Is there a Sig Pro with a manual safety?

Yes, and its manual safety is ambidextrous, mounted on the slide. The Sig-Sauer product code is SP2009-9-BMS. These were apparently built by Sig-Sauer, per request from some South American government. The funding never came through, so instead of scrapping the slides, Sig-Sauer decided to sell them on the US civilian market. This does not mean a new option for Sig Pros. Instead, once they're gone, they're gone. All of them were based on the SP 2009, meaning that they are available only in 9mm. They also come with the short trigger installed.

The following photos are of both sides of this Sig Pro, showing the manual safety:


Note that this manual safety allows the Sig Pro to be carried in "cocked and locked" mode, specifically with the hammer cocked and the manual safety engaged.

Also note that the manual safety prevents the standard Sig Pro sight pusher from being used. The extent to which it protrudes from the slide prevents the slide from entering the sight pusher body. In this case, one option is to send your slide to Sig-Sauer to request that they install night sights, if that is your intent.

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