Sig Pro FAQ

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What is the Sig Pro? And, how does it differ from the Sig Classic?
Where can I get wallpaper-quality Sig Pro photos for my computer's desktop?
Are there any precautions one must take when fieldstripping or reassembling the Sig Pro?

Table of Contents

I - Barrels and Calibers

  1. In what calibers is the Sig Pro available? Are any interchangeable?
  2. Besides the obvious caliber difference, how do the SP 2009 and SP 2340 differ?
  3. Can I shoot lead bullets in my Sig Pro?
  4. Where can I buy factory Sig Pro barrels?
  5. Can I convert an SP 2009 to .40 Auto or .357 Sig?
  6. Can I convert an SP 2340 to 9mm?
  7. What is the SP 2022?

II - Decocker

  1. Why is the de-cocker difficult to manipulate?
  2. Has the decocker ever changed?

III - Magazines

  1. Are Sig Pro magazines drop-free?
  2. Can the Sig Pro's magazine release be reversed for left-handed shooters?
  3. Do the Sig Pros and Sig Classics use the same magazines?
  4. Where can I order spare (and genuine) Sig Pro magazines?
  5. How many rounds do Sig Pro magazines hold?
  6. Are pre-ban full-capacity magazines available for the Sig Pro?
  7. Are there flat magazine floorplates available for the Sig Pro?
  8. Can I load 9mm into SP 2340 magazines?

IV - Markings

  1. Where is the serial number located on Sig Pros?
  2. What does the "S" mean inside of the slide's hammer notch?
  3. Is there a warning message printed, stamped, engraved, or otherwise visible on the Sig Pro?
  4. Are the wear marks on my Sig Pro barrel normal?
  5. My Sig Pro barrel is completely black except for the top of the barrel hood. Why is this?
  6. What markings are on the Sig Pro slide?
  7. What markings are on the Sig Pro frame?

V - Recoil Assemblies

  1. Do all Sig Pros share the same recoil spring?
  2. Is there a metal recoil rod available for the Sig Pro?

VI - Sights

  1. How do I remove or adjust the Sig Pro sights?
  2. What sight heights are available for the Sig Pro?
  3. What brand of night sights should I install on my Sig Pro?
  4. Can Sig Pros use the same sight pusher as Sig Classics?
  5. Do Sig Pros use the same sights as Sig Classics?

VII - Triggers

  1. How does the Sig Pro trigger compare to those of the Sig Classics?
  2. Can I put a short trigger in my Sig Pro?
  3. Is the trigger face of the Sig Pro smooth or serrated?
  4. Who performs Sig Pro action tuning?

VIII - Variations

  1. What finishes are available for the Sig Pro?
  2. What Sig Pro variations are available?
  3. What Sig Pro commemorative models are available?
  4. What is the "Blue Line" Sig Pro?
  5. What color are the Sig Pro grip inserts?
  6. Is there a Sig Pro Compact?
  7. Is the Sig Pro available in DAO?
  8. Will there be a Sig Pro available with a Picatinny rail?
  9. Are there Sig Pro cutaway pistols available?

IX - General Questions

  1. Does the Sig Pro have a loaded chamber indicator?
  2. How much lubrication is required for Sig Pros?
  3. When was my Sig Pro manufactured?
  4. To what extent can I break-down my Sig Pro?
  5. Where is the Sig Pro made?
  6. How do I change Sig Pro grip inserts?
  7. How many parts are there in a Sig Pro?
  8. Is it safe to use Gun Scrubber on the polymer frame of my Sig Pro?
  9. Can I safely dry-fire my Sig Pro without snap caps or dummy rounds?
  10. Do Sig Pro holsters fit both the SP 2009 and SP 2340? What about the SP 2022?
  11. Does the fact that my Sig Pro was priced significantly less mean that it is not as good as a Sig Classic?
  12. Can I adjust the Sig Pro's grip?
  13. What devices can fit on the Sig Pro's accessory rail?
  14. Is the Sig Pro extractor exposed or unexposed?
  15. What automatic safety mechanisms are included in the Sig Pro?
  16. Why is the Sig Pro difficult to field-strip?
  17. Is the Sig Pro's finish resistant to corrosion?
  18. Is there a Sig Pro with a manual safety?
  19. Does the Sig Pro have a lanyard loop?
  20. I understand how to field-strip my Sig Pro, but how do I reassemble it?
  21. What is the purpose of the two slots inside the SP 2022 dust cover?

X - Troubleshooting

  1. Why does the slide sometimes lock open prematurely with rounds still in the magazine, or fails to lock open when the magazine is empty?
  2. I just bought a Sig Pro, and am experiencing malfunctions. Did I get a lemon?
  3. When my Sig Pro's slide goes forward, why doesn't it go fully forward?
  4. Why does the slide stop lever work itself loose during firing?

XI - More Information

  1. Are there Sig web sites with Sig Pro information?
  2. Are there any Sig Pro reviews available?
  3. Are there any Sig Pro manuals available online?
  4. Are there any web forums for discussing the Sig Pro?
  5. Is there a Sig Classic FAQ?
  6. Are there any cut-away photos of the Sig Pro?

Dr. Ken Lunde
Revised: 10/14/2015