Ken Lunde’s 2009 SHOT Show Photos & Report

Photos were taken by Ken Lunde ([email protected]) using a Nikon D300 digital SLR with Nikkor 17-55mm DX Zoom lens (some common settings: Auto White Balance, Aperture-Priority Mode, ISO 1600, No Tripod).

The 2009 SHOT Show (Shooting, Hunting & Outdoor Trade Show) was held in Orlando, Florida, from January 15th through the 18th, 2009.

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Last updated on November 30th, 2009.

This page will be updated, before, during, and after the 2009 SHOT Show, with photos and commentary.

The 2009 SHOT Show was quite vast and extensive, as usual, with massive signage inside and out:

This was the first time that I was able to attend a SHOT Show on its first day. Up until now, I had flown in on the evening of the first day of the show, but this time I flew in on the evening prior. It was a real treat to be there on the first day. I attended every day except for the last one.

There also was no shortage of “operator” types at the SHOT Show, as evidenced by this one who first demanded that I not take his photo… …then posed:

He later informed me that he is a born “operator” and that his skills are like a tattoo: he can’t lose them. (Ever since taking this photo I have been checking under my bed several times per night praying that there is not a camouflaged face staring back at me.)

Cooper Arms
My first stop was the Cooper Arms booth. It is hard to forget that there was a political controversy shortly before the election last year with regard to its founder, Dan Cooper, but that doesn’t change the fact that the company builds outstanding rifles. New this year was an M21 Phoenix cutaway, which shows the inner workings of the rifle:

The gold-inlayed prairie dog on the engraved magazine floorplate of this M57-M was quite elegant:

And, here is a photo of my dad with Laura Kelly, one of the many employees that we know:

Mazdog Outdoors
We also had an opportunity to check out Mazdog Outdoors’ carbon fiber RipPod, which is a versatile monopod in two different sizes (18-inch collapsed, extending to about 36 inches; 30 inches collapsed, extending to about 66 inches) with different attachments:

J.G. Anschütz
The Anschütz booth, which was shared with Merkel, had some neat stuff for those serious about the shooting sports:

Knight’s Armament Company
My dad is very fond of chain saws, and KAC was showing an aptly-named Chain Saw that shoots at 600 RPM with a 200-round drum. Don’t mess with a man with a Stetson and a chain saw:

In case you didn’t notice, it also has a grenade launcher.

Ed Brown Products
Ed Brown has changed the way in which their 1911s are engraved, in terms of what appears on the slide and frame. The engraving is deeper and clearer. These photos, of a Special Forces, illustrate this:

Their SHOT Show special is a Special Forces with Desert Tan finished frame (a new Gen III color):

Also note the black AlumaGrips that are installed.

MicroTech Small Arms Research
The MSAR booth had on display a wide selection of their STG-556 rifles, which is an American-made AUG, including digital camo versions and one with a suppressor:

Steyr Arms
The Steyr Arms booth, on the other hand, had several samples of their highly anticipated Steyr AUG A3 SA USA rifle, which is due to be released during the first quarter this year:

Heckler & Koch
The Heckler & Koch booth had the usual assortment of pistols, meaning nothing new on that front except for a P30L, and a couple walls of other toys:

Sometimes the classics feel the best:

The two types of collapsable AR15 stocks, with concave and convex buttpads, were neat:

Springfield Armory
Springfield Armory, of course, had their new XDM pistols, in 9mm and .40 Auto, on display:

They wouldn’t say anything about an XDM in .45 Auto, but I am guessing that it is coming. Here is a closeup of the XDM’s three backstrap sizes (from left to right: Large, Medium, and Small):

And, here is a tricked out XDM:

Rob Leatham was at the Springfield Armory booth, and I was able to get a photo of him:

Carl Walther
Carl Walther’s new offering this year is the PK380, which looks and feels like a cross between the P22 and P99:

Unlike most .380 Auto pistols that are blowback, the PK380 uses a locked-breech action, like the PPS and P99. I am guessing that this results in a soft-shooting pistol. The slide of the Two-Tone version is nickel plated.

Kahr Arms
Kahr Arms had a very cool cutaway K9 on display, which showed the inner workings of the pistol:

They also had their new Black Rose Edition PM9, which sports a highly polished slide with special engraving, and they had it with and without Crimson Trace’s brand new LG-437 Laserguard for the same pistol:

We had the opportunity to meet Justin Moon, the President of Kahr Arms, and asked about the origins of the company name. He told us that they wanted something that sounded German.

The FNH booth had some neat stuff, such as the SCAR 16S:

And the SCAR H:

Two types of the FS2000:

And a Five-seveN with Desert Tan frame:

Colt’s Manufacturing Company
For those wondering, Colt still plans to introduce the Delta Elite as they showed at last year’s SHOT Show, but they also plan to release an original Delta Elite, shown below:

And, here are a couple photos of the Colt Sub-Compact Weapon (SCW) with 10.3-inch barrel:

Sig Sauer
The Sig Sauer booth was large and extensive, and was not a disappointment. Here is a P226 X-Six Master, wearing Nill Master grips:

There was also an X-Five Short:

I also spotted a digital camo P250 (mid-size) with threaded barrel:

The Sig 556 pistol is a popular crowd-pleaser:

Here is the full-size P250 in .45 Auto:

And the subcompact-size in 9mm:

The Sig Sauer P238, chambered in .380 Auto, which seems very Colt Mustang-like (small and thin), was also on display, in a couple different forms:

Here is a non-firing training P226 with red anodized frame:

And a simunitions version with blue anodized frame:

Another P226 color variation:

Obviously, something for the next Prairie Dog Safari:

This was neat. A Sig 556 and P226 set in matching digital camo:

Speaking of the Sig 556, here are some photos of the Sig 522, which is a .22LR version of the Sig 556:

And, speaking of .22LR, here is the P220 Two Step, which is a P220 SAO with .22LR conversion unit as standard:

Smith & Wesson
My first pass through the Smith & Wesson booth didn’t show much in the way of new things, except for these red and blue M&Ps:

Later, I spotted a few things, such as this new compact SW1911, called the SW1911 PSc:

Here is a SW1911 PS chambered in 9mm:

Another new thing are some ported revolvers, such as this SW 637 PS:

A trip to the Smith & Wesson booth would not be complete without fondling a SW500 revolver:

Dillon Precision Products
The Dillon booth had a minigun on display, apparently to demonstrate a need for a progressive reloading press:

Glock had their new RTF2 (Rough Texture Frame 2) Glock 22 on display, which has not only a new frame texturing, but also new slide serrations:

LaRue Tactical
LaRue Tactical gave me an opportunity to photograph their intriguing OSR (Optimized Sniper Rifle):

I am very fond of the handguard system, specifically how it is secured to the receiver.

Magpul Industries
Magpul had the new Massoud on display:

Vltor Weapon Systems
The Vltor booth had several neat items. Here is a six-round grenade launcher:

And a short-barrel AR:

The highlight of their booth, at least for me, was the Garwood Industries M-134G minigun that they had on display, which had a holographic sighting system that was basically a huge EOTech (or EOTech-like) sight. This particular minigun has three rates of fire, measured in rounds per minute: 3000, 3200, and 4000. Here she is:

Lewis Machine & Tool Company
LMT (Lewis Machine & Tool) had the new MRP308 on display:

ArmaLite has their new AR-10T, and had it in several hunting cartridges, such as .338 Federal, 7mm-08, and .260 Remington:

Aimpoint had a new sight that was interesting:

The CZ 75 SP-01 Phantom, which is an SP-01 with polymer frame, caught my eye. I am a big fan of the standard SP-01. The Phantom is like the CZ 75 SP-01 Tactical in that it has a decocker (though single-sided, not ambidextrous) in lieu of a manual safety. Like other recent pistols with polymer frames, it offers interchangeable backstraps. Below are photos of both sides:

G.A. Precision
G.A. Precision had a very interesting stock design on this rifle:

Barrett Firearms
Barrett had their usual assortment of 50 BMG rifles, such as this mounted M82A1:

And this .338 Lapua Magnum rifle, called the M98B:

TG International
In this day and age of highly-modified and accessorized rifles, this genuine Bulgarian AK, like Mom used to make, really made our day:

It is TG International’s Bulgarian SSR-85 Classic rifle chambered in 7.62×39.

Some of SureFire’s new offerings, specifically the AZ2 CombatLight, the LX2 LumaMax, and the A2 LED Aviator:

Miscellaneous Things
And, I really need to get one of these for spotting prairie dogs, for those times when my Leica 8x42mm Geovid BRF just doesn’t cut it:

We also had an opportunity to speak with Bill Campbell, the owner of The Hunting Shack, a premium ammunition manufacturer located in Stevensville, Montana:

BrainOnSigs is really, really thinking that he needs a pair of GSG-5s (aka, twin Tactical 38Ds):

(Sorry, Anji, I couldn’t resist!)