorites to help you select the right brass for reloading.






Norma Brass Cases


Finding a manufacturer for a high-caliber brass that remains affordable can be challenging to find but not with manufacturers like SIG Sauer. For the money, these provide the most consistent performance and are easy to load, especially for beginners.




2. Hornady

The Hornady Unprimed Rifle Brass is a good brass case that can significantly give the most accurate shots. Aside from getting it at a lower price, it is ready-made brass cases that claim superior performance.




3. Norma Brass Cases

Norma brass cases are considered superior in quality. The base and body are manufactured to be strong and uniformly precise even after multiple shots.



4. Nosler Rifle Brass Nosler

Nosler is a top-grade manufacturer of high-quality brass that ensures high-quality production of pistol brass. Each cartridge case is made from premium materials to guarantee the longevity of the brass. This is hand-inspected, weight-sorted, and fully prepped to packaging. It is trimmed to the proper length, and the materials used to ensure maximum accuracy and consistency.



5. Alpha Munitions

Alpha Munitions brass provides accuracy and performance reliability. It is machined to precision to ensure reliable feeding and extraction. Their optimized case head technology is designed to lengthen the life of the case, even when used at higher than normal pressures and velocities.




Your Guide to Buying

buying guide


In 2018, an average of 400 fatalities per year was recorded due to preventable or accidental gun-related deaths [1]. The reputation of the manufacturer is one factor to consider when buying a brass for your pistol and rifle to avoid misfire and unintentional gun accidents. 


A minimal difference in the case size can affect the bullet’s speed, pressure, and accuracy. This important factor will help you separate the bad manufacturers from the good ones, like the Remington.

The uniformity of the wall thickness of the brass cases will also be beneficial to increase the brass life.

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The chamber dimension, pressure, and hardness of the brass are factors that can influence the lifespan of the best brass. The primer pocket can expand when fired and might not be usable. With this, the thickness of the chamber must be considered.  


The most important factor to consider when buying the best brasses for pistols and rifles is the repeatability of the shell case. Since a brass case is designed to be reusable, the reloading quality and the precision of the ammunition will not be affected. 

Even if the case is a brand new brass or a once-fired brass, the accuracy of your shots will not be affected.  

Case Material

The materials for brand new brass and once fired brass must be considered before buying one. The material of the case can measure the longevity and repeatability of the brass. 

Some manufactures offer brass made from raw materials like the Remington, while others offer premium materials that help to lengthen the usability of a case.

Our Team’s Selection Process

selection process

Overall Performance

With all the manufacturers that offer brasses at a reasonable price, our team narrowed down our choices by checking first which brand has a good reputation in producing brass. We also selected brasses made from premium materials that will help with the longevity and reusability of the shell case. 

Weapon Compatibility

The compatibility of the brasses is also an important factor our team considered upon selecting the best brass. Getting range brass from a local range to pay little is not recommended because the mixed bag of a round case can contain different brands incompatible with your firearm. 

Product Quality 

Another thing our team considered when choosing the best brass is the quality of the shell case. Aside from its easy reloading and ejecting, it must be durable to withstand high pressure. 

In addition, we also check if the primer flash holes are centered on helping with resizing the necks.


Yes, you can reload factory brass. All factory ammo can be loaded unless it says N/R at the bottom, which means Not Reloadable.

Yes, you have to resize brass when you reload. Resizing is needed to ensure the proper neck tension that may affect the performance of bolt action reloading.

And Our #1 Choice For Reloading Brass is...

SIG SAUER is our recommendation for the best brass for most shooters. For the money, these provide the most consistent performance and are easy to load, especially for beginners.


Our #1 Recommendation

SIG SAUER Rifle Brass

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